Video, Black magic and Voodoo has bees eating a man alive.

Voodoo or Black magic, as it is called by so many, is a devilish phenomenon that is feared by billions of people in Africa and doubted by millions in advanced lands. Nonetheless, it does exist, how else can a man's entire arm be covered by bees that seem satisfied to just keep sting him night and day!

Indeed, these particular bees don't seem interested in making honey at this point in time nor do they seem interested in stinging other people as long as they do not interfere with their feasting on this man's arm.
The video above, which shows a man in pain as countless numbers of bees eat away at his arm, was uploaded to YouTube just hours ago. with the short description saying that the victim stole the car of someone who employed some sort of Voodoo black magic to hit him with this incredible ailment of being eaten alive by bees.

The victim's wife and brother are interviewed in the video and, keeping their distance from the victim, give accounts of what the strange ailment is doing to their loved one.

After viewing the video myself, I turned the situation over and over in my mind wondering how something like this could have come to be, whether it's truly happening or just a fake stunt. I'm sorry to say I could make up my mind but one thing is for sure, this phenomenon is almost impossible to fake.

It is not clear as to what country the victim resides or his locality but what is clear is that this is a man in a third world African country where there is no solution for his pain and strang problem.

Watch the video and make up your mind for yourself. if you dare.
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