Latest news on Manchester Bombing

Fresh facts have emerged that terror bomber, Salman Abedi, called his mom to ask forgiveness just hours to the attack in the City of Manchester.

It is now clear that Salman Abedi is a Libyan citizen whotraveledd to the British city just four days before launching the horrible attack.

The tabloid, UK Metro, claims that the bomber called his mom in Libya to ‘please, forgive me’ before executing the attack.

Strange that man asks for forgiveness from his mother while claiming to do Gods work against the infidels as the Islamic terrorist doctrine of the Jihad projects.

The new information seems to be coming from the Libyan anti-terror organization which has arrested all members of the suicide bomber’s family including his mother, Samia Tabbal, father, and siblings.

A spokesperson for the Libyan Special Deterrent Force, Mr. Ahmed bin Salem, has indeed admitted to the media that the family is being held and questioned in connection with the terror bombing.

It is claimed that Ms. Tabbal revealed to interrogators that her son left Libya for Britain just 4 days before the horrible attack which killed over a dozen people.

The spokesman added that, following certain comments by the bomber’s younger brother, Husham Abedi, who was arrested alongside his mother, Libyan anti-terror investigators believe that ‘the terror bomber acted alone’.

Mr. Ramadan Abedi, the father of the bomber, was arrested by the Libyan authorities, while one other brother, a Mr. Ismail Abedi, was picked up in Britain.

Some news outlets previously claimed that the bomber called his younger brother back in Libya and told him to have their mother call him back.

The UK Metro now says the bomber called his mother directly before embarking on his terrible crime.

Also coming to light is the fact that that Security services were well aware of Abedi’s risk to the general public. It has been made clear that this bomber was listed by security services as ‘subject to review’ a long time before he staged the attack. So the question is, why the delay in ‘review’?

The bomber’s elder sister in Libya claims that her brother wanted ‘revenge’ for military strikes by Western powers in the Middle East.

One man who would be singing ‘I told you so’ is US President Donald Trump who has imposed travel bans on people from the Middle East.

Although the US legal system and more than three US states including California are staging a legal showdown with the president over the travel bans, one must say that old Trump does have a point, I dare say a plan too.

There is nothing as terrible as allowing a harmless looking dove into your home only for the bird to turn into a highly poisonous King Cobra after you go to sleep.

With this bombing, one can expect Britain to clamp down on immigrations from the Middle East just like the US is doing.

Al-Quoda, Islamic State, Boko Haram, these are the world’s most dangerous terror groups and they all use harmless looking Arabs as suicide bombers. Boko Haram which is based mostly in West Africa has discovered that one can pack more bombs on a pregnant woman for more effect. Markets and social gatherings are now being targeted by pregnant female suicide bombers.

There have been over a dozen successful bombing incidents in Northern Nigeria alone in the last three months.

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