The Latest news on the London Bridge attacks

Every single one of the 12 terror suspects arrested in connection with the gruesome London Bridge attack have been released unconditionally and without charge.

In a swift move following the London Bridge terror attacks which led to the deaths of several people, British security services arrested these twelve people in another part of town.

It now appears that there was some sort of mistake as the suspects have all been released without a single charge being leveled against them.

The Twelve suspects were arrested after British police raided two addresses in Barking, East London, which was indicated as the area where the terrorist attackers had homes.

Also emerging is the fact that Ismail Abedi, brother to Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, was also set free and without charges.

British security agencies have identified the two terror attackers at London Bridge as Rachid Redouan and Khurram Shazad, residents of East London but their accomplice is yet to be identified.

The explanation given for this mass releases, according to the British tabloid, UK Metro, is that the police had run through their investigations as to whether others were aware of the plans of the terrorists to attack central London.

The attack which took place on Saturday night is one of the most terrifying of its kind. A white van coming off the famous London Bridge drove right into pedestrians, mowing down several people.

Three men then leaped out of the van, armed with knives and dressed in dummy suicide vests, stabbing and slashing at the people around, even those drinking in bars and restaurants at the busy Borough Market were not spared.

Incredibly, British security services have admitted through their spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, that one of the terrorists, Butt, was clearly known to them, but there was no action taken as no evidence existed of a ‘planned attack.

Some time not too long ago, this same Butt appeared on a documentary on British jihadis featured by Britain’s Channel 4. The signs of anger were there but no steps were taken by the appropriate agencies … this is actually one of those situations when the toleration of basic human right comes back to bite a country in the ‘butt’.

A neighbor of Mr. Butt’s told newsmen today that the terrorist actually came over to inquire about hiring a van the very day the attack took place. The neighbor claimed Butt appeared to be ‘euphoric’ at the time.

Currently, several Islamic terror groups have praised the sacrifice of the attackers who appeared to have carried out the mission as a retaliation for RAF bombing of parts of Afghanistan, a stronghold of Islamic State.

One eyewitness to the incident reported hearing one of the attackers screaming…’This is for Islam and this is for my family’.

Britain is one of the western countries that welcomes Islamic refugees with open arms, which is how these terrorist get into the country. However, following the recent bombings in two major business capitals of the nation and the upcoming elections, that door appears to be closing on Islamic refugees just like that of the United States is closing, or rather, almost completely closed.
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