watch a king cures and banish powerful high chief

Ever seen a man banished from a kingdom in modern times?

Two days ago, the king of the ancient kingdom of Benin in Nigeria placed a  curse on a high-ranking chief and then banishes from the kingdom, labeling him an enemy of the state and ordering the entire Edo State not to have anything to do with him

The victim, Chief Dr. Ogiugo, was humiliated by other chiefs and literally thrown out on the streets. His crime appears to be that he didn't pay proper homage to the OBA.

The chief is to live separately from everyone in the kingdom and none must have anything to do with him anymore.

The Benin Kingdom in Nigeria covers a huge part of Edo state in Nigeria. In fact, it is the state capital. In ancient times, it was the OBA of the mighty and powerful Benin Kingdom was the one king that defied the mighty British empire that colonized Nigeria for nearly 100 years.

The mighty Benin throne is the sole inheritance of the first sons of the royal family. An Oba can marry up to 10 wives and have even a hundred children in his time.

The newest OBA ascended the throne after the death of his father just months ago and since then has done so many things that has left people wondering if the monarch actually realizes that this is the twentieth century and he is no God.

Banishing a man from is just the latest on a long list of actions take by the new OBA. Before that, he forbade any from taking place in the Kingdom in the first six months of his reign as OBA. A family in eastern Benin who were conducting the burial of the father that very day, had the corpse ceased.

However, the new OBA is not the first to commit this act. One of his ancestors did it to a whole tribe.

A hundred years ago, the Uneme people of Ancient Benin where the gunsmiths that supplied the kingdom with its weapons. But it came to be that they also did business with some enemies of Benin Kingdom and so were cursed and banished by the OBA.

 Even till this very touchy these outcasts of the Benin kingdom cannot intermarry or interact freely with people of the rest of Edo State.

Ironically, Uneme people have the most beautiful women in Edo state. 
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