All you need to know about the new terror attack on London

Several hours ago, in North London, as Muslims gathered outside a Muslim welfare center in Finsbury Park to break their fast which is part of the on-going Ramadan fasting by Islamic faithful worldwide, tragedy stuck.

A van driven by a British man, following the exact technical employed by the London Bridge terrorists a few weeks ago, plowed right into the group of worshippers.

The British police confirmed hours ago that one person is dead while 10 are injured.

The driver of the van, a 48-year-old Briton was also injured but interestingly, was shielded from an angry mob of Muslims by the Imam of the Mosque. Some say he even received first aid for his wounds.

A report has now emerged from Scotland Yard (British counter-terror police) to the media that this man is now dead. Whether his death was a result of his injuries or an attack by some person or persons, is not clear. One thing that is clear as daylight though is the motive behind this attack by a Briton.

Britain has been hit by one horrific incident after the other April and two are major terror attacks which have been claimed or rather praised by the Islamic terror group, Islamic State.

The first was the famous Manchester Bombing and the other was the London Bridge attacks, both of which sparked worldwide outrage. In Britain, however, it brought great grief to all and a growing hatred for Muslims.

There have been several reported incidents of attacks on Muslim but all were relatively minor until this one happened.

The British police and government, ever so careful, are calling it a terror attack but even a dumb ten-year-old in Manchester know it’s payback to Muslims from a grieving and angry Briton whose voice was never heard after the Manchester Bombings and London Bridge attacks.

The Finsbury Park Terror Attack was modeled exactly on the tactics used by the London Bridge attackers though it was a lot less effective.
Of the ten people injured, only eight were serious cases and the victims were rushed to three different hospitals within the area. The other two people suffered minor injuries and were attended to on the scene.

The 48-year-old driver of the van was arrested by the police on arrival but taken to hospital in what police are calling a precautious move, with Scotland Yard, claiming he would undergo assessment tests for mental health.

Confirming the incident as a deliberate attack on Muslims and condemning it in the same voice is the Muslim Council of Britain.

They have called for security to be increased in the area and this the British police have already done. Several squad cars and even a helicopter could be seen patrolling the area as of this morning.

The British Police must be aware of the “payback” of the crime as they have announced publicly twice that no one is suffering any knife injuries following the attack. It would be recalled that knives were used during the London Bridge attack. A white van drove right into pedestrians and three men jumped out with long knives and started hacking people e to death.

The suspect was reportedly pinned to the floor by several people at the scene until the police arrived to take him away.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May has said that the police would be treating this Finsbury Park incident as a terrorist attack.

The dear lady is moved by the plight of the Muslims faster than she was about the plight of victims of Grenfell Towers…It’s all politics I suppose.

There are of course many false reports spreading rapidly on this incident. Some less reputable tabloids say that there are two people dead and others like the British Evening Standard reported a knife-wielding terrorist on the scene but you can trust us here to source for the truth through top tabloids and police Twitter handles. These reports are lies, ploys to sell more papers.

The British police have since confirmed that no one at the scene was treated for any form of knife injuries. The UK Metro and Daily Mail have since confirmed this.

They also confirmed that the Imam at the Muslim Welfare Center was the one who protected the suspect from angry crowds prior to the arrival of the police.

Several witnesses claim that the suspect tried to run off after the incident but was caught and pinned to the ground by several people. He was later released to the police.

In this Video which appeared online just minutes after the attack, all that can be seen is chaos and frightened people screaming and crying.

All about Ramadan and The Finsbury Park.

Ramadan is actually the name of the ninth month on the calendar Islam. It is the holiest period of their year and Muslims, through daily fasting from dawn to dusk, focus completely on prayer, purification, and acts of mercy and charity.

This year, the Ramadan started on the 26the of May and will go on until Saturday, June 24.
On its part, Finsbury Park mosque is quite famous or rather, infamous. It used to be known as the camping ground of a certain hate preacher with a hook-hand, Abu Hamza. It also attracted famous terrorists like Richard Reid, the shoe-bomber, who attempted blow up an American Airlines flight on route from Paris to Miami in 2001.

The Mosque was raided by security operative and closed down but it was later reclaimed by some Muslim from the local Muslim community, who transformed it completely into a place of true faith and a welfare center.
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