Reasons Why The Most Beautiful Woman Never Wins A Beauty Pageant

Reasons Why The Most Beautiful Woman Never Wins A Beauty Pageant

A beauty pageant is something we all long to witness, that parade of extremely lovely women, but too often than not, the most beautiful woman never wins such contests and the crown champions get booed.

This question of why the most beautiful woman never wins a beauty pageant came up a few days ago on Instagram after some African celebrities started circulating the photo of a stunningly lovely girl selling fish in a market in Nigeria.

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Top Instagram user and African Music boss, Don Jazzy, was one of those who made a comment on the issue, saying he wanted to go cook if only someone would tell him exactly where the pretty fish seller was plying her trade.

Why The Most Beautiful Woman Never Wins A Beauty Pageant – Answer!

The answer is very simple, POVERTY and Politics!

The Politics of A Beauty Pageant 

Most of the women that win contests do not do so because they are so beautiful or even the most beautiful in the line up of contestant. They win because the judges love them for some reason

But then there are the requirements of the advertisers and sponsors of the contest which are not made known to the general public. .These most often require special talents and attitudes. In most cases, the winners of these contests are the girls who are smart enough to know exactly how to cozy up to these judges, sponsors and advertises. These make the politics part. Bottom line, beauty is not all that there is to a Beauty Pageant.

The Poverty In The Way Of Truly Beautiful Women

The most beautiful women are not always rich and so cannot afford to go near the venue of a beauty pageant much less of contesting in one. In fact, it will amaze you to find that walking freely on the streets of some of the world poorest regions are some women that are ten times lovelies than some Miss Worlds. Mind you, we are talking poor women with little time for makeup, fancy cosmetics, and dresses.

The lovely girls are beggars on the streets of the Nigerian city of  Calaebar

The images above are that of two sisters who are daughters of a stunningly lovely Muslim lady who begs for a living on the streets of Calabar, Nigeria. Their mother, being Muslim, always has her face covered up with a hijab but not her daughters, though. Trust me, from the looks of these girls, if their mother were to somehow get in a major beauty pageant that really has to do with natural beauty, she would definitely win by a mile.

Unfortunately, poor as this family is, the chances of mother or daughters ever being able to contest in any beauty pageant is as good as non-existent.

There is a very good reason the most winners of the Miss World contest come from poor third world countries like Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and even Ecuador. The women of these lands, due to their mixed blood, are so lovely and so the government of their respective nations, recognizing the publicity goldmine, have taken to sponsoring them to beauty pageants.

The Most Beautiful Woman Never Wins A Beauty Pageant


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