10 Best Anti-Aging Foods To Make You Stay Young and Live Longer

10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer

Anti-aging foods, what are they and what do they do in the body? The answer to these questions about anti-aging foods begs even more questions.

Do you want to live very long and still stay young and perfectly healthy all through life? Do you want to slow down, or even halt to a major extent, the aging process of your body and so live a disease-free long life? Do just seek an improved quality of life and overall health? If your answer is, yes, then start giving the subject of anti-aging a great deal of attention once over 30 years of age.

Do you know that some of the foods you walk pass each day in the grocery store or the very ones in your kitchen may be anti-aging foods? Foods with anti-aging properties so powerful they improve the quality of your overall health and life very clearly?

Yeah, you heard right. The fountain of youth and long life might just be at your fingertips without your knowing it.

Excited? Just wait till you hear it all.

10 Best Anti-Aging Foods To Make You Stay Young and Live Longer

In today’s world, regardless of culture or traditions, people are so obsessed with the idea of remaining youthful and beautiful that they will pay anything to look just that, which is the reason why the cosmetic industry is a billion-dollar business.

One thing people fail to understand is that youthfulness, mature good looks, vitality, and long life, are all positive side effects of good health. No manner of surgery or medication can help you maintain that wonderful look and agility but proper health-care certainly will — one aspect of which has to do with eating the right foods, always.

You are what you eaT SO EAT WELL TO LOOK WELL!

Yeah, you heard it a trillion and one times but I’ll say it again anyway: You are what you eat! To stay youthful and vibrant for as long as possible, particularly if you are in your late 30s or beyond, eat diets that are packed with foods rich in anti-aging properties.

10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer

I have dedicated this blog to bringing you unique but free health tips from all over the world and this particular one is right there among the very best I will ever share because it is life itself! The tip? Make these ten anti-aging foods below permanent fixtures in your daily diet and your quality of life will drastically improve. You’ll never believe how so very delicious fighting the aging process can taste until you try it out!

Eat Richly of These 10 Anti-Aging Foods (Regardless of Age)

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes, originally native to the western region of the South American continent, was taken across the Atlantic to Europe by the conquering Spaniards in the sixteenth century. This wonderful red fruit is most effective eaten raw (salads) but it does taste better roasted or cooked. Tomatoes are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other very important nutrients that fight the aging process in the human body (something most people are not even aware of) –  vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), vitamin C, the B-complex vitamins, vitamins E & K, biotin, lycopene, and molybdenum. Essential minerals are not left out – potassium, phosphorus, manganese, niacin, the folic acids, and even dietary fiber.

10 Best Anti-Aging Foods To Make You Stay Young and Live Longer

These exceptional properties of tomatoes, joined together, make it a potent anti-aging weapon. Tomato guarantees healthy bones, skin, heart, and blood. It enhances the production of collagen, protecting your skin and making it look youthful and healthy. The all-powerful Lycopene hits the vascular and immunes systems, strengthening your health, boosting your body’s disease-fighting abilities even as it gets rid of wrinkles on your skin. Tomatoes boost the immune system, increasing your body’s disease-fighting abilities in unique ways. The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of this tomatoes grantees protection against most kind of cancers.

Eat tomatoes regularly for only seven weeks and see for yourself.

10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer

2. Olive Oil

It’s not just ordinary olive oil which contains harmful fat but Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, that’s what you want.

10 Best Anti-Aging Foods To Make You Stay Young and Live Longer

Olive Oil is the product olives, the fruit of a tree that takes decades to reach maturity. The olive tree is native to the middle-east and Asia minor where its unique medicinal properties have been well known and well used for over 4,000 years. There are so many references to this golden oil in the Bible.

Olive Oil is best known for its unrivaled richness in the all-important Vitamin E but it’s also a wonderful source of monounsaturated fats, which researchers have shown actually helps the cardiovascular system and heart.

Replace all your frying oils with olive oil today, add it to your other foods such as salads (dressings). Not only will the foods taste better, but your overall health will also get better too.

10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer

3. Fishes

Fish oils are a super-rich source of first-class omega-3 fatty acids which are Polyunsaturated fats, the best fats for your body. You see, some other foods offer omega-3 fats too but in a state that’s not readily absorbed by the body whereas that offered by certain oily fish is just right! The group of oily fishes we are talking about here are a particular kind that have their home in the Atlantic Ocean. These fishes include salmon, herring, Atlantic mackerel, and fresh tuna.

As noted above, the special thing about fish oils is that they contain the ideal versions of omega-3 fats, and that’s called DHA, a fast-working prostaglandin that boosts overall health tremendously.

This is one particular anti-aging food to be had on a very regular basis. Eat well of any of these fishes daily.

10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer

4. Nuts

Want to improve your quality of life fast? Go nuts quickly!

Nuts are generally very good for you but some are outstanding. Walnuts are the most outstanding member of the nut family!

Walnuts are packed with the rare omega-3 fatty acids that are to be found only in certain ocean thriving oily fish. These unique fatty acids, in addition to other nutrients and minerals present in the walnut, give it the unique anti-aging properties that promote good health and longevity.

Walnuts improve brain power tremendously, protects against all sorts of chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease (accomplishes this by dilating and relaxing blood vessels), and boosts male fertility.

There’s so much more to be gained by eating walnuts regularly so don’t let anything stop you from getting a hand full of these wonderful nuts daily.

10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer

5. Avocados

For years avocados have been classified as full of fat and avoided. It wasn’t until recently that scientists discovered that these fats are monounsaturated fats—same fats found in oily fishes and olive oil.

10 Best Anti-Aging Foods To Make You Stay Young and Live Longer

Monounsaturated fat cut down cholesterol levels, decreases body weight, lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Avocado also yields an oil that’s regarded as one of the best anti-aging substances ever known.

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10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer

6. Garlic

Garlic is the herb which folktales claim keeps vampires away, but it goes a step further in keeping you from joining those very vampires in a coffin!

With its high antibacterial, antifungal, antifungal, and antiviral properties, coupled with a unique richness in Sulphur, garlic is a potent anti-aging food that’s super for the liver and skin but it also does so much good for the health of the cardiovascular system, regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The anti-aging benefits of this herb are just too many, so even if you are not looking for anything specific with regards to anti-aging, just make sure this herb is to be found in your food regularly.

10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer

7. Blueberries

These unique blue fruits called blueberries are glycemic indexed foods and pretty low on that scale too. This means that, though they are so very sweet, they won’t raise your blood sugar.

Their high antioxidant content has them attacking the free radicals inside your body which damage cells and accelerate aging. They also fight several chronic diseases in the body.

Eat a lot of this fruit (or cherries), particularly in the morning.

10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer

8. Watercress (Green leafy vegetables)

They may look like just another green vegetable, but Watercress are truly one of the most potent anti-aging foods known.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranks watercress highest in terms of nutrient density, well above spinach, kale, and swiss chard. This is hard to believe, of course, particularly for a person like me who has seen the wonders other green vegetables like seaweed and pumpkin do for the long-living Japanese and West African tribes respectively. The only catch is that watercress is richer in one particular substance which gives it a unique similarity to garlic and onions.

Watercress is rich in sulfur which is remarkable for your health. Replace the spinach in your diet with some Watercress today!

10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer

9. Green Tea

Green tea is a potent anti-aging food that deals with the intricate activity of fighting aging at the cellular level. Green tea has its origins in the Orient where the Japanese and Chinese have been reaping its health benefits for ages, living extremely long lives indeed!

Green tea promotes correct cellular regeneration in the body and this maintains youthfulness and overall health for as long as possible.

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10. Onions (best anti-aging foods)

Onions is a vegetable best described as an anti-aging sludge hammer. It contains all the properties of garlic including the sulfur and then some more.

Quercetin is one of the most powerful antioxidants known; the best in the business of fighting wrinkles and keeping people looking youthful for very long. Onions are just so rich in Quercetin that no other vegetable or food is mentioned when talking about this antioxidant.

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In addition to promoting your overall good health, onions also fix the eyes, gets rid of harmful bacteria in the body, helps heart health and, interestingly, increases virility in men markedly
Whether eaten raw or cooked, onions are good for you at every meal.

10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer


These foods are the anti-aging foods that anyone of any age should partake in on a daily basis. It’s compulsory if you are over 30. So get ready and go get them at your nearest grocery store but do make sure they are fresh.

10 Best Anti-Aging FoodsYou Stay Young and Live Longer


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