This blog, King Eze's Blog was initially started as a news/lifestyle blog but is now reversed mainly for the publication of the author's books and writing skills

The author is the founder of BlueGold books, a brand under which a group of other authors from different countries publish their books in the different genre.

Currently, we publish articles that promote or add value to our books.

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If you are a fan of King Eze's novels, nowhere else will you find more of them for free than here on his blog.

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About Me

Born October 21, 1979, I am Eze King Eke, a Nigerian by nationality, male, but unfortunately, single at the moment - I hope not for long!

My chosen career, hobby, and delight is writing -- writing thrilling and captivating stories based on actual historical facts or real-life events. Due to my understanding of supernatural things, and a love for adventure, most of my works lean in these directions.

My genre of expertise is fiction which covers, Action & Adventure, Historic fiction, Military & War, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Supernatural. I always throw in lots of romance into all my works

I began my novel writing journey in 2016 by writing stories about things and events within my region, Africa. But my confidence has grown since and with a slowly expanding American and European fan base, my new aim is to give seasoned American author a run for their money.

The books of American authors Stephen King and James Hardly Chase had a lot to do with shaping my writing style since they were my best authors going up and I read most of their works.

Today, my novels can be found on all major platforms in the world, Amazon, D2D etc.

I live in a quiet corner of the city of Lagos state, Nigeria and it's from there these stories actually come.

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BlueGold Books

BlueGold Books was established in February 2018 as a brand under which authors from different lands and clime may publish their works on online bookstores. Most of these authors are actually intellectuals in different academic fields who just do part-time writing, urged on or helped by me. You will even find most of them dropping articles on this blog.

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