In this article, we teach you the simplest way to access the best free online calculator

Have you ever found yourself in a spot where you need a calculator urgently but all you have on you is a phone? This begs the question of a good online calculator and this is what we will be talking about here.

The Google calculator is a relatively recent innovation from the internet giants Google and it solves a whole lot of problems for people in need of an online calculator, that's if you even know its there.

The problem with Google products is that there is really no place for announcing new innovation and so most of them are actually up and running for years before any of us get wind of it.

Google is currently doing a critical overhaul of most of its products and areas have already seen significant upgrades without any publicity on them whatever.. The Google Calculator is one of such products and it currently ranks as the best free online calculator.

How To Access And Use The Quick Access Google Calculator | Best Free Online Calculator

Access and use of the Google calculator is quite simple. I could give you a link here, but I'm sure what you want is to get to access the online calculator freely at all times instead of coming back here for the link at all time so here it is.

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your phone or computer. Note: if you are using any other browser then you need to go to the Google search homepage.
  2. Type in 2 + 2 to trigger the search for the calculator. You can replace the 2 with any other number you wish. 
  3. Allow the page load completely

Once the page gets properly loaded on your device, you'll see your free online calculator ready for use. 

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How To Use The Quick Access Google Calculator | Best Free Online Calculator

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