A British hot tub company has gone to 'jobsearch' mode by making it possible for people to apply to become its ‘hot tubologist’.

The firm, Lay-Z-Spa wish to hire a tester for ‘the country's bestselling hot tub’, one to eventually become the star of the firm's social media channels.

Since online exposure doesn't pay the bills, you also get a £500 payoff form the firm as well as your very own Lay-Z-Spa Miami hot tub, and other accessories.

British Firm Offers £500 to test hot tubs -- Jobsearch

Now the question is, what is a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub? What we got here is the first premium inflatable hot tub ever to be produced in the world. Basically, you can inflate, then deflate and pack away the hot tube when done with it or when you don’t want a hot tub taking up so much space on your tiny balcony.

Better still, you can take to the beach.

The role of testing this tub will make your house a prime social destination for a couple of months.

You’ll take over the brand’s Instagram and Facebook, telling people nice things about the hot tub regardless of if you thought it was crap.

British Firm Offers £500 to test hot tubs -- Jobsearch

To apply for the job is where thing get a bit weird. You've got to be really good looking then submit a 30-second video of your good looking self as an application, telling why you’d make the best of the best hot tubologist, you know the drill at job applications.

The videos must be posted to Lay-Z-Spa’s official Facebook page, or on Instagram and then tagging the @layzspaofficial handle to kick things off. Basically, you get judged by everybody and their brother even before you get the job!

Applicants must be 18 years or over and residents of the United Kingdom. You have all June to make up your mind if you wanna go swimming on Instagram and Facebooks half naked so think carefully now.

Done thinking? Well you can apply here... https://www.lay-z-spa.co.uk/ultimate-summer-job

British Firm Offers £500 to test hot tubs -- Jobsearch
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