American musician and actor, you all know him, Jamie Foxx, did a very strange thing two nights ago, Thursday night and he did it, as usual, with a strange luxury SUV.

According to reports, Jamie Foxx pulled up in front of a Hollywood nightclub in a Luxury SUV that looked like a cross between a buffalo and a fat ugly elephant...sorry, a Toyota jeep and a modern battle tank, I meant to say!

I've seen many Luxury SUVs in my time but nothing like this one. The thing did not look like it belonged on the well-paved streets of Califonia at all but was more fitting to the swampy Jungles roads of the Amazon Rainforest in South America or even places like Africa where the roads are death traps.

The Luxury SUV is a Tank!

This Luxury SUV may lack beauty but the build, the tires, and clearance level from the ground! I would very much love to see what this vehicle can do on a rough mountain terrain in Africa or in the swamps of the Amazon rainforest!

What a sight that would be!

Luxury SUV American Actor Jamie Foxx Is Driving This Week Is A Tank

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