Meet The Boy Who Can’t Stop Eating: Eats Sand And Toilet Paper When There Is No Food

The wonders of this life are many and they will end only the day the world itself ends. Just when one feels he has heard it all, something new hits, eating toilet paper as food for example.
There is this 10-year-old boy who has made headlines in South Africa for the wrong thing. He is uncontrollably addicted to food and can’t stop eating.
Caden Benjamin is from Standerton, South Africa. At first glance, he looks like a kid at all because he is incredibly huge, weighing over 14 stone, all because of his uncontrollable urge to keep eating and eating.
Caden’s condition is not actually his fault, though, he’s got a rare genetic disorder which causes him to eat uncontrollably.
Meet The Boy Who Can’t Stop Eating: Eats Sand Or Toilet Rolls When There Is No Food. ..Image credit UK Metro
The strange thing about his condition is that when he cannot get his hands-on food to eat, he eats almost anything including whole rolls of toilet paper and sand (dirt) from the floor.
Meet The Boy Who Can’t Stop Eating: Eats Sand And Toilet Paper When There Is No Food.
He’s now so fat that he can’t breathe well on his own. He had to undergo tracheotomy surgery years back and is now hooked up to a respiration machine with a tube inserted in his windpipe to supply him the needed oxygen.
Caden was recently diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome. This illness is defined by an obsessive or compulsive urge to eat and keep eating.
According to his mother, Miss Zola Benjamin, Caden has eaten everything in the house including rolls of toilet paper, her magazines and the sand on the floors, which he gathers carefully and eats.
“When he’s done eating rolls of toilet paper he moves to eat books and magazines but when he can’t find that, he eats the dirt right off the floor. he’ll scrape together the dirt and eat it.’ said his heartbroken mother who spoke to reporters in South Africa.
Caden was a heavy eater from birth. but his mother didn’t quite know what was wrong with her son until the age of three when he weighed six stone,
A doctor in Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa was the one that pinpointed the rare disease afflicting Caden.
The disease Prader-Willi actually affects thousands of people around the world today. but in Caden’’s the symptoms are not quite right.
Usually, this disease causes limited growth and muscle development and the victims tend to eat lesser than normal people because their bodies burn fewer calories.
In Caden’s case,  it is exactly the opposite. He’s huge and he can’t stop eating.
According to his mother, Caden kick-starts a normal day by consuming four large slices of cheese toast and then just one hour later he would be drinking Coke and eating leftover food from the previous night. His normal lunch is two large pieces of chicken and then he feeds on an hourly basis from then on.
The poor woman has now taken to locking all the food storage areas in the house — the fridge, the kitchen cabinets, and storeroom. Those which she cannot lockup, she hides and due to Caden’s condition, this includes toilet paper, books, and magazines.
Caden can’t play with other kids his age because he struggles to move about and breathe due to his overweight physique.
His mother says it breaks her heart when her son cries and tells her he just wants to be like other kids and go play outside.
Meet The Boy Who Can’t Stop Eating: Eats Sand And Toilet Paper When There Is No Food.

Author’s Note

We do not choose life but life choose us and whatever is our lot, we live with. The obsessive eating of toilet paper, books and magazine is certainly no life at all. I might as well be a beast.
Meet The Boy Who Can’t Stop Eating: Eats Sand And Toilet Paper When There Is No Food.


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