With the current state of the internet, the issue of Internet Child Protection has become a source of endless worry for parents and guardians the world over.

Always parents are troubled by the subject of how to adequately achieve maximum protection for their kids online, i.e, Internet Child Protection.

The World Wide Web and other related internet technologies, with their unlimited scope and reach, have made our world a literal global village. There is nothing that cannot be searched for and found on the internet whether it has to do with security, business, entertainment, religion, technology, law, education or insurance.

The enlightening and educative aspect of the internet is quite helpful and instrumental in the development of Kids of all ages and mental level, and so, today, even very young children are regularly encouraged by tutors, parents, and guardians to go online and access these learning features.

In some cases, where it can be afforded, these young children are provided with their own private computers while in other cases, they are allowed access to a family computer or that of an older family member.

The internet is indeed a wonderful tool but unfortunately, like all good things in life, it has a dark side. It is being misused on a massive scale.

Why Is Internet Child Protection so Important?

Did you know that on the internet are to be found tons of harmful materials which could do a child irrevocable mental and psychological harm so fast and most of those materials are carefully hidden behind perfectly harmless looking facades such as clickable links featuring very attractive images, claims to ‘free gifts’ or urgent warning of account updates etc.

From fraudulent emails and survey alerts to social media predators and X-rated websites, one thing most of them have in common is that they lure in their victims with innocent facades  – this is the evil technology that abounds online today, hence, all that worry about Internet Child Protection


Monitor And Protect Your Kids Online | Internet Child Protection

Unfortunately, while many fall victims here, the chief victims of internet abuse are the very weak…children, underage children. According to an American psychologist, Dr. Laura Zeaman, no less than 70% of psychologically disturbed kids who had been exposed to sexually explicit materials accidentally stumbled upon them online.

Are you a tutor, guardian or parent? You should be very worried about the problem of how to monitor and protect your kids online. Internet Child Protection is what you should be looking into.


How Tough A Job Is Internet Child Protection?

Physical Internet Child Protection, defined as protecting a kid online, keeping children from unhealthy exposure to harmful materials online, is almost impossible unless you are prepared to play guard dog 24/7, which I assume you are not.

But does this mean you should take steps to block the kids from accessing the Internet completely? Certainly not! There is a solution to this problem, a professional internet guard dog you can employ for free! And this is where automated Internet Child Protection software come in, and guess what? You probably have one already.

Choose To Protect Your Kid Online Not Ban Them From Going Online


In our world today, everything is computerized right down to the most basic forms of education, and so banning your child from accessing the internet will be the worst parenting mistake you ever made. Such a step will definitely do them more harm than good.

Moreover, there is one aspect of the mentality of children you should never overlook – the very things you forbid them from doing are the same ones they will want to do the most. They will literally hunger endlessly for it – that forbidden fruit. They will get and eat it to the full behind your back, where you can’t see what’s going on and before you realize it, it is already too late.

The number one ‘forbidden fruit’ they go for in this case is sexually explicit materials, the likes of which they have never seen before and so it is so incredibly intriguing to them. And then there are millions of X-rated websites and floating platforms out there with tons of harmful materials to give out for free!

Internet Child Protection

Effects Of Child Exposure To Pornographic Materials Online


Having underage children or kids exposed to pornography or sexually explicit material is very dangerous. It upsets them deeply, destroying their mental balance, which can ultimately result in irreversible psychological damage, to say the least.

Usually, the child ends up practicing what he or she sees. This means a premature venture into sexual activities that could destroy the child’s life completely. Certainly, it will ruin his or her education because the child’s mind simply is not ready to handle such knowledge at a tender age.

In young boys, it always leads to an overdrive of illicit sexual activity from which they end up contracting STDs or impregnating some girl. In no case does the child ever pay complete attention to studies anymore.

The list is endless here. Bottom line, your child will never be the same again.

Internet Child Protection


 Internet Child Protection Alert!


Internet Child Protection Opinions

Following some recent updates to the Google Chrome browser, some unique features have become quite possible and therein lies the solution to the problem of how to protect your kids online.

Get Control Over Your Child’s Internet Activity with Google Chrome

There are many different internet browsers out there and they all work in different kinds of ways but Google Chrome is simply one of a kind. Perhaps this is because it is the flagship of the internet giant, Google Incorporated. No other browser has the wealth of unique features that allow you get real control over your child’s Internet activities, protecting and monitoring that child night and day like Google Chrome does, not even Opera, Safari, or Firefox are there.

Apart from the fact that Google has several other products that interact so smoothly with the browser, the policy of the company itself makes this browser unique.

Did you know that the Google Blogger platform has hundreds of thousands of active blogs and individual publishers all over the world? Still any single one of them that publishes sexually explicit material on their blog gets swiftly banned and the blog shut down.

Following this strict principle, the company’s browser ‘Google Chrome’ automatically blocks out a lot of harmful stuff including X-rated sites during searches. It does this to perfection when it is correctly set to do just that.


Set Up Google Chrome Browser On The Family’s PC To Internet Child Protection

The Internet helps a child developed mentally and otherwise, learn a lot of helpful new things and even do homework or healthy research on issues they do not know, so cutting the child off completely from the use of a phone or computer is not really the smart thing to do. Restricting their online reach is best and this is what Internet Child Protection is all about.

Did you know that most of the winners of Facebook’s famous annual hacking competition have been below the age of eighteen, but the last one, in particular, was less than 15-years-old and he hacked Instagram in record time, bringing quickly to light a major system flaw adult professionals had overlooked for years.

The kid hacker and his parents were paid quite handsomely indeed but the interesting thing was that this kid claimed to have studied advanced programming on YouTube, one of the most educative online platforms in the world and yet some odd stuff are also to be found there. Parents chew on this before you go banning the kid from going online.

How To Set Up Google Chrome For Maximum Internet Child Protection | 7 Easy Steps

On the PC you want to allow the child access to, make sure Google Chrome is the only browser available and you have administrator access to it. This could be a family computer or your personal PC, It is best not to allow a child below 13 own a private computer of his or her own.


Steps To Set Up Internet Protection For Your Kids

Step 1. Double click on the Google Chrome browser icon on the desktop to open it then go to the settings section of the browser. To do this, just click on the three dots arranged in a vertical line you see at the top-right side of the browser window. A drop-down menu window will appear.


Step 2. Click on setting near the bottom of the new window to open Chrome’s setting window.



Step 3.Scroll down until you find the option to add people to Chrome browsing…. see image below.




Step 4. Tick the box to enable that opinion of Google browsing and then click on “Add Person’ …(see image above. I have two kids added but blurred them out for privacy reasons). Note – the link to the supervised users’ dashboard is to be used after you have added the user successfully.
Step 5. In the new window that pops up after you click on add person, pick an image that suits you then enter your child’s name in the box provided,


Step 6. Tick the first box for ‘create desktop Icon for User’.
Step 7. Lastly and most important – tick the second box…see image above….’Control and view what Websites this User visits from your email’. I’m adding a supervised user called BBT, an example for this article.
The designated or ‘destination email’ of authority, which you will see there, in place of mine in the image above will be your primary email as the owner or administrator of the PC.

Click ‘add’ and Google will take moment to set things up on their end and you will get a success message and an invite to configure the websites the supervised user can or can’t visit. See the image below.

Close the browser when you are done – restrictions can be set later from the dashboard – view the desktop display of the PC. You will notice that a new Google Chrome browser Icon has now been created with your child’s name to it. That is the browser the child must use any time he or she is accessing the internet. Be sure to specify this to the child.
Check your email now. You should see a confirmation from Google saying that you are now the supervisor of the user/your child.



Google will, from that moment on, start informing you of whatever activity the child engages in online via a series of emails, all within seconds of the activity. A link will be provided for you to visit that website as well to see if it something you don’t want your child indulging in.


The Epic Browser 

The Epic browser is a little-known browser available for free online. The unique thing about this browser is that it blocks out pornography and advertisements by default. For those who do not understand this term, it means that as soon as you install this browser for kids on the home PC, it will automatically start blocking out all X-rated and adult stuff, photos, links, websites, most of which kids stumble upon online by chance.

The only way this will change is if someone is in the habit of overriding the default setting. Once an image or x-rated site is blocked or blurred out as often is the case, and someone clicks on it, a warning is displayed ‘YOU ARE ABOUT TO VIEW ADULT CONTENT’. The opinion to allow or deny is given to you.  If ‘allow’ is chosen on too many occasions, the browser will reset itself to ‘allow’.

Unfortunately, Epic browser is something of a parasite browser, i.e. it inhibits other browsers in order to function, and so has only the most minimal settings available to a user.


In Conclusion

Once applied, this method of Internet Child Protection allows you rest easy. Why?

With the clear knowledge that ‘dad and mom can somehow see whatever I do online,’ the child will be extra careful to avoid adult internet matter, such as porn sites and other harmful sites even if he or she has stumbled on them previously.

That’s it, fans and folks.

I hope this was worth the read. Do drop comments and questions if you have any and don’t forget to share this information with friends and family on social media. You will be helping a lot of people save their kids and the world ends up becoming a better place for us all.
And do remember one thing, Google Chrome is a large software that takes up a lot of space on the RAV of a PC so, make sure you have enough space on both the RAM and hard disk drive to run this process smoothly. A PC with a 4 GB RAM and a 250 GB Hard Disk Drive is good enough.
Technology changes all the time and more and more experts are looking into the issue of  Internet Child Protection. Be sure to look out for more updates on this site.
How To Achieve Adequate Internet Child Protection For Your Kids


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