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There are some great movies by Hollywood that never get much attention when released until a few people take a look at them due to some connecting event or by chance and boom they go (dark crimes watch movies online).

The movie “Dark Crimes” was completed in 2016 but never went viral until this year. In fact, most of the top movie review sites are currently yapping about it and people don’t seem to be able to stop looking for where to find it. But what is this movie all about?


Dark Crimes HDD 2018 — Buy or Watch Movies Online

Dark Crimes Cast
Jim Carrey as Tadek
Charlotte Gainsbourg as Kasia
Agata Kulesza as Marta
Zbigniew Zamachowski as Lukasz
Kati Outinen as Malinowska
Marton Csokas as Kozlow

Alexandros Avranas

Writer (Movie was based on an article by)
David Grann

Jeremy Brock
Michal Englert

Agnieszka Glinska

Richard Patrick

Action, Crime, Thriller

Rating (+18)
Strong and disturbing violent/sexual content including graphic nudity, rape, and language.

92 minutes

Dark Crimes HDD 2018 — Buy or Watch Movies Online

The movie begins with white type credits on a light black background, alternating with clear images of sexual bondage. In one image, a blonde woman is shown, naked, her wrists are bound by a tight black cord; that cord actually suspends her from the partly curved ceiling of a dark stone corridor, apparently a dungeon of some kind. The blonde woman is revolving slowly around as she hangs. The next shot is the credit, white typed, flashing “In Association with Ratpac Entertainment.”

That was the hit that blew the top off this movie, or so I believe. You see, in the moviemaking world, the corporate entity “Ratpac Entertainment.” belongs to none other than Brett Ratner, one of several powerful men in Hollywood who got slammed with sexual harassment accusations last year.

If you know Hollywood, you would understand that sexual harassment accusations are no big deal. In fact, some are welcomed because they place a sinister aura around the men who meddle with this kind of violent fantasy crime movies, and the way in which they do it. “Dark Crimes” is just one of such movies. The movie is thick with a dank visual flair that is unsettling and there is almost no regard for plausibility. What you’ve got here is a violent murderer and rapist in action, running from the law as he does his thing. About 40 minutes into the movie, there’s even a staged suspected murderer’s impromptu press conference.

Directed by Alexandros Avranas, from a Jeremy Brock script, the movie is adapted from the fascinating 2008 New Yorker top notch story by David Grann… “True Crime: A Postmodern Murder Mystery,”. It’s a real-life story about a Polish policeman who discovered, in a provocative masterpiece of fiction written by a strange self-promoting intellectual, the clue to solving a real murder case.

Just as true-life stories run, that of David Grann is multi-faceted and, in many cases, features boring details of life but there are cases of revelations so shocking they are hard to believe. And then enters Jeremy Brock and other scriptwriters, whoever they may be, to pump up that shock value. They cleverly orient most of the plot around a secret sex club called The Cage — the location is that where the above-mentioned blonde woman was hanging. They cleverly give the investigating detective in the movie, Tadek, played perfectly by Jim Carrey, an upsetting family life and a rather troubled relationship with the entire police department. The suspected violent murderer, Kozlow, lacks the intellectual vocabulary that actual-life criminals do. Instead, he does a lot of cursing in between saying stuff like “Perception is a reality.”

Once detective Tadek is forced to turn his suspect loose on the streets again, “Dark Crimes” begins to get really interesting and a kind of ‘Dirty Game’ roll begins to play out.

The suspect Kozlow goes clever and announces some ‘clear’ lies about his ill-treatment while under police custody and makes clear that he will derive satisfaction in court for the way his 30th Amendment rights were violated. Detective Tadek is all too willing to play beyond the margins of the law and an ultra cat and mouse game begin.

The detective displays some trickiness of his own by going after Kozlow’s girlfriend, (actress Charlotte Gainsbourg playing the part) and e hazy maze of degradation and corruption comes to light.

As you must have must have figured out now, this interesting movie by Hollywood is actually of Polish origin and most of the stars in them have that funny Polish accent to make it believable. But be careful now because the things in this movie are not for the faint of heart.

Dark Crimes — Buy or Watch Movies Online
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Dark Crimes HDD 2018 — Buy or Watch Movies Online


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