How a man ran off with his father's wife

A Zimbabwean man of Gokwe origin, Motion Nyonii, aged 24, has reportedly taken off with his father’s new wife.

This situation is one of those things that makes one think of the world as a very small place. Some would even interpret this as love being a respecter of no boundaries.

For the people involved here, however, the situation is best described as very complex and utterly embarrassing.

The young Zimbabwean man, Motion Nyonii, who is said to be based in South Africa where he met a nice lady who he discovered was not only a Zimbabwean too but actualy a relative of his on his mother’s side.

The relationship between the couple developed to the point where it became a question of marriage and that’s when the trouble started.

Motion Nyonii took his woman, Locadia Tshuma, to his hometown (village) in Zimbabwe to meet his father Marandu Nyoni, so that arrangements would be made for their traditional marriage in which he would be required to pay her bride price in other to make her his.

Unfortunately, for the couple, they were informed that Motion’s father was actually the woman’s betrothed (or promised husband as some might call it).

The shocked couple learned that Motion’s mother who died four years ago left a will giving her husband full permission to remarry at an appropriate time but she bade him marry a particular bride. The bride she chose for him was none other than her niece who was then a very young girl unready for marriage.

Marandu Nyonii, Motion's father, spent years patiently waiting for that young girl to grow up into a woman of marriageable age. She soon moved to South Africa to school only for his son to bring her home and introduce her as his intended wife.

And so by the will of Motion’s mother, his new fiancé, Locadia Tshuma, was actually his father’s “inherited wife” and tradition upheld this,

That tradition required that Motion let go of his fiancée for his old man, but the 24-year-old would have none of that.

His troubled father, Marandu, went off and reportedly the matter to the Chief of the village, Chief Njelele, whose court serves as both a traditional and legal court.

The entire matter stalled even before the traditional court could look into it because Motion and his fiancée up and vanished back to their base in South Africa.

Marandu Nyoni is very displeased. He feels that his son’s decision to flee with the woman was a bad one, insisting that the matter was one that should have been settled man to man.

Even so, the old man claims to be an ardent traditionalist and feels it wrong for him to deviate from his late wife’s wishes. It is definitely his right to have the woman back.

But does he blame his son for picking on his inheritance? No, Marandu Nyoni does not. In fact, he feels that the issue is no one’s fault but that of a small world.

All he wants right now is for his son to return his wife and that would be that.

According to those in the know, the woman in the center of this dispute between father and son, Locadia Tshuma, has grown into a proper beauty, hence neither the father nor the son is willing to let go. 

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