Domestic violence is the physical abuse of one partner by the other in a relationship such as courtship or marriage. How to avoid domestic violence in a relationship, on the other hand, is the question on the minds of so many victims.
More than eighty percent of all cases of domestic violence is against the gentle gender, nonetheless, those cases were men fall victims to such abuse are commonplace too.  Either way, the consequence is not a pretty sight.
Technically speaking, domestic violence does not just entail physical assault but emotional assault as well which can take the form of constant verbal abuse or ruthless psychological manipulation.
While women are often the victims of physical violence, men are of fall victims to emotional assault from their women or wives – endless nagging and de3liberate mockery is one such example.

How To Avoid Domestic Violence In Relationships And Marriage

In this article, we will be specializing mostly on domestic violence with respect to women for it is the most prevalent and worrisome of the two issues today.
Indeed, one can hardly read anything on the news media today without coming across one or two sordid stories of domestic violence against women. It is the same on social media. In fact, the reason for my writing this article is a brief report by a Facebook user of a man who beat his pregnant wife to within an inch of her life.
Now, while the worst of these stories come from third world countries and continents like Africa, South America, the Middle East, and India where women have little or no rights, the developed lands where the rights of women have been long recognized are no different.  In countries such as the United States, the issue of domestic violence against women is so prevalent that many charity organizations and even the government itself have established rehab centers for battered women.
Reasons for Domestic violence

How to avoid domestic violence is a troubling question most women keep a secret until its too late. Indeed, domestic violence is a global issue but what are the reasons for it?

A heavily pregnant woman beaten black, blue and green by her husband!

“My man is not the violent type”  — the LAST words of A woman in love before marrIAGE to THE man who GIVES her the beating of her life on a daily basis

Reasons For Domestic Violence 

The reasons for domestic violence are quite numerous but all can be grouped into just three categories.
1. The man is a natural abuser of people. (the younger version of this kind of men are called bullies)
2. The man has been provoked beyond redemption.
3. The man is no longer in love with you but now has a bitter hatred in place in his heart.


How To Avoid Domestic violence In Relationships

Avoidance or prevention, they say, is a lot better than cure. It is better to look very carefully before you leap into any relationship with anyone. However, the trick is not to look at the man you are interested in but to look right through him.
Why? Deception on a grand scale!
At the beginning of every courtship, or relationship, a man or a woman is always at his or her best behavior. They hide their true nature and character, presenting a very deceptive façade to win over a potential partner or lover at all costs. This behavior is particular to the man. It is an instinct that every male animal on earth possesses and uses to attract the female. Ever seen a peacock in action?
A male peacock will display its beautiful feathers, a turkey will swell itself to twice its size while a bush cockerel with initiate the peculiar dance of courtship towards the hen. A lion or male leopard will exert dominance over all other animals around to attract the female. All these animals show off in one way another to attract the female and a man is no different. He will hide all his bad manners and character just to attract a woman.
Interestingly, the female gender of mankind also acts this way to attract her man.
Whether you are a man or woman, you must learn to look through that false facade during courtship. This is one of the greatest secret on how to avoid domestic violence.

Things To Do Before Committing To Any Serious Relationships.

Below are the things you must do before committing to any relationship. This is basically how to avoid domestic violence.

1. Take your time and observe your partner carefully. Look right through the man. See through that fake facade and recognize what you find for what it really is.
2. Try to make your own money so you will not be too fooled by his money and gifts. These things are not real proofs that he loves or cherishes you.
3. Always bear in mind that marriage is not a do-or-die affair but once in, you are in and it changes you for life. So take all the time you need and make your choice carefully.
4. Don’t just look at his actions, pay attention to his mindset. As a man thinketh, so is he.
5. Watch his relationship with other females, his sisters even. Does he respect them or look at them with inferior eyes? He will eventually see you in the same light.
6. Watch how his family members, friends, and neighbor react to his presence. Do they seem fearful in any manner?  This is one of the only ways to know a violent man who hides behind a smile and a nice looking face.
7. Try your best to get your partner angry intentionally and watch his or her reaction. Push your partner to the limit of his or her temper, that point where the true nature cannot be hidden. If he is the beating kind or she is the nagging kind, you will know it quickly enough and very clearly.  (Advice for men and women)
8. Sometimes push him to the wall. (Women – this is very important if you really wish to see his true color.). Do not hesitate to take this step because it is better he beats you before you take that step of no return towards that altar to say ‘I do’. Just a day’s beating should purge you of all the good things he got You. He who beats a woman even in anger will never change
9. Get right in his face when he is angry or upset. Do not go and hide. Listen…. the one true antidote for a man’s anger is his woman. If you cannot cure a man of his most violent anger with your mere presence, a touch of your hand, the words of your lips, news flash… you are not his woman, the right one for him. Sticking with him is pretending to be. Ever wondered why some of the most violent men on earth are often the happiest and luckiest in marriage? That woman that can calm them down with just a touch, that’s her.
How To Avoid Domestic Violence In Relationships And Marriage – Men and Women



Women, you need to be very careful about that man you choose to spend the rest of your life with. Do not tolerate one who will lift a hand to hit you much less give you a full beating on a regular basis all in the name of love. If you die, the man will just get another woman and move on with his life.
Be sure to marry a Man with principles and not a boy who can’t control himself or a beast who will eat you alive.
There are good men everywhere, be patient and you will discover them. Be careful and you will see them for what they are. This journey of marriage is a long one that lasts so many years. What is the benefit of rushing into it, only to rush back out again?
When you find that good man, stick to him. Watch him and monitor you compatibility with his nature before you take the final leap. That he is a good man does not mean he is the right man for you!
Wealth is good, but it will not buy happiness or joy and it certainly won’t guarantee a successful home. Read this article The Simple Step For A Long Lasting Relationship
Be careful. Unlike friendship which may end at any time, marriage is for a life time.

To The Men

As for men, you are liable to domestic violence as well… the nagging wife and manipulator. But do you know that some women can be utterly violent? Moreso than men. However, a woman’s main weapon is her mouth… the words of her mouth, the way she talks. All the tips given above can be useful to you.

Best of luck to you all!

How To Avoid Domestic Violence In Relationships And Marriage – Men and Women


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