The awesome benefits of cucumbers to the human body are quite numerous and so topics such as cucumber water and cucumber nutrition should feature at the top of the list of every health-conscious individual.  
Cucumbers have a soft flesh that’s rich in the vitamins A, then there’s the elusive B-complex vitamins group and the even more elusive vitamin C, folic acid too, they are all present in cucumber in rich levels.  The hard-outer part of the cucumber is quite rich in fiber and other very important minerals which include potassium, calcium, magnesium, and molybdenum. However, the most plentiful of them all is water!

Cucumber Water

As highlighted earlier, cucumber is super rich in a lot of minerals and vitamins that are very important to the health. Cucumber is also very rich in water. That water, extracted, is known as cucumber water or cucumber juice.
Cucumber water is basically nature’s dissolution of very important mineral and vitamins in water and many consume this as a remedy for good health.
Also present in cucumbers (and thus cucumber water) are traces of silica, which helps fortify the body’s connective tissues.
Ever wondered why some people place slices of cucumber directly over their eyes, allowing the water or juice drip in? Applied topically, cucumbers and cucumber water are known remedies for quite a number of eye and skin problems, from wounds, rashes, bad burns, and dermatitis to sunburn, sore eyes, and under eye swelling. Eaten raw, cucumbers stop (prevent) the loss of water from the body, thanks to their richness in these two unique substances, caffeic and ascorbic acids. Dropping cucumber water or cucumber juice directly into sore eyes will work wonders fast.
Now, do you see why cucumbers and cucumber water are good for you? Knowledge of them is covered in the topic of cucumber nutrition and that is what we will now talk about.

Cucumber Nutrition and Benefits

Cucumber (scientific name: Cucumis sativus) are part of the same botanic family as pumpkins, garden eggs, watermelons and other such summer squash – these are all creeping vines that grow all year round, bearing edible fruits or leaves that are highly beneficial to human health.
There are actually different varieties of cucumbers and they are grown in different regions of the world. The cucumber fruit is mostly eaten fresh (like with the slicing cucumbers variety which is big) or consumed in pickled form (like with Gherkin cucumbers, which are much smaller in size and specially grown for this purpose). Though always available all year round, cucumbers are really at their best in the months of May and July, which is when the rainy season comes in the tropics where it originates from.
The Awesome Benefits Of Cucumbers (cucumber water)
India is believed to be the origin of cucumbers all of 10,000 years ago, but the fruit is now widely cultivated in different lands and climes.
The Cucumber, due to its health and nutritional benefits, was a cherished fruit of several ancient civilizations including the Egyptian, Greek, Roman and even the French civilizations. The fruit was held in high esteem by many European nobles, not just as food but also for its immense health benefits to the skin. The French king, Louis XIV, so loved cucumbers that his subjects invented the process of cultivating it in greenhouses so their king could have the fruit all year. It was from these greenhouses that cucumber found its way across the ocean to the new world where the American colonies of the French lay, namely Canada.

The Major Varieties of Cucumbers.

The universally popular phrase “cool as a cucumber”, which is often used to describe people of cool character and manner, is a direct cooperation to the cooling and soothing effect of eating fresh cucumbers. These cylindrically shaped fruits vary in length from about five to nine inches. The size of cucumbers, however, depends on the variety and region of cultivation. Cucumbers also vary in color from green to white. The skin may be, sometimes, smooth or ridged, depending on the variety. Inside the cucumber skin, you find pale green flesh that is thick yet aqueous and crispy at the same time. The interior core of cucumber has numerous, edible fleshy seeds. In many lands, cucumbers are grown in greenhouses; these cucumbers are big in size, seedless with thinner outer lays. This variety of cucumbers are called “burpless” and they are easier to digest. They have lengths of between 11 and 20 inches.
The Awesome Benefits Of Cucumbers (cucumber water)

The Health Benefits Of Cucumbers (Cucumber water)

Researchers say the Gherkin cucumbers variety were specially developed from an African plant and cultivated in ancient Spain from where Roman emperors imported them for pickled foods due to their health benefits.
Indeed, the bland taste of fresh cucumber has little to do with its popularity but its health and soothing effects on the body is truly refreshing. Did you know that Cucumbers often have the characteristics of antioxidants? If you are a lover of fried or barbecued foods, which isn’t good for health, be sure to drink a glass full of cucumber water or juice afterward – mix it in with carrot or orange juice for better taste and you’ll be amazed at the long-term effects.
Cucumber, having a high alkaline nature, prevents acidity in the body, and thus, the destruction of good probiotics in the guts – this is good news for people with gastric problems, cucumber is to be consumed regularly by them. Cucumbers also keep the skin well-toned and lovely, regulates blood pH levels, thanks to that alkaline nature.
Amazing is the fact that cucumbers do even more. They regulate blood pressure, enhances proper structuring of connective tissues in the muscles, ligaments, bones, cartilage, and tendons. The consumption of cucumbers in the summer, aids in normalizing body temperature. The diuretic nature of cucumber water or juice prevents kidney stones, it also counters the effects of uric acid in the body to prevent inflammation from certain conditions like arthritis, gout, and asthma. But there’s still more.
Did you know that cucumber can wipe out problematic skin infections like psoriasis, acne, and eczema? It also enhances healthy hair growth.


The Benefits Of Cucumbers (cucumber water)

Below, we take a closer look at the health benefits of cucumbers and cucumber water.
1. Beautiful Complexion
With its richness in silica, Cucumber promotes the development of strong and healthy connective tissues in the bones, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. In the event of dull and unhealthy skin, particularly after a chronic illness, doctors often recommend drinking cucumber water or juice – that silica. Moisture, being the best friend of healthy skin, Cucumbers should be consumed regularly — it has a high water content that makes it naturally hydrating. Caffeic and Ascorbic acids are the two important compounds in cucumbers that prevent the loss of water from the body.
Applied topically, the extracts of cucumbers can be used for treating different kinds of skin problems, including itching, sunburn and swelling under the eyes. Now you understand why beauty bloggers advice putting slices of cucumber on sore eyes or applying it topically for various skin ailments.
2. Promotes Kidneys Healthy and Prevents Constipation and Keeps
A perfect mixture of both water and fiber, Cucumbers protects the body from constipation and kidney stones. Drinking cucumber water or juice gives you lots of water but lots of fiber and minerals too. According to surveys, lots of Americans consume cucumber-rich salads regularly as a way to increase fiber intake, this is very good. The other beneficial minerals in cucumber are vitamin C, potassium, silica, and magnesium. Cucumbers are 96% water, naturally purified water, which is higher in quality than ordinary water. Drink a glass of cucumber water or juice rather than water. When eating cucumbers, do not peel off the skins, they contain high levels of vitamin A just like carrots, it’s good for your eyes among many other things.
3. Regulates Blood Pressure
Over at DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), a study consisting of two groups of people with a history of high blood pressure was conducted with amazing results. The first group who consumed foods high in fiber and nutrients like potassium and magnesium, had their blood pressure levels return to normal. The second group consumed a diet rich in these complexes but also ate other foods like lean meat and poultry, seafood, low-fat dairy items, this group saw that their blood pressure decrease by 5.5 points (systolic) over 3.0 points (diastolic).
4. Controls Diabetes
Cucumbers are one food every diabetic patient must eat regularly if they wish to live normally. Cucumbers possess a certain hormone that is required by the body’s beta cells during the production of insulin. Cucumbers have a Glycemic Index of zero, which means they do not raise blood glucose levels even though they contain carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are present in most foods and their effect on the body is measured in the quantity of the Glycemic Index. Carbohydrates stimulate an increase in blood glucose levels, however, the carbohydrates contained in cucumbers are easily digested by diabetic patients and so do not raise blood sugar levels but helps regulate it due to the other mineral content of cucumbers.
Are you a diabetic? Eat cucumbers daily, drink cucumber water or juice or take cucumber supplement – check your local store, it often comes as spiny sea cucumber extract powder.
5. Detoxes The Body And Keeps it Functioning Healthily
The excellent detoxing properties of Cucumbers actively removes all accumulated waste, free radicals, and toxins from the body. This is one reason cucumbers are so effective in the treatment of arthritis – it gets rid of uric acid in the body. Cucumbers are considered a natural diuretic because they stimulate urine production – the body getting rid of waste. Cucumbers optimize the functions of the kidneys, bladder, liver and pancreatic glands. A blend of cucumber water or juice and carrot juice works wonders for the kidneys stone and, particularly, rheumatic conditions caused by excessive levels of uric acid within the body.
6. Helps Digestion
Cucumbers are excellent for digestion, particularly of proteins. Their alkaline nature neutralizes the acidity of the gut that is usually brought on by the consumption of red meat, junk foods, and fried foods. This helps promote the health of gut bacteria that do the job of food digestion. Add cucumber water or juice to your diet if you are having stomach problems.


Other Health Benefits of Cucumber and Cucumber Water

Drinking cucumber water or juice regularly helps with lung problems, promotes muscle flexibility, blood circulation and relaxed nerves (this is due to its high magnesium content). Cucumbers even prevent the unwelcome splitting of the toenails on fingernails.

Buying and Storing Cucumbers

Do not store Cucumbers in hot places as they are very sensitive to heat. Do not buy any cucumber that has been exposed to heat. Store cucumbers in the refrigerator or cool places. Buy only fresh and firm cucumbers or those that have refrigerated. Avoid yellow or brownish, puffy cucumbers that have soft water-soaked areas or somewhat wrinkled tips. Make sure of the green color of the cucumber before you buy.
Stored up in the fridge, the cucumber can stay fresh a long time.
The Awesome Benefits Of Cucumbers (cucumber water)


In conclusion, cucumbers are important for healthy living. If you are diabetic, it becomes a daily necessity. Drinking cucumber water or juice is better than drinking ordinary water, more nutritious. Avoid bad cucumbers and store purchased ones in cool places. Step up you cucumber nutrition today, its health benefits are just too many and the gruit itself comes a dime a dozen.

The Awesome Benefits Of Cucumbers (cucumber water)


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