A Billionaire’s Ransom Series


A Billionaire’s Ransom Series, the second work of the talented author, is a thrilling action-adventure-romance novel series made up of three very interesting novels.

  • Title: A Billionaire’s Ransom Series
  • Number of Books in series – 3
  • 14 chapters per book minimum
  • 53,600 words per book minimum
  • Genre: Military action, Adventure, Crime, Romance
  • First Published 2016
  • Author: Eze King Eke

The first and second books of the series were originally published under the title Dirty Diamonds of Boko Haram, but according to the author, that had to change on the completion of the third book of the series when the whole story abruptly took on a new twist in his mind. Now here we have a story by an author who actually follows his mind and what a story!

This story is simply amzing. It’s action from the first page to the last – Godwin Ian (Facebook fan)

A Billionaire’s Ransom Series is authored by Eze King Eke, a talented new author who is regarded in some circles, including among Kingbooks club members, as the new Tom Clancy and Stephen King of this time. Why so? Well, when it comes to writing style, military action novels, and dark fantasy and adventure, he has a way of ‘capturing the mind and killing it‘ in the same kind of way those three eternally famous American authors do. Another thing is his writing style which many have liked to that of James Harly Chase, another bestselling American author. Eze king Eke writes his book in simple American English and writes as if he is there where all is happening. He puts the reader right there, watching it all unfold, and the person kind of gets confused as to whether he or she is reading a fiction novel or just watching a real life movie. Little wonder this series of his enjoy a bestselling status on any bookstore it has been discovered by lovers of action and adventure stories.


A Billionaire’s Ransom Series – Storyline and Major Characters

This story is packed full of interesting and very realistic characters some of which come and go as the story progresses. The major characters are as follows. the cunning and highly skilled Special Forces Luitenant Alex Okoye, the criminally minded billionaire business tycoon Alhaji Mustapha Usaman, and the extremely dangerous top terrorist Commander and Islamic State agent, an Arab called El Soldat. Right in their middle is the stubborn but very lovely Aisha Usman, heiress to a vast fortune and niece to billionaire Alhaji Mustapha Usaman.

It all began with the murder of an international diamond smuggler and merchant in a tiny village somewhere in the remote regions of the mighty Sahara Desert were no law or civilization exists and violence is king. He leaves behind, in the civilized world, a vast legitimate fortune with his greedy brother, Alhaji Mustapha Usaman, in joint control with his wife and his young daughter is heiress to everything.

The heiress, desperate to find her beloved father, travels to a city on the edge of the Sahara Desert in the war-torn region of Northern Nigeria where he was last seen. She promptly goes missing and all her bodyguards turn up dead in a canal. A ransom demand soon gets to her uncle and the embattled family finds out that their daughter is being hostage by an internal faction of the dreaded Boko Haram, the deadly Islamic terrorists’ sect waging a full-scale war on the nations of West Africa. Commanding this faction is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world, a dangerous Arab with a record and a trail of dead bodies stretching across three continents. His name? El Soldat.

The Family’s company shells out the huge ransom and its CEO Alhaji Mustapha Usaman, using his powerful connections, asks the government and Army for a team of the best negotiators to go into enemy territory and meet with the terrorists. They give him a small team of elite Speical Forces commandos with just a name to lead them. That name was that of a man who had been booted out of the force six months before. A man who had hunted El Soldat and his pack of criminals and lived.

Ex-Special Forces Luitenant Alex Okoye was now a lowly paid foreman in a rundown warehouse in Lagos but he didn’t want the contract the moment he heard El Soldat’s name. A massive increase in contract fee and the temptation military action proved too much to resist and he was soon on the way back to the war zone. The Nigerian Military Intelligence Agency caught up with him, reactivated his stature as their top agent with the new mission of assassinating El Soldat, and this complicates matters.

Things get even worse when, at the end of a long and adventurous journey through the war-torn region into enemy held territory, ex-Special Forces Luitenant Alex Okoye discovers that the terrorists and the rest of his team, who were completely loyal the uncle of the heiress, had hidden agendas against the heiress.

That my gentle heartbeat increased at this point says a lot about the writing of the author.

An ambush is laid, a bitter battle ensures and the dead bodies pile up all around. El Soldat escapes with the girl, the money and his bodyguards while Luitenant Alex Okoye, the only survivor of his team, pursue them into the pits of hell,  the terrorist stronghold, Sambisa Forest.

It was all about the girl now. His mind was consumed with her, her beauty and her insecurity. He would get her back and nothing would stop him.

His mission was impossible, a whole terrorist army stood in his path and that was their territory, their home. Still, Alex gets her out and home to her mother and an army of bodyguards. His job was done or so Alex thought until the terrorists came for her again and so did new enemies. The attacks were now coming from every direction, killing and destroying everything that stood in their path to the heiress until she has no hiding place left.

Alex returns her last line of defense against the many powerful enemies who wanted to kill her and it became a war.

At the heart of everything is a suitcase containing a billionaire’s ransom in uncut natural diamonds hidden away somewhere in the desolate wastelands of the mighty Sahara Desert.

That connection between Alex and the beautiful heiress gives rise to one of the most interesting romance stories I have ever read. The action is there from beginning to end. The adventure is everywhere, from the remote Sahara Desert to wartorn cites and luxury capitals. The crime, the betrayal, the greed, the ruthlessness, the sex, the sin and the money, the terrorism, the military action, and espionage, all these make this book hard to put down. There is simply no chance of boredom here as is the case with some books were I end up jumping chapters.

Did I mention the author has a way of injecting educative information, actual historical facts, and events, into the story? This is more than just a novel.

If you are a reader that loves quality books that tell a whole lot of truth in entertaining ways about cruelity and reality of the world in which we live, if want to know what is it like to go up against deadly terrorists, life in lawless wartorn regions, the army life and the power of criminally minded billionaires, then this book is for you.

If love powerful military action and adventure with a good twist of romance, then this book is just perfect for you. At no time will you be bored.

The part 2 and 3 of this book are really where the action and heat is.

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A Billionaire’s Ransom Publication Date

One thing to note about the author and this book is that they were both newcomers into the book world at the time of publication, completely without a professional guide, and so a lot of mistakes were made. This story, part 1, was first made public in 2016 in the first draft of Dirty diamonds of Boko Haram on a popular Nigerian forum known as Nairaland. See publications here. Unedited and full of errors as it was, due to the fact that the author was merely putting his talent to the test at the time, this story still got a lot of glowing reviews. And this was what led to the completion of the series 2 years later and the emergence of the author into the field of professional writing. Today, A Billioniare’s Ransom Series is on sale on all major bookstores in the world.

Book Availability 

The first Part of this Book, running into 14 chapters, is available here on King Eze’s Blog. Follow the link below.
To download the complete series PART 1, 2 & 3 follow the links below to your bookstore of choice. Of note is that apart from part 1,  the other books of A Billionaire’s Ransom series are not free.

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Purchase Outside Africa

For readers in America, Europe and all other nations outside Africa, there are multiple opinions. This series is available on all major bookstores from Japan to Australia and India, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Europe and even South Ameria. Just follow the Universal link given below to choose your favorite bookstore and get the book.

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A Billionaire’s Ransom Series On Amazon

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A Billionaire’s Ransom 1 –  ASIN: 198768043X

A Billionaire’s Ransom 2 – ASIN: 1987685059

A Billionaire’s Ransom 3 – ASIN: 1987685504


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