The Causes of Kidney Disease | Be-warned and Beware

Prevention and Causes of Kidney disease

Causes of Kidney disease

Diseases of the kidney or Kidney disease are a rampant problem in our world today. This is particularly so in third world countries where standards of living are low and the way of life does not favor the health of most body organs.

A trip to any hospital in countries like Ghana and Ivory Coast will reveal a high mortality rate due to kidney disease and just when you think its limited to Africa you realize it’s also in America.
So what exactly are the functions of kidneys? And what are the diseases that affect them?


To understand the causes of kidney disease a prior understanding of the functioning of the kidneys is required. This information is offered below.



The kidneys are to human beings what vacuum cleaners are for a home. They keep the bloodstream clean, and since the blood bears impurities from every aspect of the interior of the body, the entire body itself is kept clean. The kidneys act much like a super fine filter through which the blood flows. The intricate maze of blood vessels within the traps all the impurities as blood flows through.
The kidneys gather up all these trapped impurities and ships them off down to the urethra, which in turn sends them to the bladder from where they are excreted in the form of urine.
This process is something that goes on repeatedly in the body, every minute and every hour, each day, throughout the lifetime of a person This is the reason why your body becomes poisoned once your kidneys are faulty: all the impurities of your blood just keeps accumulating.


Below are some important tips on how to avoid this terrible aillment known as Kidney disease.

1. Stop Delaying Nature Calls.

When you have to go to the toilet and urinate, that’s nature calling. A bladder that’s over-full obstructs the smooth functions of the kidneys, as there is nowhere to ship impurities. This often results in some damage to the kidneys, leading to kidney disease. Desist from the habit of keeping your urine in your bladder for an unusual length of time despite your body’s natural urges to empty it.
Additionally, put up urine in the bladder contains bacteria which multiply too quickly. A reflux of this heavily contaminated urine back to the urethra and then the kidneys results in the deposits of toxic substances and, hence, all manner of urinary tract infections, including nephritis and uremia.

Readers of this blog should note here that this poisoning effect of the accumulation of urine within the body does not hold in urine therapy. This is one of nature’s wonders that is not easy to explain in a few words.

2. Excessive consumption of Animal Protein.

Excessive consumption of animal protein, red meat, in particular, do your kidneys no good. Why?
One of the by productions of the digestion of protein in the gut is ammonia (NH3) – this substance acts much like a toxin within the body and it wreaks havoc on the kidneys.
The means that the more red meat you consume, the more damage is done to the kidneys.
The Causes of Kidney Disease | Be-warned and Beware

3. Stir Clear of Too much Caffeine.

Caffeine is not just to be found in coffee, it’s there in soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and sodas. This substance does nothing but raises your blood pressure which damages the kidneys through which the blood must flow. Imagine forcing ten people through one doorway at the same time!.
Time to cut back on these worthless drinks.


4. Avoid Consuming Too Much Salt.

High-blood pressure, yes, that’s the number one consequence of consuming too much salt but it also causes kidney damages, leading to kidney disease. Never allow your daily intake of salt gets past 5.5 grams.

5. Not Drinking Plenty Of Water.

The kidneys literarily run on water. All those impurities that are filtered out of the blood are flushed down to the urethra with water. When there is little or no water for this action, a critical blockage within the organ is the result.
Drink plenty of water to keep the kidneys properly hydrated so they perform their natural functions perfectly. Always remember that urine contains toxins and harmful bacteria being flushed out of your body. In the absence of adequate water supply, this flushing out process cannot be done well and so the impurities just accumulate in the blood, destroying your health and reducing your lifespan.
Keep your daily consumption of water above 10 glasses. Worried that you are not drinking enough water daily? Check the color of your urine; the lighter the color is, the better your kidneys are.

6. Treat All Diseases in Time

Stay healthy.Treat all ailments on time, get checked regularly. Did you know that a lot of illnesses are diagnosed by the degree of damage they do to organs like the kidneys and liver? Fungus and Bacteria from most illnesses and disease attack the kidneys too.

Some Foods That Help Fight Kidney Dierese

These two vegetables help keep most Kidney disease and infections at bay. They are rich in vitamins and minerals with a high water content.

  1. Cucumber
  2. Carrots


To live longer is not just a production of healthy eating but also that of drinking lots of water and urinating on time. Stay healthy and your kidneys will be healthy. Live healthy and Kidney disease will not be your lot.


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