The life story of Queen Cleopatra, ruler of Ancient Egypt and Rome generals.

Cleopatra, the last independent queen of Egypt, is the most famous women in history. She is also one of the most evil.

Her rise to power in ancient Egypt, through to her death is a period full of murder, bloodshed and betrayals of the worst kind.

The Most Wicked Women of The Old World...Season 1 ..Episode 1

To Shakespeare she was the ‘the serpent of Old Nile’, to Bernard Shaw she was the sex kitten, to Hollywood the glamor queen, to poets, dramatists and historians, for 2000 years, a temptation and challenge – made all the more trying because so little is really known about her, leaving so much to be imagined.

Today, beauty bloggers have joined the queue of those fascinated by the life of Queen Cleopatra. They credit her with the introduction of dedicated beauty care techniques – a spectacular beauty of her time, Cleopatra took preservation of her looks very seriously, thus she was the architect of several beauty and skin care remedies inducing the famous honey and cucumber recipe used to preserve youthful looks.

Indeed, Queen Cleopatra VII, Queen of all Egypt, remains to this day, the most famous, or rather infamous, femme fatale of all time.

The Mistakes of Historians

So many historians and intellectuals have attempted to reach a balanced assessment of this highly romanticized figure, thereby laying themselves open to the crime of massive blunders. Once, reading through the blog of one of these American authorities on history, I came across the mention of Cleopatra sharing power with her father! How laughable! In no ancient civilization is such a thing possible. Finding a king who shared equal power with his queen is hard enough much less one who shared power with a daughter and a very young daughter at that!

Only about 70% of the information you find around about Cleopatra is true. Most of these stories are partly fabrication and illusion spiced up with truth and it is particularly designed to blow your mind away. Behind all these fascinating tales is Hollywood, which produced the most expensive film on earth decades ago, based on the life story of Cleopatra.

Now, going through some old documents from a reputable source, I found the truth about Queen Cleopatra's life rather more fascinating and fulfilling than the fiction and illusions being fed the public. Let’s take a close look at what and who Cleopatra really was.

The Early Life Of Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was born in 68 B.C and died by her own hand in 30 B.C. She was a Macedonian Greek by descent and ruled Egypt from Alexandria, the city founded by Alexander the Great by the delta of the Nile River in the year 332 B.C.

Cleopatra was the last of the Ptolemy Queens and she came to power at a time when her dynasty, which had made Alexandria the pinnacle of culture and refinement in the three centuries before Christ, was disintegrating in a welter of gluttony, lechery, and decay.

She faced the problem of an almighty Rome, swollen with imperial greed and split by the limitless ambition of would-be dictators, which sought to keep Egypt as a vassal state and bottomless treasury chest for funds.

When Cleopatra was born, the golden age of the Ptolemies was long over, their empire lay in ruins and her father, Ptolemy XIII, ruled by the grace of Rome. Her family background was a long and revolting history of murder and incest. Ptolemy III is credited with arranging the murders of his mother, brother, wife, and uncle. Ptolemy VIII assassinated his heir -- a nephew – and married his mother. Later, suspecting the child of this marriage was not his, he had the boy killed, chopped to pieces and sent to his mother in a package, then went on to marry his niece.

Cleopatra’s grandfather and father also indulged themselves to the full in the favorite Ptolemaic sport of butchering their relatives. There is little doubt that this habit was greatly encouraged by the tradition, which the Ptolemies’ carried on from the Pharaohs, of inter-marriage within the ruling family,

Cleopatra’s Rise To The Throne And Full Power

Cleopatra was 18 when her father died and so she had to marry her brother, a boy of 10. The marriage was a mere formality, of course, but Cleopatra wasted little time in following family tradition by having her little brother and sister killed.

It is very possible, but not certain, that Cleopatra, as a young girl, followed another ancient Egyptian tradition by going to the temple at Thebes to have herself deflowered at the altar of Amon-Ra. Also possible is the fact that she allowed herself numerous amorous adventures in the corrupt and immoral atmosphere of the palace in Alexandria. However, it is important to note that apart from these vague generalizations of being ‘slave to her lusts’ no historian of integrity brings charges of sexual excessiveness against Cleopatra.

She Altered The Course of History

Queen Cleopatra's conquest of the two most powerful men of her time, Julius Caesar, and Mark Antony, certainly had a huge impact on the world. There is no doubt whatever that she gave herself to these great Roman generals for political reasons rather than the heart, and little wonder she succeeded so well – both men were notorious womanizers and the luxurious romances which she was able to offer them must have been too tempting an alternative to resist when compared the hard campaigning in the old Roman empire.

Cleopatra’s immense influence over such men and her ability to bend their intellect to her will demonstrate that she was a perfect politician. And here in lies proof positive that Cleopatra was no ordinary beauty or lover. Remember that both these powerful men were accustomed to having the most beautiful and graceful woman in all world flaunted at them. If Cleopatra was just another good looker, just another warm body for the bed, an item of amusement, she never would have succeeded in influencing either of these two men in any way.

That she held these two rulers of the world captive for years, bending their will even against the wishes of their powerful subjects, speaks volumes to her ability and qualities as a woman.

Indeed, if Cleopatra had been just another ordinary woman, the course of history and the world we live in today would have been very different.

Her bitter enemies in Rome kept watch, they certainly didn’t underestimate her power over their two most powerful rulers. They understood her power -- it lay in her extraordinary beauty, intelligence, political abilities and considerable tricks as an incredible lover.

Cleopatra ruled Egypt for about 20 years and it is a fact of history that throughout that time, Egypt alone of all the kingdoms and state around never became a province of Rome. Egypt stayed independent until Cleopatra’s death.

Her Nature and Beauty

Going by the description of some historians, bloggers and Hollywood movies, Queen Cleopatra was the epitome of the embodiment of beauty. One wonders how exactly they knew this when none of Cleopatra’s painting survived the distortive forces of the centuries.

In all my research, all that was to be found is a reference to a portrait on a copper coin of Alexandria. The image shows a young Cleopatra, huge eyes, bulging straight nose, curling chin, hair tied in a bun at the nape of her neck. The gaps have to be filled with the descriptive works of reputable historians of the past. One of them says she had the head and profile of the beautiful woman of Smyrna with natural golden skin and lovely ink black hair. She wasn’t tall, she had a girlish stature and was supple-limbed.

From the sound of things, Cleopatra doesn’t appear to be a ravishing beauty but certainly possessed that extra prettiness that made her the ‘it’ woman to be with. On top of this was piled on a classical presence and personality: impressive intellect and swiftness of repartee, and then there was the salted in wit which seemed to give her seductive voice an attraction on its own.

Cleopatra was fluent in several languages, Greek, Egyptian, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Ethiopian and (according to the reputable historian Plutarch) even Troglodytes, the strange tongue of the cave dweller found along the coast of the Red Sea.

This woman was a very cultured and religious woman, a lifelong patron of science and fine arts. She had an unshakable faith in the power of the gods and an equally strong belief in her own divine decent and in her mission to recapture for her country the lost glory of the Ptolemies.

To Be Continued.....

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