A HORRIFYING footage video showing Cameroon soldiers executing women and children has surfaced online, sparking outrage on a global basis.

 A full Amnesty International investigation has been launched today even as the government of Cameroon denies the accusation flooding its way.

The disturbing video shows two young females, both with very kids, being blindfolded and shot dead after they get accused by a mob of being part of the Boko Haram terror group.

HORRIFYING: Video Footage Shows Cameroon Troops Executing Women And Children  – a claim the Cameroonian government is firmly denying.

Cameroon’s leaders, military and civilians have denied its soldiers appear in the sickening footage and labeled it “fake news”.

The authenticity of the video, hitherto, has not been verified and it is unclear exactly when the video was made.

This comes as Cameroon combats the deadly Boko Haram Islamic extremists in the north along the mountainous Nigerian border and the internal Anglophone separatists in parts of the west.

The terrible video has been condemned by human rights organizations the world over. It is raging now!!!

Amnesty International has sworn to investigate after saying it has “gathered credible evidence that it was Cameroonian soldiers depicted in a video carrying out the horrific extrajudicial executions of two women and two young children.”

Cameroon president Paul Biya has ordered an investigation, but his government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary has denied its contents.

A gunman is shown firing several rounds towards the helpless group.
Boko Haram has terrorized Nigeria for years with their own sick brand of jihad

Boko Haram has terrorized the Cameroon-Nigeria border for years with their own sick brand of jihad.
The clip appears to show soldiers in a rural area blindfolding two women, who have small children strapped to their backs.

One of the soldiers is shown slapping one of the victims in the face, before saying: “You are BH, you are going to die.”

The squaddies appear to shoot them as other civilians watch.

One of the uniformed men says in French that it is a heavy burden executing people but they don’t have another option.

Bakary said the camouflage uniforms in the video were faked with the intention of destroying its reputation.

In 2014 the group shocked the world when it kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls from a state-run school in Chibok, a town in northeastern Nigeria.

They did it again this year, kidnapping several schoolgirls form a school in Adamawa states in the same region.

The group have been known to use roadside IED's to launch their vicious attacks

“The combat uniforms used by the Cameroonian army in such circumstances are standard combat suits, namely heavy helmets, bulletproof vests and Rangers’ boots. This is obviously not the case in the video,” Bakary said.

“The weapons displayed by the alleged soldiers presented in the video are not those used by the Cameroonian army in this area of operation.”

Amnesty International said analysis of the weapons, dialogue and uniforms, along with witness testimonies, “all strongly suggest that the perpetrators of the executions are Cameroonian soldiers.”

“Given the gravity of these horrific acts – the cold-blooded and calculated slaughter of women and young children – these hasty and dismissive denials cast serious doubt over whether any investigation will be genuine,” said Samira Daoud, deputy director of Amnesty International’s West Africa office.
Cameroon’s security is a growing issue as the country faces elections in October.

HORRIFYING: Video Footage Shows Cameroon Troops Executing Women And Children 

One of the world's leading online payment portal, PayPal has highlighted in a most chilling manner why dead people should have PayPal accounts with money still in them instead of the other way around.

The US financial giants, PayPal, recently sent a grieving husband a threatening letter demanding for money and claiming that his wife ‘breached contract’ by dying while still owing them money.

PayPal sends widower threatening letter saying wife ‘breached contract’ by dying -- Why The Dead Must Have PayPal Accounts With Money

A grieving British man named Howard Durdle recently received the letter addressed to his late wife, Lindsay, after her death from cancer aged just 37.

According to the letter from PayPal which was made available to the British media, she was, ‘in breach of condition 15.4(c) of your agreement with PayPal Credit as we have received notice that you are deceased’.

The threatening letter was sent after the poor women had the nerve to die of cancer without clearing her debts with the firm. Apparently such is a major crim in the books of PayPal.

The letter bluntly demanded repayment of the balance before 20 July this year, and said, ‘This breach is not capable of remedy.’

Technically, this means that all persons doing business with the firm must have PayPal accounts with money in them before they die. The company can owe you when you die but you can never owe them and die.

Mr. Durdle said: ‘I’m a member of the charity Widowed and Young, and I’ve seen first-hand in there how a letter like this or something like it can completely derail somebody.

‘If I’m going to make any fuss about this at all, it’s to make sure that PayPal – or any other organization that might do this kind of insensitive thing – recognize the damage they can cause the recently bereaved.’

PayPal had duly been sent copies of the woman's death certificate and her will, and her husband, Mr. Durdle’s contact details – but they sent the letter anyway.

PayPal said she breached the contract by dying

A spokesman from the PR department of PayPal told British media how all of it was a huge mistake:

He said. ‘We apologize unreservedly to Mr. Durdle for the understandable distress this letter has caused.

‘As soon as we became aware of this mistake, we contacted Mr Durdle directly to offer our support, cleared the outstanding debt and closed down his wife’s account as he requested. ‘We are urgently reviewing our internal processes to ensure this does not happen again.’

PayPal sends widower threatening letter saying wife ‘breached contract’ by dying -- Why The Dead Must Have PayPal Accounts With Money

Of course, we've all heard stories of banks robbing dead people and bankrupt people of their last penny but this one is a new way of doing things. They put it right there in their terms of agreement and, yeah, none of us really reads the page through.

Business is business!

PayPal sends widower threatening letter saying wife ‘breached contract’ by dying -- PayPal Accounts With Money

A 4-year-old boy in England is scaring everyone to death with his strange abilities to communicate as different people who have lived and died in past lives.

This all came to light after a mother was forced to explain to the confused teacher of her son that her husband had not drowned after the boy told her all about ‘some dead loved ones’ from his ‘past lives’.

Megan Betty a mother from Bridgwater in Somerset, said her four-year-old son Charlie began telling very strange stories when he was just two-years-old. The 27-year-old lady was stunned when he described how he had died when he as a baby after choking on something and that his ‘mother’ was very upset.

However, when quizzed on what he meant, Charlie explained that when he said ‘mother’ he didn’t mean his own ‘mummy’ Megan.

The mum-of-four said little Charlie has always been that way, a bit different, but she sees his unusual stories as a positive thing and believes that if her son has had other lives, he is being watched over by previous loved ones.

Now Megan has shared a picture of a beam of light singling out Charlie among his siblings and wonders if it could be a sign of his past lives. Experts who have heard Charlie’s case confessed that the occurrences were remarkable, but were divided on whether they would constitute as definitive evidence of past lives.

Megan said: ‘He is always talking about his past lives, all the time. He uses old-fashioned names and talks about when he died. ‘It’s very strange as he is only four. He has always talked about these things since he could talk but it has increased over the last year or so.

He won’t say it if you ask him about it, but he just talks about it when he wants to talk about it. ‘I just don’t understand how a four-year-old would talk about their ‘mother and father’ when he doesn’t even call us that.

‘When he says it, I sometimes say ‘you mean mummy and daddy’ and he says ‘no, my mother and father’. I don’t know who he’s talking about.

‘Once when I warned him to eat something carefully as he could choke, he said ‘oh, I choked when I was a baby’. ‘I asked him what happened and he said ‘I died and I was gone forever and my mother was very sad’.

‘It’s strange the way he talks for a four-year-old. He’s been talking about his ‘father’ since he was two. ‘For a two-year-old to use words like ‘father’ is odd and he doesn’t mean his dad either.

I asked if he meant his dad or his granddad and he said no. ‘At school, his teacher got in touch to say he had been talking about his father drowning. I had to explain that his dad was fine.’

The light singling out the strange kid in the park
When taking pictures on a day out at the Quantocks with her children, including Imogen, seven, George, three, and three-month-old Millie, Megan noticed a bizarre shape in one of the photos.

The picture appears to show a beam of light shining down solely on Charlie and not on any of the other children, and people have subsequently said the light has faces in it.

While remaining open to explanations, Megan speculated whether the light could be a symbol of the presence of loved ones from Charlie’s past lives and is eager for experts to offer their opinion.

Megan said: ‘He’s always been a little bit different, which is why I thought the picture was more than just a trick of the light. ‘It could be nothing but it would be nice to know what it is. I don’t really know what the explanation could be.

‘The light in the picture could be the sun, but it is funny how it is just on him and it is wrapped round his face as well.

‘It wasn’t even that sunny a day when we got the picture, which was odd. If the light was on everybody, that would explain it, but it was just on Charlie. ‘If an expert said it was just the light, I would believe them. I am skeptical of things like that so I would like to see what people think.

‘I’m not one to say that it is definitely something. It’s just with all the things that Charlie has said that makes me wonder if there is something else in it. ‘It’s a really nice picture either way, even if there is a normal explanation for it.’

Renowned paranormal investigator Julie Cockroft, who has a diploma in parapsychology and mediumship, was blown away when she heard the stories about Charlie’s past lives.

She said: ‘Straight away when I saw the picture I noticed up at the top there are quite a few spirits faces in the light that shines down on the boy.

‘It could be a case of past lives. There are cases where children speak about these kind of things. I do believe in past lives, but it is rare. ‘It’s a very interesting case. Based on what he is saying, I do believe he is talking about a past life, and I would be eager to hear more.’

Meanwhile, parapsychologist Dr. Ciaran O’Keeffe admitted that Charlie’s situation mirrors many of the most famous alleged cases of past lives, including the Pollock twins – two girls who were supposedly reincarnations of their dead siblings.

However, he was keen to stress that there may be other more rational explanations to the strange phenomenon too and the occurrences should not necessarily be taken as evidence of a past life.

(This sounds like a doctor explaining and contradicting himself! Back to the story)

Megan remains open-minded and says that as long as Charlie is happy and healthy and his experiences remain positive, then the family will not worry.

She said: ‘We see it as a positive thing and it doesn’t unsettle me at all. ‘I have only ever had good vibes from it. Charlie is not bothered by any of it either. I always feel he is looked after by it.’

Culled From Metro coUK

Boy, 4, With Past Lives Singled Out By Strange Light

Author's Take

There are a lot of principalities and powers in this world that are astonishing. Say what you man about God not existing and evolution being the source of all life on Earth, but hey. just one question. Where was all before evolution?

There is more than one plane of existence and it is superior to ours. That you cannot see it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. That you cannot see the billions of harmful bacteria on your own palms does not mean they do not exist.

It's always a lot of trouble having to wash your hair regularly if it’s any longer than a low cut and then there's the problem finding the right hair wash liquid or shampoo to suit. 

When done, the long arm-aching process of drying out that long hair begins if you are the hairdryer kind. But if you are the natural dryer kind then you find that you’re walking around the place with a dripping wet head. 

While neither of these two situations are ideal, we still have to go through with them to get that hair looking clean in other to look presentable.

The only way out of this problem is a clean shave of the head which leaves one bald or looking like stage two cancer patient taking chemotherapy and this, we certainly do not want.

We want to look lovely or handsome with the long hair looking healthy, clean and beautiful. So the question here is how many times do you need a hair wash? How often do I wash my hair?

Here we bring you in-depth information that helps gauge how often you should actually wash your hair. These answers might save you a whole lot of time.

How Many Times Should I Wash My Hair -- Good Hair Wash

While there are no hard and fast rules on how often you get a hair wash, the truth is the less often it is done, the better.

Getting a hair wash once a week is fine and if you can stick to this pattern and still have a clean hair then there's no need to change. Why?" Any good shampoo worth calling the name contains surfactants.

Although surfactants can't be said to be too bad for your hair it works to make your hair clean by stripping it of its essential natural oils. Hence getting a hair wash constantly, is basically stripped of the essential natural oils on a regular basis and this can make it extremely dry and brittle. Consequence? Your hair will look dull and start breaking a lot easier.

Things become a lot worse if you've got dyed or bleached hair, any kind of hair that's already damaged in some way. In this case, try to keep the hair washing at a minimal level or on a need-to-do basis.

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Quite a number of people discover that the less often they get that hair wash, the less their hair actually needs washing because the scalp no longer overcompensates by producing a lot of extra oil to make up for that which has been lost.

There’s even a new movement in Britain called ‘no poo’ which encourages people to dump shampoo and conditioner completely, and this has actually led to great results.

It all boils down to your environment and lifestyle - the way you live your life and where you live it. If you work or visit the gym in an environment that attracts heat and dust, this will make your hair smell, and so washing your hair on a regular basis (frequent hair wash) is inevitable.

If this is the lifestyle you live then the solution is to get that hair wash on alternate days and opt for dry shampoo rather than anything else.

In Conclusion 

Your hair ‘type’ doesn't matter. Whether oily, dry, frizzy or kinky, etc, you’ll know for sure how it reacts to more or less washing.

Bottomline, washing your hair a lot less with shampoo conditioners of professional quality will get you better results than a daily rinse and dry hair wash with whatever is handy.

A top marketplace like Amazon has a whole range of Professional quality Shampoo conditioners to choose from. If you get confused at any point, then consult your stylist to discuss which is best for you.

How Many Times Should I Wash My Hair -- Good Hair Wash and Hairstyles

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A mum of two claims she cured her children’s eczema by bathing them in her breast milk. After reading about the treatment online, 27-year-old Lizzie Dempsey, from Southampton, decided to mix her milk in with her babies’ bath water to help soothe their dry patches of skin.

She says that despite trying a long list of lotions and creams, breast milk is the only thing that calms the symptoms of George, two, and Isla, nine months.

Explaining how her retail manager husband Ashley, 29, helped give the youngsters their weekly baths, she said: ‘I would recommend it because it is a safe and easy way to help your baby’s skin. ‘Some people might be a bit squeamish about it, but it is 100% natural and we really enjoyed doing it.’

Lizzie says George was born totally healthy in December 2015, however, when he was a few weeks old, she noticed some patches of dry skin on his stomach. Initially, she tried to combat the problem – which has now been confirmed as eczema – with lotions and creams, but nothing seemed to work.

Like many mums, she turned to social media for advice. She explained: ‘I’m in some mums’ groups and when I asked about it, lots of members had tried breast milk baths and recommended them.

‘My midwife suggested it too and when I was looking online, it constantly came up in searches.’ When George was eight weeks old, Lizzie washed him in breast milk for the first time.

She continued: ‘It worked really quickly. From there, I did it weekly. ‘I found it gave him super soft skin every time.

I breastfed both kids and would express and freeze an extra supply for the baths. ‘I would use around 6oz a time just added to plain warm bath water, and swirl it in, turning the water a soft white color.

Occasionally I’d add some lavender oil for a particularly relaxing bath at bedtime.’ After just a few weeks, little George’s eczema started to disappear.

When her second child, Isla, was born in September last year, Lizzie soon noticed her daughter was suffering from the skin condition too.

The young mum immediately decided to start giving her breast milk baths too. ‘I did it weekly when Isla was a newborn,’ she said. ‘Then, as my milk supply decreased, I started to do it every fortnight or so.

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‘It really helped with her skin, and I knew there were none of the harsh chemicals that can be in some bubble baths.

‘I also felt it was a nice way to continue with the breastfeeding journey. It was a really special thing to share together.’ As Isla reached six months, Lizzie’s milk supply began to drop, and the tot had to be supplemented with formula feeds to ensure she got enough food.

‘Unfortunately, that led to the end of our breastfeeding journey. Isla preferred the bottle, and we tried everything like drinking more water, drinking oat milk and eating lactation cookies, which are filled with milk boosting ingredients like flaxseed and nuts – but we couldn’t get my milk supply back up.

‘I had a little bit of frozen milk left and we were able to give her one last bath at the end of April. ‘I added some flowers for her last one and took some pictures, so we could treasure the memories. She loved them.

‘I think it was calming for her to be in my milk. I always found her much more chilled after a milk bath than any other, and I think helped with our bond – although she did try to eat the flowers on her last one.’

How does breast milk help eczema? 

Human breast milk provides nutrition for infants and offers protection against infections. It has significant amounts of complement components that contain natural antimicrobial agents. Some of these antimicrobial agents in the breast milk include antibodies, lysozymes, polymorphonuclear leukocytes, of which can treat skin infections by killing bacteria, as well as having anti-inflammatory effects.

According to Dr Wang Skincare, human breast milk is also said to have wound healing properties.

Source: Metro UK

When it comes to wedding photography we want to see the amazing photos, the best photographer are hired and equipment used but did you know that there are simple photography tricks you can use to create those amazing photos with pizazz looks without all the high-end tools?

These photography tricks don't just apply to wedding photography, it goes for all photo shoots, whether you take it on holiday or in a festive atmosphere.

The trick is to have a smartphone handy and everything you need to have that amazing photography is yours.

A British wedding photographer Mathias Fast has given an illustrating insight on this.

A professional photographer based in Britain for six years, Mathias Fast has been using a smartphone screen as the perfect reflective surface to stop any unwanted elements from getting the frame, thereby giving the pictures he takes an overall dreamy lift.

According to Mathias. ‘With wedding photography, photographers are always searching for ways to take very creative, novel portraits and a quick, ordinary trick is actually sitting right in their trouser pocket. ‘By simply using a smartphone screen as a smooth reflection, it is very possible to cover up rather unsightly elements, even add intrigue, leading to an image that is a lot more interesting.’

Simple Photography Tricks Used By A Photographer To Create Amazing Wedding Photography

Steps to use your smartphone as a reflective photography tool 

The following are photography tricks for taking some amazing pictures:

1. Begin by holding your smartphone on a horizontal plane to the bottom side of your camera lens.

2. Looking through the viewfinder now, you’ll see some parts of the scene reflecting right into the lower part of the image.

3. Just adjust the smartphone slightly (while still holding it very close to the edge of the lens. Keep at this until you see a reflection that suits you.
4. The picture is ready now, take it!

More Tips:

1. Make sure there are no bulky cases protecting your phone. If there is, remove it to create a more tranquil reflection.
2. The reflected area or portion of the image will sometimes, appear darker or lighter than the rest of the image. Applying a gradient here in post-production adjustments helps to add some balance and intrigue to the final image.
3. Architectural elements (ie. Dorrs, window, arches, pillars, ) reflect very well and often work beautifully with this method.
4. End results don’t always get to be dramatic. Often times, a slight reflection can help frame a subject or add a bit of something.

According to Mathias, he first discovered this trick when photographing a young bride getting set for the traditional wedding photo. The bridesmaids had their smartphones lying all over the table and he saw the perf3ect reflections they were creating and realized that, if replicated at the right angle, the reflection wouldn't appear to be coming from the surface of a phone.

Martins says that he limited the use of this phone hack idea so as not make it become gimmicky. The trick doesn't always work though. The effects are often subtle and other times, more dramatic. However, the main goal is to make the viewer stop for a moment and try to work out what exactly is going on in the picture.

Take a look at some of the awesome results below:

 Simple Photography Tricks Used By A Photographer To Create Amazing Wedding Photography

Give this trick a try when next you've got a camera in your hand. Feel free to share this informatiion

Simple Photography Tricks Used By A Photographer To Create Amazing Wedding Photography

A British hot tub company has gone to 'jobsearch' mode by making it possible for people to apply to become its ‘hot tubologist’.

The firm, Lay-Z-Spa wish to hire a tester for ‘the country's bestselling hot tub’, one to eventually become the star of the firm's social media channels.

Since online exposure doesn't pay the bills, you also get a £500 payoff form the firm as well as your very own Lay-Z-Spa Miami hot tub, and other accessories.

British Firm Offers £500 to test hot tubs -- Jobsearch

Now the question is, what is a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub? What we got here is the first premium inflatable hot tub ever to be produced in the world. Basically, you can inflate, then deflate and pack away the hot tube when done with it or when you don’t want a hot tub taking up so much space on your tiny balcony.

Better still, you can take to the beach.

The role of testing this tub will make your house a prime social destination for a couple of months.

You’ll take over the brand’s Instagram and Facebook, telling people nice things about the hot tub regardless of if you thought it was crap.

British Firm Offers £500 to test hot tubs -- Jobsearch

To apply for the job is where thing get a bit weird. You've got to be really good looking then submit a 30-second video of your good looking self as an application, telling why you’d make the best of the best hot tubologist, you know the drill at job applications.

The videos must be posted to Lay-Z-Spa’s official Facebook page, or on Instagram and then tagging the @layzspaofficial handle to kick things off. Basically, you get judged by everybody and their brother even before you get the job!

Applicants must be 18 years or over and residents of the United Kingdom. You have all June to make up your mind if you wanna go swimming on Instagram and Facebooks half naked so think carefully now.

Done thinking? Well you can apply here... https://www.lay-z-spa.co.uk/ultimate-summer-job

British Firm Offers £500 to test hot tubs -- Jobsearch

Is James Oliver really a time traveler from the year 6,941, who’s stuck here because his time machine broke down, as he claims?

Or is he just a very, very strange man? Oliver, who claims to be a stranded time traveler, has ‘passed’ a lie detector test about his frankly bonkers claims about intergalactic civilizations and super-intelligent aliens. But we’re duty bound to note at this point that the test was administered by paranormal site ApexTV, so it may not be a neutral, scientific experiment.

In the video, where Oliver’s face is blurred out, he reveals tantalizing details about Earth’s future (although sadly, nothing specific like who’ll win the World Cup). Oliver predicts that global warming is going to get worse (ooh, pretty out-there ideas here) – and that the world will eventually be taken over by a United Nations-style organization.

He says that in the future, we’re ‘constantly’ finding aliens more intelligent than humans, so at least we can expect some decent conversation.

Oliver says, ‘We are constantly finding new planets and galaxies every day. Most of it is just nothing. ‘Sometimes you hit the jackpot and find intelligent life on it. You find new planets, new eco systems. ‘There are a lot of planets more intelligent than humans.’

Oliver claims that space is ruled by a ‘Federation’, which ensures peace – which sounds oddly familiar from Star Trek.

Oliver says, ‘’There have been some conflicts, but most of it has been put under control by the federation very quickly. ‘The federation is there as a peace keeping vessel.’ ‘Your years are different to mine. Where I’m from, the years are longer.’

‘My planet is further away from the sun than yours is, so it takes longer to get around. ‘But we have gifted mathematicians who work to calculate our years from those from other civilizations.’

source: MetroUK

There are some great movies by Hollywood that never get much attention when released until a few people take a look at them due to some connecting event or by chance and boom they go (watch movies online).

The movie “Dark Crimes” was completed in 2016 but never went viral until this year. In fact, most of the top movie review sites are currently yapping about it and people don't seem to be able to stop looking for where to find it. But what is this movie all about?

Dark Crimes HDD 2018 -- Buy or Watch Movies Online

Dark Crimes Cast

Jim Carrey as Tadek
Charlotte Gainsbourg as Kasia
Agata Kulesza as Marta
Zbigniew Zamachowski as Lukasz
Kati Outinen as Malinowska
Marton Csokas as Kozlow

Alexandros Avranas

Writer (Movie was based on an article by)
David Grann

Jeremy Brock
Michal Englert

Agnieszka Glinska

Richard Patrick

Action, Crime, Thriller

Rating (+18)
Strong and disturbing violent/sexual content including graphic nudity, rape, and language.

92 minutes

Dark Crimes HDD 2018 -- Buy or Watch Movies Online

The movie begins with white type credits on a light black background, alternating with clear images of sexual bondage. In one image, a blonde woman is shown, naked, her wrists are bound by a tight black cord; that cord actually suspends her from the partly curved ceiling of a dark stone corridor, apparently a dungeon of some kind. The blonde woman is revolving slowly around as she hangs. The next shot is the credit, white typed, flashing “In Association with Ratpac Entertainment.”

That was the hit that blew the top off this movie, or so I believe. You see, in the moviemaking world, the corporate entity “Ratpac Entertainment.” belongs to none other than Brett Ratner, one of several powerful men in Hollywood who got slammed with sexual harassment accusations last year.

If you know Hollywood, you would understand that sexual harassment accusations are no big deal. In fact, some are welcomed because they place a sinister aura around the men who meddle with this kind of violent fantasy crime movies, and the way in which they do it. “Dark Crimes” is just one of such movies. The movie is thick with a dank visual flair that is unsettling and there is almost no regard for plausibility. What you've got here is a violent murderer and rapist in action, running from the law as he does his thing. About 40 minutes into the movie, there's even a staged suspected murderer’s impromptu press conference.

Directed by Alexandros Avranas, from a Jeremy Brock script, the movie is adapted from the fascinating 2008 New Yorker top notch story by David Grann... “True Crime: A Postmodern Murder Mystery,”. It's a real-life story about a Polish policeman who discovered, in a provocative masterpiece of fiction written by a strange self-promoting intellectual, the clue to solving a real murder case.

Just as true-life stories run, that of David Grann is multi-faceted and, in many cases, features boring details of life but there are cases of revelations so shocking they are hard to believe. And then enters Jeremy Brock and other scriptwriters, whoever they may be, to pump up that shock value. They cleverly orient most of the plot around a secret sex club called The Cage — the location is that where the above-mentioned blonde woman was hanging. They cleverly give the investigating detective in the movie, Tadek, played perfectly by Jim Carrey, an upsetting family life and a rather troubled relationship with the entire police department. The suspected violent murderer, Kozlow, lacks the intellectual vocabulary that actual-life criminals do. Instead, he does a lot of cursing in between saying stuff like “Perception is a reality.”

Once detective Tadek is forced to turn his suspect loose on the streets again, “Dark Crimes” begins to get really interesting and a kind of 'Dirty Game' roll begins to play out.

The suspect Kozlow goes clever and announces some 'clear' lies about his ill-treatment while under police custody and makes clear that he will derive satisfaction in court for the way his 30th Amendment rights were violated. Detective Tadek is all too willing to play beyond the margins of the law and an ultra cat and mouse game begin.

The detective displays some trickiness of his own by going after Kozlow’s girlfriend, (actress Charlotte Gainsbourg playing the part) and e hazy maze of degradation and corruption comes to light

As you must have must have figured out now, this interesting movie by Hollywood is actually of Polish origin and most of the stars in them have that funny Polish accent to make it believable. But be careful now because the things in this movie are not for the faint of heart.

Dark Crimes -- Buy or Watch Movies Online

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To watch movie online... 'Dark Crimes', you will need to visit Cosmos Tube by the link below and create a free account.

Dark Crimes HDD 2018 -- Buy or Watch Movies Online

Do Stretch Mark Go Away? Oh, these stretch marks just make me feel so uncomfortably before my partner, how can I make them go away quickly?

These questions and a lot of others like it are the troubles of millions of women around the world who have dropped weight for one reason or the other, most often after childbirth. The excess weight is suddenly gone, that huge tummy suddenly becomes flat again but not quite. There are strange new lines on there in the skin, they make you look terrible and just won't go away.

Those visible lines on the surface of the skin are called stretch marks. They occur mostly in the abdominal wall, but can also be found over the upper arms, buttocks, thighs and breasts. With plus sized people that suddenly lose so much weight, stretch marks can occur over large areas of the body.

Do Stretch Mark Go Away? Causes of Stretch Marks

Most often than not, pregnancy is the chief cause of stretch marks, followed by a sudden loss in weight, but strangely enough, the sudden gain in weight, swift changes in physical conditions, even rapid growth, can cause stretch marks.

Do Stretch Mark Go Away?

Now Stretch marks appear, we will want to get rid of it. Here are some ways to get rid of stretch marks all by yourself.

Aloe vera To Remove Stretch Marks

Aloe vera is a natural plant that is effective in the treatment of so many skin problems. The soothing and healing properties of this plant are used to remove of stretch marks and return the skin to normal.

How To Use Aloe Vera To Cure Stretch Marks

Rub the gel directly on the affected area of the skin, leave it on for just 15 minutes before rinsing the area with warm water.

Keep The Affected Area Well Moisturized

Try to keep the affected area well moisturized. This helps deliver concentrated and much needed moisture to the location of the stretch marks. For this, you may make use of stretch mark creams a couple of times daily. Do this particularly after bathing and before going off to bed.

Coconut oil To Remove Stretch Marks

Becuase stretch marks are actually scarring from shallow skin damage, coconut oil works to heal the affected area quickly. Coconut oil possesses remarkably skin healing properties and has been found to reduce the periods it takes for all kinds of skin injuries and wounds to heal. Applying coconut oil directly to the stretch marks on your skin each day will go a long way to take away some of their ugly red appearances.

Vitamin A To Remove Stretch Marks

Vitamin A is medically referred to as a retinoid. A retinoid is a substance that makes the skin appear more youthful and smooth. Retinoids are used in many over-the-counter cosmetic creams and so by just using one that contains vitamin A or even taking vitamin A pills orally, can contribute to your skin’s health and, yes, overall health and appearance. A diet of vitamin A rich foods, such as carrots fish, sweet potatoes, etc, will give your vitamin A levels a boost.

Chemical peels To Remove Stretch Marks

Chemical peels come in as a more extreme measure to get rid of ugly stretch marks. The procedure requires the attention of a dermatologist. The dermatologist gets to apply a liquid solution that burns away the top layer of the skin, resulting in its blistering and peeling off. This damage stimulates the production of more collagen by the body to induce healing of the area and a new layer of skin is created.

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