how actors and actress protect themselves in sex scenes

The Genital Guard is something most people have never heard of and certainly, we do not know that this little gadget is the secret behind the 'decency' of those sex scenes we see on TV shows and Movies.

Like millions of people around the world, I have always wondered how realistic these sex senses we TV shows and Movies get. I mean, take a look at a top movie series hit like The Game of Thrones and you realize that one of the things that makes a hit all over the world is not just all that magic, dragon and fantasy but the sex! Seemingly raw. 

It's not just The Game of Thrones, though, there are hundreds of millions of movies like it. Come to think of it, no movie is complete today without a good sex scene.

Considering that the actors and actress in these sex scenes are seen as reputable people of society, one wonders how it is they really did not do what we clearly saw them doing in the movies.

The answer? The Genital Guard!

The dental guard in position

We all know top Hollywood actor James Franco and his numerous sex scenes

The Truth About Sex Scenes 

In truth sex scenes in movies need to look very believable for that movie to be considered anywhere near a success. And yet the actor and actress playing the roles in the sex scenes are not really having real sex. 

The genital guard comes in here. But, what is this gadget and how does one work for these actors and actresses? A genital guard is a gadget that is used when sex is being simulated in a movie or on TV. 

For female actresses, the genital guard is something like a plastic gadget that is a shoehorn in shape. It is attached onto the woman's groin with a latex glue to firmly protect that area when the movie is being filmed. 

The male version of the genital guard is more like a sock and has a drawstring to keep it fixed in place over the male organ. 

You can trust Hollywood to go through great lengths to design this gadget to be as invisible as possible in order to present the impression of real nudity and the sex scenes between the actors and actresses. Most often than not, they accomplish this by making genital guards from flesh colored underwear or fabric, and the way gadgets look depends on the manner of scene being filmed and the degree of nudity.

So next time that you see one of this actors or actresses who has been in sex senses in movies step up to win an award, or take the ex-governor of Califonia, for example, good old Arnold Swaznigger, do not look down your nose at them. They didn't do it!

Ever Hear Of The Genital Guard And How Actors And Actress Use It In Movies?
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