The kidnapping incident rocking a nation

The incident took place here this morning 

Following the arrest by the Nigerian police of Billionaire Kidnap kingpin, Chukwiudi Onuamadike , people of Lagos have breathed a heavy sigh of relief while Nigerians, in general, can’t stop talking about it on social media.

With good reason too because for once, the incompetent Nigeria police force have shown a rare flash of brilliance in the way they tracked down and picked up a smart criminal who hid his identity under layers and layers of false identities and detached gangs who didn’t even know who he was as he sent them out to terrorize and kidnap the rich and well to do citizens of Lagos state.

The Nigerian police, extremely pleased with themselves, are calling this the biggest breakthrough in crime in recent years.

Well, Lagosians and Nigerians alike, before you go celebrating a kidnap free society know this –  the police are not telling you all. Another kidnap king is in town and he’s far more ruthless than Mr. Chukwudi Onuamadike.

A view Coker Bus stop along Era Town Road

Today, this morning, at about 7.30 am in the Era Town area of Ijanikin district in Ojo Local Government, Lagos state, a team of fearless kidnappers, armed to the teeth, stopped a brand new Nissan jeep being driven by a man taking his four kids to school. They ordered the man out of the vehicle at gunpoint, made him lie face down on the wet ground, jumped into his jeep and drove off with his four kids in it.

This happened this morning right at Coker Bus stop along Era Town Road, Oden Era, Ijanikin, Lagos. The Federal Institute For Postgraduate Medical Studies is within this area as is the new Eko University and a multi-billion naira office complex belonging to one of the federal government ministries but abandoned since 1980 (see image below). The famous Alaba Electronics International Market is but two miles away.
The Multi-million Naira abandoned complex that is now a heaven for criminals. it is over 12 stories high and covers a vast area of land. 

The victim, Mr. Gorge (not his real name) went crazy with grief and pain after the kidnappers drove off. According to an eyewitness, he ran after the rapidly departing jeep for quite a stretch on the muddy road, running through the dirty water without care. He finally got a motorbike to take him to the nearest police station.

From what was gathered, Mr. Gorge is one of the richest men in the area and he drops his kids off at school each morning before heading to work.

The grinding mill after it open this morning with the last grinder left

Incidentally, a woman who operates a grinding mill nearby came in earlier to find her store had been broken into during the night and both her main grinders stolen. She had raised alarm to the theft that morning, attracting the attention of several people even that early and so there was no shortage of witnesses to the kidnapping incident which took place just fifty years away minutes later.

People say the kidnappers had been waiting by the roadside in a Honda car for the jeep to show up and then they hit it in commando style. They came out with their rifles at the ready and blocked the road, forcing the jeep to a stop.

Of course, no one thought they were kidnappers at first, this an area sandwiched between the jurisdiction of the Ijanikin Police station and the Ilogbo Police station. Plainclothes policemen from both stations are always coming into the area with guns to mount roadblocks where they extort money from everyone, particularly motorists and people transporting any kind of property with value.

Several eyewitnesses said they thought it was just another roadblock but it wasn’t until the men made off with the jeep and four kids in it did they realize the 'plain clothes police officers' were actually criminals.

One northerner selling sweets at a kiosk nearby who gave his name as Mallam Audu, blamed the police openly for the smooth success of the kidnapping. According to him, if the police hadn’t been in the habit of mounting illegal roadblocks in the area, people would have spotted the criminals quickly enough, even the victim never would have stopped.

"The police, they come here every day in the evening to set up roadblocks and collect money from everybody. They do this always mainly at Abule bus stop. We all saw them this morning with their car and guns, we thought it was police and stayed well away." said another man who didn't want his name in print.

This is not the first time that reports of criminals mounting roadblocks like police illegally do to carry out their operations have come to light. In fact, within this area alone, there have been dozens of such incidents, particularly at the Alaba International market area where both the police and criminals take turns at the roadblocks once the market closes in the evening and darkness falls.

Having seen things first hand myself, I wonder who is is the real criminal. Indeed, the things overfed policemen with huge potbellies are doing along that Alaba International road both in the day and mostly at night is both a disgrace to the Nigerian police force.

The skill and swiftness employed by the kidnappers in carrying out this particular operation is a clear indication of the existence of another kidnap mastermind with a lot of resources and power…. just like Mr. Chukwudi…. a man with lots of brains, experience, hard men to do his bidding, weapons and extensive information-gathering ability.

So the question now is: is there really a new kidnap kingpin in Lagos? 

I think the answer to that is, yes! And if this Kingpin is not a billionaire yet, he will be soon because he is just too good.

One thing is for sure, though, with all the hardship and poverty in the country and the Nigerian President chilling at an unknown hospital in London, refusing to give up power to those who can bring things under control when he can't, a lot of jobless youths are about to go into the business of the ‘Billionaire Kidnap Kingpin”.

May God help Nigeria because politicians won't.

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