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WWE went on the show for last night's episode of RAE in the Manchester Arena over in Manchester City, in winter covered England. 

The show it's going to be on taped delay but who cares. Here are the spoilers and winners for the show.

WWE main event | First match: Mart Hardy defeated Curt Hawkins. 

WWE main event | Second match: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeated Ryhino and Heath Slater.

RAW finally gets in gear with the Miz TV. and the guest of honor is none other than Kurt Angle, the GM of RAW himself. But first, the Miz has to run his mouth by way of a promo of sorts and this sees the English crowd chanting 'who's the daddy'. I guess the crowd is trying to get The Miz worked about his pregnant wife, Maryse, but in this, they failed, as the Miz, insensitive as ever, shuts them up and announces the guest of honor.... Kurt Angles. The Miz runs his mouth all over the place, blaming Angles for Braun Strowman 'brutally' attacking him last week, its all Angle's fault.

Angle finally tells him to shut up and then announces that he's booked in a match for the night with the very same Braun Storwman. The Miz is livid.

And so we've got The Miz vs Strowman all set now.

WWE Main Event | Gittar on a pole match: Elias vs Jason Jordan

Elias comes out first to entertain the crowd with his normal bad concert guitar music but Jason interrupts and the bell goes for the match to start. The match goes on until Jason hits Elias with the guitar to pick the winner. Seems like Elias will never be able to defeat Kurt Angle's son.

WWE Main Event | Samoa Joe vs Titus O' Neil .... the match never began because Samoa Joe jumped Titus worldwide from behind as he came out and beat the life out of him.

WWE adjusts the match | Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor

All hell breaks loose and the ring can't contain these two old enemies.It ends in a double count out as the two brawl outside the ring. Kurt Angle comes out and announces that both Samoa Joe and Balor are part of his Raw Team in Survivor Series.

We go backstage and it the women's turn to give us a show. Baylay and Shasha Banks are talking but its Asuka that gets added to the Raw Women's team for Survivor series. Looks like Banks and her pal have to fight for their spot.

WWE Women's main event | Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Alice Fox and Nia Jax. 

Once the bell sounded, the women brawl endlessly and then the match ends with Sasha Banks locking in the Banks statement on Alice Fox who taps out in a mighty hurry. Alice later announces the addition of Banks and Bayley to the Raw Women's Team for Survivor series.

WWE Main Event | Braun Strowman vs The Miz. 

Kane's noise hits even before the match gets well underway and Demon Kane comes out. Strowman waits till Kane gets in the ring and the two giants exchange blows. The referee throws out the match and Strowman win by disqualification. Strowman knocks Kane out of the ring and the two stare at one another with pure hatred. Strowman turns on The Miz and beats the life out of him.

Enzo Amore comes out on stage with his usual craziness about him. He cuts a promo but the crowd chant 'boring' and 'we want Neville' at him. They get Pete Dunn instead who challenges Enzo to a match. Enzo accepts and gets defeated for his troubles.

WWE Main Event | Tag Team Championship bout | The Shield vs The Bar

Tag team champions, Rollings and Ambrose are still without the big dog, Roman Reigns. All hell breaks loose as they go head to head with Cersaro and Sheamus. The New Day interrupts the match to come out and cut a promo and this distracts Rollins and Ambrose well enough for the Bar to pick the win and become the new RAW Tag team champions.

That's about it folks, look out for more later.

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