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As the saying goes, no secret is ever well hidden under the sun and this holds very true for American Electronic and software manufacturing giants, Apple Incorporated.

According to certain leaks which have surfaced online, Apple seem to have encountered big problems in the production of their brand-new flagship, the iPhone 8.

The global handset makers who are expected to officially unveiled the iPhone 8 this September, may not be doing so after all.


Are you one of those iPhone lovers who were hoping to be among the first to buy and enjoy this phones' awesome features? Perhaps you might have to wait a  long while.

An online leak which came from keen Industry watchers claims that the iPhone 8 will most likely go on sale much later than predicted.

Officially, he predicted date for the release of the new Apple iPhone model is at the end of September, which is just two weeks after the firm does the big launch event sure to be watched by millions.

It is believed that expected updates for the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 iPhones will be available before the month of October, but these industry watchers believe that the iPhone 8 itself may not be available until mid-November.

Why The Expected Delay?

According to the leak, Apple is reportedly encountering big problems implementing its newly proposed wireless charging technology on the new iPhone 8. Interestingly, other Android smartphone makers such as Samsung had no problem with this issue and so the Samsung Galaxy S8 is already a wireless charger.

The original idea was that the new iPhone 8 would be charged by simply dropping the device onto a charging stand or rather a charging plate and the charging would start up….  that’s it! There was to be no wire connections to the phone like conventional phones require when charging.

Smart and exciting idea but, apparently a near impossibility.

It now looks like Apple will not have this wonderful feature ready and installed when the iPhone 8 gets launched. This means that you’ll still need the old-fashioned adapter and cable to get cracking.

Reports from these industry watchers have it that the main issue at the crux of the matter is that Apple will need to update its iOS before its idea of a wireless charging system will function.

Apple is said to be encountering problems in the replacement of the fingerprint sensor which is on the 10th-anniversary device (handset).

While owners of the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will continue to make use of the Touch ID in unlocking their handsets, authorize card payments via Apple Pay, and confirm their identity in the Apple App Store and operate popular banking apps, the new flagship, the iPhone 8 will be drooping that Touch ID and in its place, use Apple’s all new facial recognition system which is patented.

There’s even a possibility that Apple will launch this iPhone 8 with this new facial recognition camera in place in the hardware but switched off as Apple will push to meet its release date for the phone then make updates to the software later.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Apple has released an iPhone with new technology and features that aren't quite working … or ready as they put it.

Last year, after much hype, Apple launched the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera which was touted to come with the nifty ‘bokeh’ effect for odd and out of focus backgrounds in photographs. However, when the phone went on sale, this nifty feature wasn’t working and it wasn’t until a full six weeks after that customers could get the feature.

At its release later this year, the iPhone 8 will become the most advanced iPhone. However, it is interesting to note that many of the ‘unique’ feature that Apple is having big problems with already exist on various Android-powered smartphones. 

The facial recognition being hyped by Apple, for instance, is already present on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the dual camera is to be found on the OnePlus 5.

To the loyal uses of Apple devices, these issues may be overlooked but to neutral observers, the question is, why all the problems?

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