Another Badoo Cult member is caught and murdered by a mob.

A member of the dreaded cult group Badoo met his Waterloo yesterday in Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

This happened at the Ogijo, Igbo-Oluwo area of Ikorodu, just before midnight and the uproar reached into the early hours of this morning as the Badoo member was lynched to death by an angry mob of residents.

According to reports, a band of the dreaded Badoo group invaded the Igbo-Oluwo area of Ikorodu just before midnight. The gang came stealthily and tried to break into some houses but some houses in the area but some vigilant residents still out at that hour notice4 the unusual movement and raised an alarm which brought out other residents quickly.

It is said that the Badoo members, on seeing the sudden appearance of a mob of angry residents, attempted to escape in their van, shooting spontaneously into the air.

All the members of the notorious gang made it into the van which sped away from the scene except one who the mob caught and wasted no time in dishing out jungle justice to.

The residents of the area say the Badoo suspects were apprehended by fearless young men around midnight, Friday, attempting to break into an apartment located close to a filling station.

Reports have it that the mob raided the filling station for flammable liquid which they pour over the victim and set him ablaze.  

Lagos is the largest and most populous city in Africa and the fourth largest in the world, right after New York, London and Bombay. But unlike the others, the police is Lagos state is not only undermanned but also underequipped and ill-trained, and so cannot handle the challenges of crime fighting in such a large theater. But then there is the corruption and sheer incompetence right in the police force itself and the whole situation is made worse by the terrible economic woes the nation is undergoing at the moment.

Several regions of the city where crime is notoriously high, have been declared red zones by the city's police, a no-go area, and one of such is the Ikorodu area.

In the last two years alone, two terror cult/groups have arisen in Ikorodu. The previous one were some militants who dug-in in the creeks, terrorizing the people until the military was forced to go in, the airforce bombarding the area.for two days before the army moved into the creeks to mop up the leftovers.

Since this year, it has been the story of a new terror group calling themselves 'Badoo'. They kill and rob houses at will.

Recently, traditional rulers in the area have solicited the aid of witch doctors in the matter and urged residents to defend themselves. Since then, several of the cult members have been caught and killed on the spot, none have been handed over to the police

Nigeria is ranked among one of the most insecure nations on earth and Lagos state is one of the worst hit.

As one Facebook user put it, residents of Ikorodu area of Lagos state sleep with one eye open and both ears corked for any unusual sound in the night.

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