When it comes to wedding photography we want to see the amazing photos, the best photographer are hired and equipment used but did you know that there are simple photography tricks you can use to create those amazing photos with pizazz looks without all the high-end tools?

These photography tricks don't just apply to wedding photography, it goes for all photo shoots, whether you take it on holiday or in a festive atmosphere.

The trick is to have a smartphone handy and everything you need to have that amazing photography is yours.

A British wedding photographer Mathias Fast has given an illustrating insight on this.

A professional photographer based in Britain for six years, Mathias Fast has been using a smartphone screen as the perfect reflective surface to stop any unwanted elements from getting the frame, thereby giving the pictures he takes an overall dreamy lift.

According to Mathias. ‘With wedding photography, photographers are always searching for ways to take very creative, novel portraits and a quick, ordinary trick is actually sitting right in their trouser pocket. ‘By simply using a smartphone screen as a smooth reflection, it is very possible to cover up rather unsightly elements, even add intrigue, leading to an image that is a lot more interesting.’

Simple Photography Tricks Used By A Photographer To Create Amazing Wedding Photography

Steps to use your smartphone as a reflective photography tool 

The following are photography tricks for taking some amazing pictures:

1. Begin by holding your smartphone on a horizontal plane to the bottom side of your camera lens.

2. Looking through the viewfinder now, you’ll see some parts of the scene reflecting right into the lower part of the image.

3. Just adjust the smartphone slightly (while still holding it very close to the edge of the lens. Keep at this until you see a reflection that suits you.
4. The picture is ready now, take it!

More Tips:

1. Make sure there are no bulky cases protecting your phone. If there is, remove it to create a more tranquil reflection.
2. The reflected area or portion of the image will sometimes, appear darker or lighter than the rest of the image. Applying a gradient here in post-production adjustments helps to add some balance and intrigue to the final image.
3. Architectural elements (ie. Dorrs, window, arches, pillars, ) reflect very well and often work beautifully with this method.
4. End results don’t always get to be dramatic. Often times, a slight reflection can help frame a subject or add a bit of something.

According to Mathias, he first discovered this trick when photographing a young bride getting set for the traditional wedding photo. The bridesmaids had their smartphones lying all over the table and he saw the perf3ect reflections they were creating and realized that, if replicated at the right angle, the reflection wouldn't appear to be coming from the surface of a phone.

Martins says that he limited the use of this phone hack idea so as not make it become gimmicky. The trick doesn't always work though. The effects are often subtle and other times, more dramatic. However, the main goal is to make the viewer stop for a moment and try to work out what exactly is going on in the picture.

Take a look at some of the awesome results below:

 Simple Photography Tricks Used By A Photographer To Create Amazing Wedding Photography

Give this trick a try when next you've got a camera in your hand. Feel free to share this informatiion

Simple Photography Tricks Used By A Photographer To Create Amazing Wedding Photography

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