How Drinking Warm Water Daily Can Boost Health And Induce Long Life

How Drinking Warm Water Daily Can Boost Health And Induce Long Life

Everyone, regardless of age, has a dedicated morning habit; how they begin each day and what they do first after getting up from bed. Some people drink some espresso or tea, others eat first and yet others simply ignore these things as they storm out of the house for work. Interestingly, there are a few people with the unique habit of igniting their day by drinking warm water, just a glass of warm water.

Whatever or whichever your morning customs may be, here we are to set you straight. Here we will be looking at the most ideal approach to start off your day.

Drinking coffee or tea, first thing in the morning might be nice to your taste buds (tongue), particularly with the sugar and cream just right, but for the overall health of the rest of your body, it really isn’t. Eating heavy foods or any other food for that matter so early in the day is just as bad.

Drinking warm water, just a glass of it, is exactly what you ought to do, first thing each morning. You will never believe the wonders drinking warm water daily; just that simple glass of warm water will do your system and overall health until you give it a try for a while and behold the astonishing results yourself. Two important points of note here are this…

  • The water you drink each morning must be warm like with your tea not cold as in ‘from the fridge’
  • Drinking warm water as the first thing you consume each morning must be done on an empty stomach.

As ordinary as it might seem, drinking warm water on an empty stomach will enhance your body’s absorption abilities, improve your digestive system, trigger and facilitate your body’s natural detox system which will then flush out all manner of toxins and poisons.

Outlined below are the greatest reasons for drinking warm water, just that glass of it, first thing each morning for the rest of your life. Read each point carefully and I guarantee you won’t need any persuasion to add a new habit to your lifestyle starting first thing tomorrow morning.

How Drinking Warm Water Daily Induce Long Life

Seven Benefits of Drinking Warm Water Each Morning


1. Body Detoxification

Thanks to nature, or rather our creator, the human body has the ability to maintain itself. However, due to pollution and poor lifestyle, there is a vast array of new illnesses and diseases in play against humanity today and most of them are too complex for the body to handle. Due to this factor, the body’s inbuilt systems tend to fail in their various functions. For example, in that way the immunes system of a healthy person’s body sometimes fails to stop some illnesses or disease from taking root, resulting in the person falling sick, so also does the detoxification system fail to flush some toxins out of the body.

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Amazingly, all that’s required to boost these dysfunctional systems in the body are among the simplest of foods and supplements you can find. In the case of the body’s detoxification system, drinking warm water on an empty stomach, just a glass, first thing in the morning! Doing this will kick-start your body’s detox system and boost it too.

Why all the worry about toxins?

Toxins are poisons produced by living organisms within the body but still more toxins get in the body as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and the polluted environment. Unless gotten rid of, these poisons are stored up within the body where they induce every harmful health condition, from accelerated aging to chronic diseases.

The body’s powerful detox system can effectively eliminate all these terribly harmful toxins. The process is simple; warm water (not cold water) promotes the decomposition of foods in the stomach and this enhances the functions of the digestive tract.

Instead of gulping down cold water in glassfuls all the times, consider a glass of warm water. Warm water can be preserved in a neat water flask, ready to be drunk at any moment. I promise it will do ample wonders for your digestion and detoxification systems.

2. Boosts The Body’s Metabolism

Drinking that ordinary glass of warm water on an empty each morning has the ability to boost your metabolism tremendously and promote overall body function. This leads to the elimination of stomachaches which are actually the result of improper digestion and slow metabolic functions.

3. Drinking Warm Water Eases Body Pains

So many people obtain relief from certain kinds of body pains by drinking a glass of warm water. This is particularly so in the case of women suffering from menstrual cramps. That extra heat from drinking warm water eases the pain by relaxing the tense stomach muscles. Since the warm water also has the ability to improves capillary circulation, it relaxes a lot of other muscles too and so can be beneficial in dealing with other types of abdominal cramps.

4. Improves Blood Circulation

This point has already been mentioned earlier. Since drinking warm water on an empty stomach flushes toxins and all accumulated waste out of the body, a lot of clogged up space are cleared. This promotes better and faster blood circulation on all levels, which translates to better overall health.

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5. Helps weight loss

Actually, drinking warm water is an excellent way to reduce weight, A regular combination of warm water drinking, light exercises and healthy diets rich in fruits and vegetable, will help your body burn off all that unwanted fat and extra weight. With the intake of warm water comes an increase in body temperature which triggers a speed up in metabolism and this is what results in the body burning off the unwanted calories faster. Other beneficial effects of drinking warm water go to your kidneys and all the excretory organs which are cleaned out.

6. Helps maintain core body temperature

Only people living in very cold climates will truly appreciate this benefit of drinking warm water on an empty stomach each morning. Cold, extreme cold, has the ability to alter most of the body’s normal function negatively, particularly overnight. Not even the external application of heat to the body helps very much but a cup of warm water will always make a difference.

For people living in mildly cold climate, this same principle applies because, cold, minor or major, always alters the body’s core temperature and that’s never a good thing, which is why you need sweaters to protect yourself.

7. Significantly Slows Down The Unwelcome Aging Process

Who doesn’t want to be young and good-looking forever? We’ll pay almost any price to preserve our youth and, if possible, halt that ugly aging process for good.

Drinking warm water, a simple glass of warm water, drank each morning, can help you achieve this seemingly impossible goal by preventing premature aging caused by toxins. When the body is overwhelmed by the build-up of toxins, it affects our overall health, growth, and appearance in very negatives ways. Our looking so much older than normal is just one of such ways toxin destroys our body from the inside out and from the outside in. These poisons are that bad and quite thorough.


How Drinking Warm Water Daily Can Induce Long Life


Drinking warm water, a glass of warm water, on an empty stomach after you wake up each morning. This will help the body kick those toxins out faster, improve the skin’s fresh looks and slow down the unwelcome aging process markedly.

How Drinking Warm Water Daily Can Induce Long Life


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