Buying Residential Properties – World’s Most Expensive Home

Ever thought of buying residential properties just for the purpose of investment? Well, you should if you’ve got the big bucks because quite a lot of money is in circulation in that particular aspect of the business. The number of multimillionaires in on the business of buying residential properties to resell are quite high and the figure speaks for itself.

Buying Residential Properties The Right Way Is Key

As with stock investment, there is more to real estate investment than meets the eyes. Buying residential properties at the right time, hanging on to it to sell at the correct time is key in making big money.


Buying a house or group of residential properties in a low cost or developing area of town and then sell on in the future when full development hits and prices go up is the thing to do. However, the big money in the business lies in buying old houses with a high antique value from cash-strapped old families, renovating and reselling at a higher value. This is exactly what Italian billionaire distiller Davide Campari-Milano did when he acquired the Villa Les Cedres and the wine company attached to it in 2016. A touch here and there and the property has now been listed for sale, and get this, it goes for hundreds of millions of pounds!

The Villa Les Cedres is located in the South of France and with a whooping price tag of £310 million on the real estate market, it is set to become the most expensive residential property ever sold in human history.

The Villa Les Cèdres is right on the coast of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is a highly luxurious villa and every aspect of it is in superb condition despite the villa being over 187 years old. The villa, which is 18,000 square feet, with no less than 14 bedrooms, is surrounded by 35 acres of lovely gardens and has a good view of the vivid blue Mediterranean Sea.
Of course, there’s no need to go swimming in the sea as the Villa boasts a magnificent swimming pool and a large pond located right inside its private botanical gardens overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean coast.
The rich class would describe the Villa Les Cedres as the ‘the perfect escape hatch from Monaco for those burdened with taste or a dislike for the modern environment.
This magnificent villa was once the escape hatch of one of the richest and most corrupt kings of Europe. The incredibly wealthy King Leopold II of Belgium, who made a vast fortune by looting the rich mineral resources of the Congo, was the original owner of the Villa.

Buying Residential properties – World’s Most Expensive Home

The Villa Les Cèdres was built in 1830, and in recent years has been owned by the rich Marnier-Lapostolle family, who are, perhaps, best known for making the expensive Grand Marnier liqueur. The bitter ‘bigarades’ oranges used to flavor Grand Marnier wine, were harvested in the grounds of the villa,
As with all old money families, hard times came calling with the change in the financial and economic atmosphere in the world and they had to sell something big to keep up.
 Italian billionaire Davide Campari-Milan bought up the whole thing and is now set to resell the villa for a fortune two years after the purchase.


Buying residential properties as a means of investment is not as risky as buying up stock. You don’t even need expert advice to do this, just keep a sharp lookout and a sharp mind. Buy residential properties in the right place and the value will shoot up in no time.


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