Grow up, most of us enjoyed the thrilling movies of the amazing Spiderman, some of us still do, and youngsters today certainly do.

Funnily enough, it seems that superhero has now manifested itself in the form of a human being so even does of us who hate fantasy must watch this one.

Amazing Spiderman!!! Immigrant Scales Building To Save Baby (Strange News France)

A Malian immigrant has been dubbed the amazing Spiderman for scaling clean up four stories to save a child dangling from a balcony in the city of Paris, France. Aand news now has it that the guy will be made a French citizen and given a job after meeting with young French President Emmanuel Macron earlier today.

The French have honored Mamoudou Gassama, 22, as a hero for single-handedly hauling the four-year-old to safety after scaling the facade of an apartment block in the capital's 18th arrondissement.

The dramatic rescue event, which saw Gassama clamber from balcony to balcony like the amazing spiderman no less, reaching the distressed child in less than 30 seconds, was captured on video by multiple watchers and widely shared on social media.

The Amazing Spiderman meets The French President

The brave man has since been compared to the Marvel superhero the amazing Spiderman.

Gassama, claims to have arrived in France a few months ago 'dreaming of building his life' in the country, and was pictured meeting French President Emmanuel Macron at the famous Elysee Palace today.

Macron said the migrant will be made a French citizen and will also be offered a place in the fire brigade.

Amazing Spiderman!!! Immigrant Scales Building To Save Baby (Strange News France)
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