The biggest emerald in the world, a giant Emerald rock over 4-feet in height and worth more than £238 million (about $400) has been found by miners in Brazil.

The huge multi-million-pound green rock, which is the largest of its kind ever to be discovered anywhere in the world, has been put under tight security amid fears of being stolen. But how thieves can steal such a heavy thing is beyond simple understanding; a rock that’s almost as tall as a man and as heavy as a car!
Biggest Emerald in the World Found In Brazil: Worth $400 million
This emerald rock was first discovered embedded in the living rock deep down below the earth in a mine in Brazil just last month before being cut out.
Close up view of the Biggest Emerald in the World
The owner of the rock, whose identity is being shielded, is now being referred to as by the initials FG by the Brazilian press and hence the international press too which has gone crazy with the news.
Biggest Emerald in the World Found In Brazil: Worth $400 million
In a rare interview with newsmen last week, FG described the stone as extremely rare due to its considerable size and the quality of its gigantic crystals.
As pointed out above, the stone is huge. It is said that it would require a powerful forklift truck to lift this massive cluster of jewels anywhere off the ground, Still, FG lives with the fear that the weight won’t put off determined robbers.
The mega green rock weighs 360kg (794lbs) with a height of 4.3ft (1.3 meters). Miners first unearthed it last month in the famous Carnaiba Mines located in Bahia, Northeast Brazil.
According to experts in the jewel trading industry, the stone could be worth a whopping £238 million pounds, possibly more!
Emeralds are the green equivalent of diamonds. They are natural green colored rocks, which when cut right, sparkles just as brightly. Emeralds are far rarer than diamonds and so a lot more expensive. There are only a handful of emerald mines in the world and the biggest are in Brazil. In fact, the uniqueness of the sparkling green stones found in ‘the ground in Brazil’ is one of the things that led the early Portuguese explorers to conquer and cling to Brazil even as Spanish explorers swept through the entire South American continent in the 1400s and 1500s.
Biggest Emerald in the World Found In Brazil: Worth $400 million
The Portuguese were the first to establish emerald mines in Brazil and they went on to colonize the whole nation and its people which is why the official langue in Brazil today is Brazilian-Portuguese while the rest of South America speaks Spanish.
Though heavily exploited for hundreds of years, the rich emerald mines of Brazil never really dried up. They got deeper and the stones got rarer, yes, but once in a while, they coughed up wonders.
The mines coughed up one huge rock nearly two decades back. Thought to be the biggest emerald rock the world has ever seen, that rock caused so much trouble between the United States and Brazil but now a new rock has been found and it is much bigger!
The owner of this new rock, FG is actually one of ten miners who found the rock at a location 200 feet deep in the earth, embedded in the living rock itself. It took the ten men a week to cut it out, carry it to the mine shaft and then raise it to the surface with a special lift. FG paid off all the other miners for their share, leaving him as the sole owner of the stone.
Biggest Emerald in the World Found In Brazil: Worth $400 million
The Mines
FG claims that as a precaution, the stone is now being moved from one secret location to another every day. Only a few government officials are in on it and FG only speaks to the press via different mediums. He claims all of this secrecy is for his safety and that of his family.
Biggest Emerald in the World Found In Brazil: Worth $400 million
Brazil is not only a haven for organized crime and tough criminal gangs but it is the headquarters of some of the most powerful international jewel thieves in the world and so FG’s reluctance to disclose his identity or the location of the rock to the general public is very understandable.
So right now, there are just two giant emerald rocks that can pass as the biggest emerald in the world. This one belonging to FG and the other one which was the subject of a huge legal war over ownership between Brazil and the United States 16 years ago – The Bahia Emerald is its name and it was allegedly illegally smuggled out of Brazil and into the United States where it has remained since.
Incredibly, both giant rocks come from the same mine and the spots where they were discovered are only 100 meters apart.
“It was a majestic and very beautiful moment,” that’s how FG is calling the moment he found the giant rock embedded deep in the living rock inside the bowels of the earth.
This giant rock is like every other rock, black and useless but it’s got huge green patches of giant dull green crystals. Technically, this is a huge rock with emerald beryls spread out all over it.
According to FG, the quality of these crystals are superb and they are by far the best he’s ever seen.
Public records show that FG has been in the ‘business’ for about 30 years.
This stone which is now being called the Carnaiba Emerald was discovered by members of Bahia Mineral Cooperative, a group legally authorized to explore the area.

It is not just the security, though,  FG has gotten himself a pricey new lawyer who has tied the stone down legally so it does not go the way of its older brother ….get smuggled into the United States illegally.

Already, several Billionaires from both the Middle East, China, the US and Japan have shown interest but it looks like FG is holding out for a bidding war. Smart chap!

Biggest Emerald in the World Found In Brazil: Worth $400 million


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