We’ve just gotten new bathroom cleaning hacks, finished with cleaning up and reorganizing the bathroom, and now we need to freshen up the scent of it.

You want to keep things in your bathroom naturally fresh to make it look clean and even welcoming because you are having friends or maybe relative,. Well, there are quite a number of ways to achieve this without spending a ton of money on perfumed bathroom cleaners that’ll only bring harmful chemicals into your home.

Indeed, there are quite a few ways to make use of non-toxic ingredients both as bathroom cleaners and deodorants.

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10 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Smell Amazing — Bathroom cleaning hacks

Here are 10 of the best bathroom cleaning hacks you will ever find anywhere and it’s courtesy of grandma, tested and trusted.


Add Drops of Essential Oil Into the Inside of Toilet Paper Roll

Changing the toilet paper roll in the bathroom of your home can be done in a smart way. Try making use of essential oils such as lavender. Just add a few drops onto the inside of the toilet paper roll and it’ll make your entire bathroom smell fresh for up to 48 hours straight.


The DIY Toilet/Bathroom Bomb (Remove term: bathroom cleaning hacks bathroom cleaning hacks Bombs)

A DIY toilet bomb is quite effective but so easy to make at home. All that’s needed is baking soda, citric acid, and water.

Method: Mix together 1/2 cup of baking soda along and a 1/2 cup of citric acid in a bowl and stir vigorously until it’s well blended.

Add the mixture to a spray bottle that already contains a little water (since we’ll only need a small amount). Keep adding until your desired consistency is reached. Put the spray bottle and content in an ice tray or silicon mold and leave it overnight. In the morning, what you’ll have is a bomb that’s ready to be used to clean your bathroom or toilet and freshen it up at the same time.

10 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Smell Amazing — Bathroom cleaning hacks


 Slices of Lemon on A Plate

This is the easiest on the list. All you’ve got to do is leave out a jar or plate with some slices of lemon, and allow the citrusy/scented orange scent fill the room. Those little slices of lemon will make your entire bathroom smell fresh in a natural way and neutralize all the odors. The catch here is to remember to change those lemon slices at most once a week before they get spoilt.


Trashcan Deodorizer (Homemade)

Baking soda when it comes to home cleaning, bathroom cleaners, and fresheners. It is a major ingredient in making a host of these bathroom cleaners and fresheners. We have already seen how important it is in making toilet bombs, but it gets in the picture for the making of trashcan deodorizers as well. Interestingly, it almost the same process we used in making the DIY Bathroom cleaner and freshener bomb mixture above that we use here, you’ll just need to replace the Citric acid with essential oil. Mix a half cup of baking soda and a little Essential oil, mix. Once you get it right and it looks like a tablet (drug), throw it right in your trash can, and that’s it. Don’t forget to do the same for all the trash cans in your home to get rid of all that bad smell.


Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oils, just like baking soda, is quite useful at home and here’s another way to put them to use. Go find a nice spray bottle with some water, a few drops of fragrant essential oil added to this will do, squeeze some lemon juice in if you please, and that’s it! Spray around your home to get things smelling nice. Don’t forget those folded towels or the hand towels by the sink. What we’ve got here is super easy to make spray devoid of all manner of chemicals.

10 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Smell Amazing — Bathroom cleaning hacks


Introduce The Eucalyptus Bunch Into Your Shower 

In addition to making your bathroom smell so great, this old trick actually makes your baths and showers a lot more relaxing. All you need do is get a bunch of eucalypti and hang it around the shower head. When hot water and steam get it will bring out that great smell (alternatively you can dampen the branch directly with hot water, particularly at the time you first hang it up). The fragrant natural oil present in the leaves of this plant gives out an amazing aromatherapy that not only provides some relief to your body but gets rid of the odors in the toilet

In other words, not only does this plant fix your health it fixes the bad smell in your bathroom as well. Impressive!


Bring in Air Purifying Plants

Another easy and completely natural method to make your bathroom and toilet smell clean and fresh is to bring in air purifying plants. I’m sure most of us never heard of such plants but they do indeed exist. Potted plants such as dracaena, bamboo palm, peace lily and lots more are great indoor plants that can rid your home of bad smells. When placed in bathrooms, toilets or laundry rooms, these plants get rid of mold spores and ultimately purify the air bring about its complete cleanliness. The benefits of having these plants are endless, and they thrive well indoors. Why not give this a try?

10 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Smell Amazing — Bathroom cleaning hacks


Get Rid Of Toilet Crevices

Without a doubt, those tiny crevices in your toilet are responsible for most of the bad odors in your home and bathroom. Be sure to clean them up and clean well! Lift up the toilet seat, locate and wipe out all the dirt in there using a microfiber cloth. Disinfect the whole place and rinse out.


The DIY Poop Spray

Here’s a trick that’ll help you get rid of the bad odors and everything relating to toilet crevices. Mix a little rubbing alcohol with just a few drops of essential oil in a nice spray bottle, give it a good shake and its ready. Use it to clean out the dirt in your toilet and it’ll leave behind an amazingly fresh and nice smelling air.

10 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Smell Amazing — Bathroom cleaning hacks


The Scented Candle Lighting

Did you know that there are certain candles that when lighted, fill their surrounding with fragrant smells? These are known as scented candles. The smoke and the heat coming from the candles will definitely neutralize the odors in your bathroom. But there’s more. Have you ever tried a lighted candle bath or shower? Do give this a go, it can be relaxing but be sure never to leave burning candles around, they can cause fires.


In Conclusion

Bathroom and toilets are the most difficult to keep clean and smelling fresh, but these tips and tricks will certainly help you out. They’re not only easy, but fast, and quite effective. They won’t even cost so much to use.

If you do not have the time to make any of these products yourself, consider checking out natural bathroom cleaners on Amazon.com.

There are lots of different natural Bathroom cleaners and Bathroom fresheners on Amazon for you to pick from. And remember that everything on Amazon is legit.

10 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Smell Amazing — Bathroom cleaning hacks


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