Top 10 Countries of The World That Hate Visitors and Tourists – Particularly Americans

It's A Death Sentence To Be An American in these Nations


That tourism is an economic gold mine when handled correctly is in no doubt in today’s world that overflows with people. But did you know that there are some countries of the world that hate visitors and tourists?

Indeed, while most countries around the globe welcome visitors with open arms, there are several other countries that feel they are better without masses of visitors crawling up and down in them.

Below are the top 10 countries of the world that have closed their doors, in one way or another, to visitors from the rest of the world, particularly Americans, Canadian, and Britons.


Top 10 Countries of The World That Hate Visitors and Tourists – Particularly Americans

Based on logistics, below are the top 10 counties of the world that hate visitor and tourists.

1) Saudi Arabia

This country, Saudi Arabia, is the headquarters of the Islamic religion and it is a capital crime to travel through it with a Bible. Women don’t even have much by way of rights here. By law, all visitors must be sponsored by a legal Saudi resident or citizen. Even so, if you are not Muslim, there’s no guarantee that you will be awarded a visa. Interestingly, this country, which is one of the richest in the world, also has the best jails where inmates live better than most people with mid-range luxury apartments in New York.


2) Iran 

There is no such thing as an American Embassy in Iran, thanks to the 1979 Iran hostage situation. American looking to secure an Iranian visa must go through the Pakistani embassy in Washington, D.C., but even then, they will need to show that they are traveling with a tour group. For Christians in general Iran is an impossible country to move around in. It is a heavily Muslim nation with a bitter hatred towards all that is America.


3) North Korea 

North Korea does not tolerate visitors and requires all tourists to book a full tour package before visiting. While in the country, you’ll be required to stick with your government approved guides the whole time. This is another country that hates America so much it does even bother to establish a North Korean embassy in the U.S. To get a visa, Americans tourists must travel to China.

Top 10 Countries of The World That Hate Visitors and Tourists – Particularly Americans


4) Syria 

Syria is in the middle of a complicated civil war, but if that doesn’t dissuade you, the country’s nearly impossible-to-get visa surely will. Becuase each visa has to be approved through a very complex process that involves both the civilian and military aspects of the government, potential visitors face an indefinite waiting period to get approved but most often than not, they are declined.


5) Cuba

Even with the death of Fidel Cristo, Cuba has not loosened up from its communist rigidity. Though the relationship between the United States and Cuba is relaxing slightly, the current travel regulations have not. And it is not just with the U.S. Cuba is one lovely nation where people cannot just board a flight to. Unless it is an official visit, getting a visa to Cuba is almost impossible.


6) Somalia 

Somalia is home to some of the most beautiful women Africa has to offer but unfortunately, the men are vile. This country has been in civil war forever and its territorial waters are home to swarms of pirates that sail forth to roam the seas within the region. This is a natural kidnap zone for all American and Britons. Even if you manage to get past all the terrorists and pirates into government-held territory, you can’t get in without a sponsor and a legal invitation to visit the country.


7) Angola

Angola is the most ridiculously expensive country to live and its visa requirement are unreasonable. You need to get plane tickets and hotel accommodations first, then pay a ridiculous invitation and visa application fees, none of which comes cheap.


Top 10 Countries of The World That Hate Visitors and Tourists – Particularly Americans


8) The Central African Republic

This is one of the most backward nations in Africa. As of 2014, the Central African Republic had no Embassy in the US, Canada, and Britain, and all visitors from this countries must apply through the French Embassy. Apart from the fact that The Central African Republic has just one open border on the Chad-CAR axis, this is one country that doesn’t want to see any American citizen.


9) Libya

Lybia and the United States. have been at each other’s throats for most of the 21st century, and, the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli closed in 2014. Without a valid visa, Americans have almost no way to visit this wartorn country which is a good thing because this is one country where being an American can get you killed. Even other African, particularly black Africans, are not welcome in Libya. The jails are torture camps full of arrested tourists and visitors. You get and the odds are you may never get out alive. Read more about the Libyan slave markets here.


10) Algeria 

The difficulty to get into this strictly Muslim North African country is purely economic in nature. Algeria is far from a wealthy country and so wants visitors to show their ability to pay their way through a trip before they arrive. The first thing to do is book a hotel, then receive a certification of accommodation. Armed with that, you’ll have to communicate with a local travel agency to acquire an invitation. Once done, you apply for the visa. All this takes a very long time, of course, this is why this county is number one on our list. The only other way to get in is to cross the endless Sahara Desert surrounding the country and many have died trying.




Top 10 Countries of The World That Hate Visitors and Tourists – Particularly Americans


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