Is The Clean Master App For Android Truly Harmful?


The question of the clean master app for Android being harmful to Android phones is one that has come to light lately and with good reason too.

Numerous Android users around the world have reported one critical malfunction or the other after running the clean master app and other such apps on their phone for a period of time. A quick look at the candid reviews people are currently giving this app on google play store will reveal quite a few things about it. While some of these facts are encouraging, once the apps downloaded and used for a time, your Android phone will never be the same again.




Is The Clean Master App For Android Truly Harmful?

Yes, indeed the Clean Master app is!

From my personal experience with the clean master app, using it is as good as killing the performance of your Android phone. These phone cleaning apps may have been useful once, but not anymore because the modern Android phone has become so advanced that these phone cleaning apps are no longer necessary and may be downright harmful to your phone.

I speak from bitter experience with my Infinix Tablet phone with an Android 6.0 operating system. It lasted me four good years until I installed the clean master app and it all went to pieces in two months. The once beautiful screen displays began to behave like an old TV with a bad channel feed.

The clean master software actually works best on Windows phones and PCs. On Windows devices, one wants to keep as much RAM space as possible so that programs in use have enough room to function adequately. When the RAM gets filled up, the Windows operating system is then forced to begin using the main hard drive space as visible RAM and because the hard drive is a lot slower than the physical RAM, your entire device speed slows. Hence the need for a cleanup software like the clean master.

This is not the way in which Android phones work. The modern Android operating system has its own native handler for allocating RAM space to apps and then makes sure that all available space is being adequately optimized.

The Android operating system is intentionally designed to keep apps loaded unto the RAM as long as possible. This actually aids optimal performance, the phone works better and faster. There is no magic involved here, it’s just that technically, the.RAM is fast and very accommodating to operating apps.

Furthermore, the Android operating system, apart from handling the RAM assignment process, also monitors background apps to ensure that they don’t use up unnecessary processor resources. This is to say that leaving apps loaded on the Ram of modern Android phones carries no noticeable performance setbacks.

App killers, junk cleaners, memory boosters, performance enhancers, etc all these apps claiming that wiping the phone’s memory will speed up its performance are not telling the truth. Modern versions of Android simply does not need them and when they are installed, the opposite is actually the case.

What happens then is the task killer apps kill other apps which are 100% resourceful to process and then the Android operating system is forced to restart those apps again or opt for other apps to fill the vacant memory, and this takes up even more resources. When all is done and set, the task killer app strikes again and kills them all. The entire process repeats itself over and over, wearing the phone’s internal mechanism down.

In reality, app killers such as the Clean Master app reduce performance, takes up too much space and increase battery usage by that terrible process of restarting apps again and again. All these apps are completely dormant and so don’t consume any additional battery power or valuable CPU resources in the first place.

Outlined below are a lot more good reasons why the clean master app for Android, in particular, is truly harmful to your device and so shouldn’t be used or even exist on you pheon.


Why the Clean Master App for Android is harmful To Your Device

1. The clean master app and others like it are hyped as cache cleaning apps, capable of improving your phone’s overall performance and battery life, but in reality, it takes a lot of memory space while operating in the background, making it a device-killer instead. These apps are best suited to the Windows operating system on PC.

2. On modern Androids and other such smartphones, these cache cleaning and task killing apps might work very negatively. They could even act as malware in the memory. It is best not to use these apps on phones.

3. Android smartphones are very powerful devices that don’t really need any cache cleaning apps installed. The newer Android versions are already loaded with some amazing features to help boost the overall performance and battery life of a device.

Do not be fooled when you see apps like ‘lightening cleaner’, super booster, 360 cleaner and antivirus, super cleaner, they are all the same. Device killers all.

The Effects of Clean Master app On Phones with Low Ram

Downloading the clean master app or any such apps onto phones with low RAM space is a huge no, no, a very bad idea.

In this case, these apps come with a lot more disadvantages than advantages.

For one thing, a phone with low RAM or memory storage having to operate with the Clean Master app onboard is just a waste of that little memory and RAM. The app gets installed on both your internal storage and memory as well, running in the background as it takes up all that space and drains your battery.

Since this Clean Master app basically kills other apps and clears the cache, the Android operating system promptly restarts the important ones again to take up the same amount of RAM and storage (check your phone settings immediately after killing the apps). The clean master app will pop up right quick to prompt you to clear those same caches and apps yet again. Both these useful apps and cache are re-generated again and again on your device as the operating system tries to make it work better and faster, This process never stops until your phone develops a fault or breaks down completely.

And so if you do not have enough memory storage or RAM on your device, you are better off without the clean master app. Uninstall the clean master app right now and you will notice improvements in your device’s performance immediately.

Now you have all the right answers and from experts and experienced people too. Go online, visit the google play store and read through the reviews, look out for those who have really used the apps for a while and you will see similarities in what they say and what you have read here.

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