How a man was caught feeding women alive to his pet Python Snake

Image making the rounds on Facebook
A white man has been arrested by the Zambian police force for the hideous crime of feeding Women to his pet python snake.

This story was first shared on Facebook yesterday, Thursday, presumably, by a Zambian indigene using the caption...'share and let the world know how deadly white men are'.

In that time, the story has been re-shared several times though it's technically yet to go viral.

As novice publishers go, the person who uploaded the story did not give much by way of details but from what information he did provide and that which I could up, this white man, pictured in handcuffs above, lives in a posh apartment in an exclusive district of Zambia’s capital city of Lusaka.

He is single and lives alone. He is a man who was fond of picking up street prostitutes and bringing them back to his apartment. However, the curious thing about this habit was that his the neighbors kept seeing the girls go in the apartment but no one ever saw them come back out again.

In addition to this, strange noises are often heard within the apartment even when this man was out yet no one lived in there besides him.

This ‘coming’ and no ‘going’ of so many nice young girls soon led to complaints to the police by watchful neighbors.

Like most large African cities, Lusaka has its own share of ladies of the night going missing, but the numbers are rather high there and so the police wasted little time in moving in to investigate the matter.

After the investigations, the police finally swooped on the apartment yesterday for a search and discovered a huge fat man-sized python in a room and from the look of things, it had been feeding regularly on 'women'.

The man was promptly arrested and taken away.

The Feeding Pattern Of A Python

A python, like all huge snakes is a terrible and enormous feeder. It can eat anything, even animals several times bigger than itself. 

Technically, the snake does not eat, though, it swallows its prey whole and then lies still for a long time until its digestives system digests all of it food and then it is hungry again.

The natural prey of the python are lesser animals like goats, sheep, antelopes, monkeys and every other such animal but it has no objection to attacking and swallowing human beings when the opportunity arise.

The big snake silently attacks its victims, curls itself several times around them and squeezes them to death. After that comes the slow swallowing.

The man had been feeding the girls to his deadly pet python and so there was the problem of dead bodies to be disposed of. It is most likely that he fed the snake the women alive. Pythons are not scavengers and so won't eat dead things. Tjey must kill their food.

Like Brazil become the hideout of Nazi war criminals trying to escape justice at the end of the second world war, Africa'sthird world countries have become the hideout of European and American criminals looking to escape the long arm of the law in their homelands.

Just recently, the CNN claimed it has gotten information that .a wanted US criminal and white supremacist leader, is hiding out in Lagos, capital of Nigeria.

It wouldn't be surprising to find out that the arrested man here is actually a wanted criminal somewhere in America or Europe. 

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