9 Special Ways To Bring Back Regular Exercise into your life


The older we get the more difficult exercise becomes. But hey, nothing ages the body faster than inactivity. Nature made the body to move, always. Indeed, our bodies are one machine that gets better with use and worse without use. That said, here are some special ways to bring regular exercise back into your life on a daily basis and keep the aging process of your body in check with a top form.


How To Bring Back Regular Exercise Into Your Life

Outlined below are some ways to bring back regular exercise into your life after a long period of inactivity which has affected your body negatively.

1. Go See Your Doctor

If you are above 40 or 50 even 60, regular exercise is not one of those things that come readily to your mind as the human body is pretty ‘rusty’ by then. The fact is, for your health’s sake, you still need to be getting the proper amount of exercise. If you’ve got any particular health concerns or conditions, go see your doctor right away. Discuss your fitness plans and its impact on any pre-existing health conditions you may have.

2. Start Slow and Easy

Once you are past your prime, particularly with a long period of inactivity under your belt, it is never wise to jump into rigors exercise routines in the beginning. The impossibility of this is the major reason why most people give up on the whole idea too quickly. Be mindful of the warning signals your body is sending you at every session. Does it hurt? Then don’t do it. Does it make you somewhat dizzy? Stop at once! If nothing works just walk. Never underestimate walking – it doesn’t take much energy but it is quite therapeutic.

3. Try The Greek Trick

At the early stage of the Olympics in ancient Greece, athletes would eat honey and figs to boost their energy levels and make their bodies more inclined to vigorous workouts. Modern athletes have learned to replace the figs with warm water for better results. Add a spoonful of honey to a glass of warm water and drink up before embarking on any exercise routine, particularly in the mornings and you will be glad.


4. Indulge In Activities Your Mind Considers Fun

The best way to be successful with exercise is to make it fun. Choosing activities you enjoy is important despite what people may tell you. If you hate the idea of treadmill runs but love hiking, why not make the switch? Do you love walking and listening to music instead? Give it a go. If you hate weightlifting, give swimming a go. If all else doesn’t gladden your heart and you’d rather get on your bike and go cycling for pleasure, well, regularly do so and you may just be getting fit by default.

5. Keep Your Expectations On The Average

Here is another reason people quit exercise too quickly. I’m not really losing weight or getting better, they say. We are talking exercise here not magic. This is a long-term project. You certainly won’t lose 30 pounds or get super fit after a few runs or a couple of visits to the gym. Looking in the mirror each day, hoping to see the person you were 30 years ago is something that will never be. Instead of doing this, try to imagine the best version of yourself at that point in time in your life.

6. Make Exercise A Regular Habit

The body is one machine that gets better with use. The more physical activity you do, the healthier and fitter you become. This means that the more exercise you do, the more you can do.

Establish a routine, set your goals – such as exercising three to four days a week for a couple of months – and before you realize it, exercise becomes a habit you start looking forward to.


7. Join Senior Fitness Classes

Once you are in the class of the elderly or senior citizen, it’s always best to stick with a fitness instructor and team up with other people of your age in fitness classes. Not only is this inspiring, but it can be downright fun. However, there is another reason, if the exercise affects you wrongly, you stand a better chance of finding that out with others around to talk to.

Some gyms and local communities’ centers do have senior fitness programs that offer fitness routines like aerobics yoga or even swimming or. Not only are these programs affordable, but more importantly, you also get to meet like-minded people who encourage you on the slow march towards your goals.


8. Get A Personal Trainer

If you can afford it, then yes. Having a personal trainer is wonderful because such a person will tailor make all fitness plan to your specific weaknesses, limitations, and strengths. It will amaze you to learn that while a lot of people in the United States, particularly senior citizen and overweight people, have chronic health conditions and genuine concerns about injury, the greatest obstacle to getting enough exercise is mostly psychological. This is where a personal trainer comes in. They are specially trained for this.


9. Exploit The Power Of Positive Thinking and Believe in You

Always believe in yourself at all times and do so positively. The task of going from overweight to slim and fit is an astronomical one full of many points where you wish to give up. If you do not believe you can do who will? Believing in yourself will get you through a four hundred yard run even if you are a thousand tons overweight but if you don’t believe in you, completing a hundred yard run will be impossible each time you try it.



Endless are the health benefits of regular physical activity. From lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke to controlling stress and blood sugar levels, they abound. You will enjoy discovering these benefits in time but for now, put on your running shoes and get going.

It may not be a sure cure for the unwelcome aging process, but regular exercise will increase your lifespan and help you see out the last days in style.

9 Special Ways To Bring Back Regular Exercise into your life.


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