Your weekly sports update. Chelsea fans will be glad as well as United fans

The pre-season is almost closed now as the leagues are set to re-open all over Europe. However, the transfer market is still open and the big clubs spending rate are crazier than ever. Here we bring you info on just two of the clubs, Manchester United and Chelsea. 

The latest news, transfers and all the going ons in the two topmost clubs of the English Premier League.

Jose Mourinho’s Classy Replies To Antonio Conte

Chelsea Manager, Antonio has warned Chelsea stars publicly to beware of a repeat of the Jose Mourinho final season at Stamford Bridge.

The Italian who guided the Blues to a comfortable premier league crown last season now admits that he is a bit worried of the Mourinho curse but is determined to build on the success of last season rather than see the team implode.

In like fashion to what Conte has done at Chelsea, Jose Mourinho won the EPL title at Stamford Bridge in 2015 but, unfortunately, he was sacked just nine months after that with the Blues dropping way down into the bottom-half of the EPL table, finishing in the 10th position.

Speaking to British Journalists over the weekend, the Chelsea feels that the Blues need more players to be able to stand up to the likes of Manchester United and City who have been in a spending frenzy throughout this transfer window.

The Blues boss feels that the money from Metric’s sale to United should be used to get him the last three players he really needs.
Jose Mourinho didn’t look at all pleased with Conte’s comments but declined to respond in kind.
‘I could answer in many different ways but I’m not willing to lose my hair to speak about Antonio Conte.’
--extract from UK Metro

The Matric Connection and Breakthrough.

One of the reasons why Mourinho was close mouthed this morning seen above... was that both Chelsea and Man United were at the bargaining table, a rare thing, and the subject of the meeting was Nemanja Matric.

The big Serbian underwent a medical yesterday over at Manchester United's grounds and then images of him in the club's workout jersey with the number 31 emerged online  But first, before he could become a complete Manchester United player, a deal had to be reached with Chelsea.  The two clubs have been trying to reach an agreement over a fee for the powerful midfielder but such was not possible all weekend.

However, things have changed now.

As of one hour ago an agreement of 40 million pounds was reached for the big Serbian to move from the Blues to the Red Devils. Metric has now signed a three-year contract with Manchester United and Jose Mourinho has already labeled him a 'Mourinho player.

The big Serb has a wealth of attacking experience that has sports pundits feeling Manchester United have gotten the better of Chelsea.

Matric provided more assists for Chelsea last season than the entire Manunted attack and midfield.  
Chelsea initially demanded a whopping fifty million pounds for the player but Manchester United is beat that price down to  40 million. I guess fact that Metric turns 29 tomorrow has a lot to do with it. 

Manchester United have already signed Lindelof and Luckaku. This signing of Metric addresses a defensive midfield issue that has bothered Moriho for quite a while as he searched for the perfect partner for Paul Progba.

With Metric now in the bag, the next problem will be a winner and Mourinho has one already picked. However, he will face formidable opponents in Chelsea who are also interested in the player. 

Antonio Conte's Demands

Antonio Conte want’s the club to spend the proceeds from the sale of Nemanja Metric on three new key players namely… Alex Sandro, Oxlade Chamberlain, and teenage midfield sensation, Renato Senches, Bayem Munich are reluctant to sell but ready to allow go out on loan.

Juventus is playing hard to get with Chelsea's interest in their Brazilian superstar left-back, Sandro has had his price tag increased from 50 million pounds to 60 million pounds. Chelsea looks set to go else where but time will tell. 

Oxlade Chamberlain has still refused to sign another deal with the Gunner but the Gunners are not willing to let him go cheaply. 

This week will indeed tell us a lot.

Costa To Milan

AC Milan has gone into talks with Chelsea over Diego Costa who is valued at 44 million pounds and with new cash from Matric’s sale, Chelsea will be well placed to go shopping again.

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