Death Wish or Love? | Pretty British Actress Weds Charles Bronson, Britain’s Most Violent Criminal

Paula marries Charles Bronson

When a lovely woman, and an entertainment figure at that, choose to commit her life to a man like Charles Bronson who is so violent, the British authorities have kept him in jail for over 40 years, one wonders if the woman is alright in the head.

That exactly what a British actress Paula Williamson just did. She married notorious violent criminal, Charles Bronson in front of just four witnesses.

The first thing that went wrong with the couple happened at the wedding, a mix of in the music, that had them walking down the aisle to the music of Chopin’s Funeral March. But before that, the new bride got photographed as she snuck into jail under a blanket in preparation for the wedding.

Bride on way to the wedding


Indeed, the new husband is not only close to twice the wife’s age and the most violent man in Britain, but he is still in Jail and may never see daylight again.

But nothing this didn’t stop actress, Paula Williamson37-year-old from tying the knot with Bronson, 64, and the ceremony took place behind closed doors at Her Majesty’s Prison  Wakefield, West Yorkshire on November 14. This prison is a category one maximum security prison.

Among those who witnessed the wedding bash were a former gangland enforcer linked to the notorious Krays and a retired prison officer.

Paula isn’t too bothered by the fact her husband may never be freed:

‘It’s going to last. It sounds crazy, given his past. ‘But we have shared very intimate things and I feel very happy and very strong.’ 

Bronson, dressed in a white jacket, black shirt with a red tie and carnation, Union Jack shoes and socks with a picture of his mustache, was allowed to stay for just the intimate part of the two-hour ceremony and then he was taken back to his cell. A professional lookalike, Tim Crowley, stepped in after that.

Paula told newsmen that her parents sent her a text earlier in the morning to say they would not be at the wedding.

‘This isn’t what your dad and I would have chosen, but we love you and hope you have a lovely day,’ her mother reportedly said in the text.

But them, who would blame them for bailing on their crazy daughter?

Paula said: ‘Of course it wasn’t the day a bride would choose, but I love him. I had to cherish every second, as we only had two hours, and it was lovely. ‘We only usually kiss through the bars, but Charlie wasn’t handcuffed to a warden so we had to make the most of it while we could.’

Conjugal visits are banned at the maximum security prison, so the pair may never consummate their union.

At one point Charles Bronson poured a glass of sparkling water and toasted Paula, adapting Frank Sinatra’s My Way, to sing: ‘We lived our lives, colorful and full of madness. ‘We planned this lovely day in Monster Mansion. But more, much more than this, we did it our way.’ After the gaffe with the music, Bronson also reportedly stepped on Paula’s dress and ripped it before he was ordered to return to his wing – and took the buffet leftovers for his fellow lags.


The new husband reportedly told Paula: ‘It’s four o’clock, babe. I have to go and take my clothes off. Enjoy your honeymoon.’

The ex-Corrie actress Paula, who also starred in Emmerdale and Hollyoaks, will head out to Malta with her bridesmaids for her honeymoon and she will be without her new husband.

‘It sounds mad, going on the honeymoon without your husband, but he wants me to enjoy myself.’

Talk about beautiful women loving bad guys. Charles Bronson has been in jail since age 19, after being arrested for robbery in 1974. While in jail, he committed a series of crimes that had more sentences added on to his term. In all, he has not seen up to 6 months of freedom since then.

He is currently serving a probatory life sentence for taking a teacher as a hostage for two days in jail. His term requires just three years mandatory term and then he may be out if a parole board considers him to be of no harm to society.

This is a category A prisoner so dangerous, he is placed in solitary confinement and can only go out with his legs and hands chained. Despite his age, Bronson, a former bare-knuckle boxer, keeps remarkably fit by doing over 3000 push-ups a day.


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