Domestic Violence In Action!


The only true end to domestic violence is often divorce or plain separation but guess what? The death of the woman can also occur or a permanent disfiguration of her body or parts of it (domestic violence in action).

Domestic Violence In Action!

Somewhere in the city of Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria, an industrialized city regard as the China of Africa, a man has given his wife the beating to end all beating. Oh, and she just put to be too.


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Please, look at that picture and answer this question please, is there any love left in the heart of the man who did such a thing to his wife that just bless him with a child?

This is heartbreaking and simply cruel and yet, according to what I gather, the woman is hoping things will get better in her marriage and domestic violence will just go away. She hopes for this because she has already given birth to a child.

Domestic Violence In Action!

In truth, the chances of this ever happening are as close to zero as can be.


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