watch super funny video of pastor challenging God to boiling water bath

Yesterday was Sunday, a day to worship God and do his bidding but to a pastor in Nigeria, it was a very special day.

This was the day a well-respected man of God Pastor Okon (not real name), would put God to the test before his flock.

The point to prove? Well, not a miracle to the glory of God but one to the man's glory.

This man wanted to show people that God so loved and protected him that not even boiling water could hurt him.

And so, it was that this self-righteous man of God put God to the test with hot water. But God was apparently not interested in the challenge and so the Pastor got the hottest baptism of his life.

In the video, the man of God, dressed only in a towel is seated on a chair, offering prayers to God with many of his flock filming what was about happen

Two men stood behind him with a big bucket of the water. After the last prayer, the pastor gives his nod for the two men to pour the boiling water over him.!

Our good pastor literally runs mad with pain...😃😃😂

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