Watch an elephant attack a police car. Check out why.

Beryl Venter, 61, a visitor to one of South African’s major national parks got the ‘wow’ sighting of his life when an enraged bull elephant went into attack mode on a police car.

Venter was sharp enough to capture the whole scene in a thrilling video and share it on YouTube, yesterday, with the help of a friend who uploaded the footage directly.

From the look of things in the video, the elephant is definitely a bull and it was attacked by a pack of rampaging wild dogs numbering nearly two dozen. The dogs were all over the place and as they attacked the elephant, it turned on them and chased them off.

However, in the process of doing this ‘chasing away,’ the enraged bull elephant burst onto a road from the bush where it was, saw a police car there and charged it to attack.

The police car, apparently with an animal experience driver at the wheels, quickly reversed from the attacking mountain of death and then sounded its horn repeatedly.

The loud sound of the horn stopped the elephant.

The incident took place in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

According to Venter, he was among a tour group that had just been through a very disappointing five-day hunting holiday at the Letaba Rest Camp deep in the park. They were frustrated, his group, and were not hoping to see much by way of spectacular animal life when the incident took place.

Venter’s tour bus just a few yards behind the police care and he feels the whole incident could have turned out very differently if the police care hadn’t sounded its loud horn to deter the elephant and it kept on running towards them the way it was.

A Quick Lesson

Not many know it, but even the most dangerous animals on earth, the ones that attack and kill on sight, are actually afraid of man.

Do not turn you back on them and run away in fear. Do not even look afraid when they want to attack you, most of these animals can literally smell your fear and that’s the very smell they perceive in a prey.

If you must retreat, like with an attack dog, do it slowly and not quickly. But above all else, do not allow the sound of the animal’s attack cry be louder than yours.

Make the loudest noise you can or raise your voice in anger and they will run.

Watch the video and learn.

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