The lavish party of billionaires. Check it out. They came together form all over the world.

World's richest man, Bill Gates, arrived Nigeria earlier this week and took a tour of the country as he got ready to attend the wedding party of the daughter of Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote. 

Bill Gates is currently worth 82.2 billion according to world financial ranking while Aliko Dangote is worth $12.2 billion. Between them, they pulled in an attendance of Billionaires most of whom could single-handedly pay off the depts of some countries in the world. So you gues is good as mine as to how the wedding went in Lagos just hours ago this Saturday, 25th March 2018.

Oh, wait! It was not all that boring for Bill Gates though, he'd earlier had a run in with the Nigerian President who received him in an official capacity at the presidential villa just days before. In his speech during the visit, Bill Gates publicly declared President Buhari's economic policy inept, and not reflecting the needs of Nigerians, something a lot of knowledgeable Nigerians as well as the poor masses have been clamoring about for the past 2 years.

Many supporters of the president voiced their objection and the presidency even released a press statement saying the Billionaire was wrong. When a billionaire comes into the home of a poor man, takes a good look around and tell him that the way he is approaching his money matters is wrong and the poor man says no, the Billionaire is wrong instead, then you have a man determined to be poor. Or rather a country bent on favoring only a few individuals.

Oh, did I mention people now commit suicide in Nigeria regularly over the economic hardship? The jump off bridges in droves! when they can get to a bridge, they just hang themselves from the nearest tree and the presidency thinks Bill Gates is wrong!

Anyway, the wedding took place today amid one of the heaviest securities I have ever seen in a while here in Logos. That's another thing Nigeria really good at; its security forces are for protecting the rich. You can find a rich with 8 policemen to guard him but when Fulani Herdsmen invade a village in broad daylight and slaughter everyone, women and children included, like has happened severally in Benue states, there won't be a cop in a hundred miles.

Anyway, the party went on today and when it came time for the guest to present the bride gifts, guess what happened?

They all gave the bride nice gifts alright, but the thing is, these men got expensive gold Rolex wristwatches in return as souvenirs.

Well, as they say, the world is really for the rich!

Good economic policy or not, when the rich enjoy themselves, the poor won't even get crumbs form their tables.

These men could certainly do without another new gold watch to add to their collections. All this money could have changed the lives of a thousand poor people!

Life is indeed unfair.


World Richest Man, Bill Gates, and Other Billionaires, Attends Lavish Wedding of Daughter Of Africa's Richest Man

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