The best cures for hangovers in the world.

Hangovers, the 'morning after' illness that comes with drinking too much the night before is actually caused by the liver’s inability to digest all that alcohol in our system. This is one reason why alcohol affects people differently – in some cases, ardent drinkers are often less prone to hangovers then new drinkers or people not used to alcohol at all.
It's all about the liver’s ability to deal with the amount of alcohol we consume. If the liver is used to dealing with vasts amounts of alcohol in your system, you get drunk slower but if it isn't you get drunk faster. Either way, you regret it the next morning when the hangover hits.

How To Cure Hangover Fast: Hangover Cures

In today’s world where drinking too much is epidemic in every land, clime, and social circle, hangovers cures are a major topic indeed.

In those regions where the heavy drinking of alcohol is very much a habit, people have devised some sort of cure or remedy overtime to deal with the troubling issue of hangovers that follow as Pharmacists have not been very helpful with effective medicine to do the job.

Now, while some of these hangover cures do work, others don’t. Below are the top 6 hangover cures from different parts of the world, what they do how they work and how effective they can be.

1. A glass of juice from sauerkraut Or sour pickles. (Poland)

The sour Juice: To Cure Hangover Fast

The Polish claim that for this hangover cure to work one needs to ensure the juice is rich in vinegar which helps suppress the terrible headaches and ease discomfort.

Now, the best way to get your hands on cheap but high-quality vinegar is to leave a glass of good wine, any wine, open at room temperature for at least a day or two and the necessary bacteria will transform it into vinegar. But we are talking about a hangover here and it's caused by wine in the first place. To get around this problem, the Polish substitute the wine with milk!

Unpasteurized milk left out for a day or two, in a neat glass and still at room temperature so the bacteria get to work…. boom! ... it’s now soured milk, the same vinegar! The Polish keep this on hand before getting properly drunk.

How To Cure Hangover Fast: 6 Best Homemade Hangover Cures

2. Milk Thistle (Great Britain)

Milk Thistle: To cure hangover fast

Scientific studies have proven the unusual ability of Milk Thistle’s to shield the liver from harmful toxins. Milk Thistle extracts contain a particular flavonoid, silymarin, which is looked upon as a key substance in this cure for hangovers.

Britain is known for its pubs and bars. Some heavy drinkers swear that taking this extract both on the night of and the morning after hitting the bottle eliminates all symptoms of the hangover and gets rid of any discomfort.

How To Cure Hangover Fast: 6 Best Homemade Hangover Cures

3. The Umeboshi (Japan)

Trust the health-conscious Japanese to come up with something nutritious as a hangover cure. Umeboshi are dark brown pickled plums somewhat salty in taste but highly beneficial to the Liver and Kidneys, particularly the liver which is the origin of the hangover. Umeboshi also improves (enhances) digestion and overall liver function.

Japanese men or women who had that one glass too many; go for a few balls of Umeboshi, and that’s it.

How To Cure Hangover Fast: 6 Best Homemade Hangover Cures

4. Canada Dry Ginger Ale (Canada)

Dry Ginger Ale: To Cure Hangover Fast:

Call it national loyalty or whatever but the Canadians hold that this bubbly stuff that was first made in their country works pure wonders to settle the problem of an upset stomach. True, but what of a hangover?

The only ingredient in this drink that could probably solve a hangover problem is ginger. But looking through the drink’s formidable ingredient list, however, ginger is nowhere to be found.

How To Cure Hangover Fast: 6 Best Homemade Hangover Cures

5. The Bloody Mary (The United States)

Bloody Mary: To Cure Hangover Fast:

Tomato juice has one of the highest concentrations of lycopene of any food, and celery (every aspect of the plant) is packed with healing vitamins. Combined, they are super for relieving all sorts of pain associated with hangovers.

Go for the less tasty version of the Bloody Mary for better rewards… The Virgin Mary.

How To Cure Hangover Fast: 6 Best Homemade Hangover Cures

6. Pumpkin Leaves and Carrot Juice (Nigeria)

Pumpkin: To Cure Hangover Fast:

For cures to hangovers, in certain parts of Nigeria, leaves of a spice of the pumpkin, Ugu (local name) and squeezed out for its juice and mixed in with Carrot juice. People take this to ease the discomfort of Hangovers but it does not wipe it out completely or as quickly.

How To Cure Hangover Fast: 6 Best Homemade Hangover Cures


What has actually been listed here are some of the best cures for hangovers. Do you have a splitting headache after a night of drinking? No matter how little of alcohol you consumed, what you got is a hangover and so the knowledge of how to cure a hangover fast is what you need to implement.

Feel free to try any one of these hangover cures above. Give the Bloody Mary top priority, though, when a top drinking nation like the United States has given a remedy like that top marks you can bet it's super effective.

How To Cure Hangover Fast: 6 Best Homemade Hangover Cures
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