Common foods that prolong your live and bring superb health.

There are four common foods you see almost on daily basis but ignore. They are unique health remedies for life, possessing powerful health, healing and beauty enhancement properties that could rejuvenate your health completely.

The wonderful properties and health benefits of these foods have been known and exploited since ancient times, some dating as far back as 3,000 years ago.

These foods have the unusual ability to slow down the aging process, keeping you healthy and youthful looking all through life.

You’ll be wondering what foods I’m talking about right about now as you can’t think of any that fit into this class. Well, how about honey, cucumber, lemon and olive oil?

If you have been following or have read the LIFE STORY OF QUEEN CLEOPATRA OF ANCIENT EGYPT right here on this blog, then you must have already picked up on the honey and cucumber angle. However, for the olive oil and lemon aspect, you need to be familiar with the ancient history of the Middle East where both originate.

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Olive Oil and Lemon were used extensively in the Middle East for hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. The Holy Bible of Christians brings this to light in its tales of the ancient history of Israel, a nation right there in the Middle East.

Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt, using honey and cucumber as sole beauty care remedies at a time when sophisticated beauty products did not exist, enhanced her looks to such a level that allowed her to conquer two of Rome’s greatest generals with ease – Julius Caesar (who went on to become the first dictator of the Roman Empire) and Mark Antony. These were two men who were used to being dazzled by the greatest beauties of the great Roman empire but they fell before the beauty of an Egyptian queen and worshiped her despite the fact that it cost them the love of their people, and eventually, their lives.

With olive oil, the story is a bit different. At the dawn of civilization when mankind was still learning to use herbs to cure himself of sickness and wounds, olive oil was discovered to be a cure for wounds, skin infections, and different kinds of ailments. Countless times, the Holy Bible makes mention of the fact that olive oil was rubbed into wounds and on ‘all kinds of infections’ for the purpose of healing. Olive oil was a famous healing ointment in ancient Israel as was lemon and honey.

Other civilizations, the Greeks, and the Romans, documented and exploited the health and healing properties of these foods…honey, cucumber, lemon and olive oil. The Romans, in particular, imported cucumbers from Spain were it was grown.


Modern researchers have clarified the issue of why these foods behave the way they do. The reason lies in their make-up or composition.


In addition to being rich in so many nutrients; minerals and healthy vitamins that are highly beneficial to human health, honey has powerful antibiotic and antioxidant properties. For this reason, rubbing Honey on your skin injects natural nutrients and healthy vitamins directly into it and at the same time, destroys all harmful bacteria and free radicals that work on the skin to cause wrinkles, premature aging, and other damages.

 Consumed orally, Honey has the same effect.

Natural Skin Care tips


Lemon on its part boast mostly of high amounts of Vitamin C, but it’s got a powerful antibacterial quality that suppresses that of honey. Hence, lemon has a better and broader effect when it comes to skin infections.

Olive Oil

Olive oil does have some antibiotic powers too but it is notably rich in vitamin E. In fact, no other food comes close to olive oil when it comes to a superb richness in Vitamin E, a very powerful antioxidant that treats and prevents all kinds of diseases from diabetes and complex brain diseases to common skin rashes.

Natural Skin Care tips


Cucumber is not particularly antibiotic in nature but it has other wonderful properties too. When it comes to hydration, weight loss, removal of toxins which promote the aging process, soothing of sore eyes…cucumber does it all and does it very well.


These four foods can improve your overall health, youthful looks, and lifespan if used correctly and regularly. But they can also do a mother a lot of good both in the of her husband and for the health of her family.

Do you want smooth and beautiful facial skin? One that is free of those wrinkles that make you look older and unattractive to your partner ? Give this Cleopatra technique (health remedy) a try and thank me later…

Get a slice of lemon add two drops of honey to it and rub it all over your face. Leave for twenty minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Do this each morning for at least four times a week.

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