The Black Panther: Trending #1 Movie


And finally, after so long a wait, the first full Black Panther trailer is here! It’s hot, its action packed and its all about the superheroes, it’s simply wonderful, to say the least.

It rather difficult for a superhero movie to come off as original these days, but I promise, anyone who gets to watch this new thriller, the Black Panther should be thrilled enough to forget his or her world for quite a while.

The movie plunges you straight into suspense and action like few films can. It is all about the futuristic nation of Wakanda and we see a world, unlike anything the great movie giants Marvel has brought us. After most of the leaks form this movie, can’t wait for it to come out but that’s going to be on February 16th…. next year!.


Remember the last movie of Captain America: Civil War, it turned out to be Black Panther’s movie as much as that of anyone, what with the murder of his father, an African king, and his donning the Black Panther battle costume to track down the murder, the guy was hot and unstoppable! Well, that was a newly introduced dark Prince T’Challa – as played by Chadwick Boseman – and while the guy might not have been granted the most screen time, he was definitely the unsung hero who really seemed fired up by the showdown between Iron Man and Captain America.

Marvel Studios is great at a lot of things, but diversity is not exactly one of them, so this movie gets to set the record of the first superhero film not starring a white guy.

Well, men are equal and my aunt taught me not be a racist so its safe to say I’m very excited about this all-new Black Panther movie, and I bet a million other people are since it’s already hit the number one spot on many platforms.

A double Black Panther trailer

This very first thriller gives us an insight into how Prince T’Challa’s fictional and highly advanced African nation, called Wakanda, really works. And there’s lots of serious action here in itself.

Then comes the second trailer to give some more clues about the new plot of the 2018 movie.

Black Panther cast

The black panther cast and its director Ryan Coogler, Danai Gurira, Michael B Jordan, Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o.

The directors are taking charge of Black Panther for Marvel Studios, and they are gathering a cast of very talented young black actors for the movie.

As soon as a link pops up for this movie, we’ll being it to you here!


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