The amazing scene of a newborn baby walking just minuses after birth.

A newborn baby girl in a hospital in Brazil just up and started walking minutes after coming out her mother’s womb!

Oh, yes. Nature is at again, pulling our legs and slapping us silly with its endless wonder which baffle the mind and imagination.

I’ve seen a lot of things in my time online but the sight of a newborn baby, emerging from the womb just minutes before, refusing to sit down and insisting on taking a long walk…well, I don’t know about you guys but that beat the intelligence out of my brain.  Nonetheless, the video just popped on YouTube hours ago and trust me to bring it to you for sure.

This newborn baby girl just up and started walking minutes after coming out her mother’s womb!

According to the news reaching my famous right ear via the British media – you must pardon my but I had to go by the British since I cannot understand enough Portuguese to tune into the original Brazilian news network carrying this information live. –  well, apparently this cute baby was girl didn’t like the idea of a nurse bathing her so early in life and so got right up and started walking away!

Where she imagined she was going, wasn’t pretty clear but what was clear as day was that she walked!

As soon as they saw this strange incident, astonished medical staff who attended the baby’s mother during delivery alerted their peers and soon enough the story went viral.

The baby who was born at a Brazilian hospital just hours ago and has already taken her first steps in life has been compared to another famous baby who walked at birth; Baby Stewie from Family Guy.

The reports have it that doctors at the hospital were trying to bathe the baby; they were trying to wash off the mucus of birth from her body, but the kid developed ideas of her own and got to her feet to see to them herself.

To say it is abnormal for babies to walk at birth is an understatement. Babies are born soft boned and it takes all of 9 to 12 months for their bones to become firm enough for them to start walking. Some babies take up to 18 to 20 months to start walking. Perhaps you can now understand the incredible miracle here. The softness of a baby’s bones is the reason it can bend its body at off angles.

In the video you will hear one of the attending nurses exclaiming repeatedly in Brazilian Portuguese: Personally, I have no idea what she talking about but from the scene, at hand, I guess it can’t be far from… “Oh dear, dear me, the here newborn baby girl is walking!”

There were other calls from other hospital workers in the video including one calling out to something ‘Ju, Ju”

The Daily Mail appears to have gotten the scope of the news pretty quick and even UK Metro had to copy from them in reporting.

The midwife who first discovered this phenomenon claims to have been trying to give the child a bath but the newborn keep getting up to ‘actually’ walk.

According to the Daily Mail, the video footage was taken at a hospital in Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil; The Santa Cruz Hospital in, southern Brazil.

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