10 Health Benefits Of Avocados and Its Oil (Full Avocado benefits)

10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits

10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits

One of nature’s healthiest foods is avocados and so this amazing fruit and its oil extract, avocado oil, are are our subjects here.

The weekly consumption of just one avocado fruit can do wonders for your skin, regulate hormone balance and improve circulatory function among many other things. Avocados have earned a reputation as a superfood due to its ability to induce both weight loss and long life, the reason for this being its special Oil, which is 76% of one fruit’s total caloric content.

Avocado Benefits and Avocado Oil Benefits

The wonderful health benefits of eating the rich tasting Avocado pears are outlined below…

1. Rich Source of Omega-9 – Oleic Acid 

Most of the important fatty acids found in avocado oil are a special kind of monounsaturated called oleic acid. This acid is an outstanding omega-9 essential fatty acids that is only to be found richly in olive oil and its known to have so many positive effects in the body from lowering the risk of several cancers to preventing immune diseases, inducing the speed up of wound healing and cell regeneration, enhancing the body’s ability to repel and remove microbial infections. It helps cut down inflammations too, both outside and inside the body.
10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits
Additionally, avocado oil stores up for long periods of time and doesn’t get reeky or rotten like most other oils due to oleic acid’s extreme resistance to oxidation – just like olive oil. Avocado oil is highly stable and this allows it to be used for cooking at very high temperatures (like with deep fry, stir-frying, etc.). it will not be broken down by heating to very high temperatures nor will it lose some of its health benefits (as is the case with other oils).

2. Good For Heart Healthy

Avocado oil is very rich in Beta-sitosterol,  a kind of healthy cholesterol which the body can use to transform unhealthy fats, which cause heart diseases, into less damaging and more usable fats for cells. Avocado oil’s anti-inflammatory properties work to prevent damages to arterial walls and this, in turn, reduces the risk of heart disease brought on by plaque deposits. Besides, less inflammation within the arteries indicates that avocado oil also has the ability to keep blood pressure normal.
10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits

3. Vitamin E Rich

Avocado oil is extremely rich in vitamin E – this is not a common quality as there are only 4 other foods like this in nature. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin which is known for its highly positive impact on skin and eye health, immune system boosting ability, prevention of oxidative damage to cells from the activity of free radicals, improves mental and memory acuteness, boosts digestive functions too.
As with all nutrients, the body absorbs vitamin E a lot more efficiently from foods than pills so go shopping for some organic pressed Avocado oil.!
10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits

4. Enhances Digestive Functions (avocado benefits)

Poor digestion has a whole range of effects on the body, which include passing too much gas, regular stomach bloating, frequent tiredness, recurrent heartburn. Adding avocado oil to your diet will fix this problem. Avocado oils richness in minerals, vitamins, and monounsaturated fatty acids work wonders for the digestive tract, enhancing digestives functions. The relief is gradual. In time you feel better, more energetic, and this actually leads to weight loss, which is our next topic.
10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits

5. Induces Lose Weight

Due to its high concentration of oleic acid, avocado oil can help with weight loss– particularly when teamed up with healthy diets and steady exercise. There more to it, though. Avocado oil’s richness with powerful nutrients give it the ability to make us feel fuller quicker and keeps appetite at satisfactory levels for longer. Furthermore, with improved digestion comes more energy from the other foods eaten with avocado, thanks to its high concentration of vitamins and essential fatty acids, this makes it much easier to indulge in physical activities that normally wouldn’t partake in.
Use Avocado oil for frying or as dressing for salads.
10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits

6. Detoxing The Body (avocado benefits)

Ever noticed the green color of Avocado fruits? That is due to its richness in Chlorophyll, a natural substance that’s rich with magnesium, the very same super healthy mineral that has made Epsom salt famous! This natural mineral is unique and unrivaled in its ability to remove heavy metals – lead and mercury etc., – from vital organs such as the brain, liver, kidneys. How? Every chlorophyll molecule contains a single magnesium ion in its core which gets free one it enters an acidic environment such as the gut of the human body. Once the magnesium is released; the now incomplete chlorophyll molecule attracts other metallic ions into its core to fill the vacuum. When chlorophyll comes into contact with any metallic ion, it binds that ion to itself and this renders the previously harmful or toxic element completely harmless. It is then passed out of the body via the large intestines.
10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits

7. Fortified Skin

The minerals and vitamins laden avocado oil is also wonderful on the outside of the body. Moisturizing the skin regularly with avocado oil boost its ability to generate stronger cells in large numbers, hence you look younger. Three primary skin-feeing nutrients in Avocado oil are responsible for this wonderful job, they are potassium, lecithin and vitamin E; all are readily absorbed through the epidermis – the skin’s outermost layer– and into the dermis where they work to provide energy for the growth and preservation of new skin, even the fortification of already existing cells.
10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits

8. Wonderful Hair Growth (avocado benefits)

The very same nutrients that make avocado oil ideal for feeding and moisturizing the skin also make it exceptionally nourishing for the hair. To reap the benefits, cleanse your hair and apply pure avocado oil to it or mix it in with your favorite hair (and also scalp) friendly essential oils to enhance the structure and appearance of your hair. This will also trigger a faster and healthier growth of new strands.
10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits

9. Lessens Inflammation & Itching

Oleic acid is anti-inflammatory, and so avocado oil, which is rich with it, can be applied to the skin to ease itching or discomfort brought on by all manner of skin infection and conditions, e.g. insect bites and stings, dandruff, keratosis pilaris, cracked heels, sunburn, eczema, and psoriasis, just naming a few.
The thickness of avocado oil ensures it doesn’t soak into the skin as fast as other oils, this makes it good for chronic infections like eczema, a thin coating of this oil has a long-lasting soothing effect.
10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits

Warning! Test for your skin’s reaction to Avocado Oil before use. Rub it on a small patch of skin on your arm and wait a while to see reactions.

10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits

10. Enhances Healing Of Wound (avocado benefits)

With its unique ability to facilitate the growth of healthier and stronger skin, avocado oil speed up the healing of wounds. Clean out the affected area thoroughly and apply a drop or two of Avocado oil. This works for skin damages brought on by scrapes, cuts, blisters, burns, rashes, sunburn, bug bites and stings, and all other kinds of wounds. They often heal without scars.
10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits


For optimal health, you need not just avocado fruits but the oil. Go shopping for 100% pure, Organic Avocado Oil (cold-pressed ) today.

10 Health Benefits Of Avocados Oil benefits Avocado benefits


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