Top 12 Professional Life Hacks For Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity


Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

The improvement of employee productivity is something that every employer and business owner is concerned about and they delight in those employees who excel in this particular area. Those that improve their performance and productivity without being told to do so.

The most loved and respected of employees are not only those who give their best to impress their bosses, but also those who maintain a certain kind of lifestyle in the close-knit society of a workplace.

Simply put, we’re talking about the way you should handle yourself around your bosses and colleges in your place of work. Certain people might see this as a form of work ethics, but according to some experienced experts, it is actually employee productivity improvement.

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

Top 12 Professional Life Hacks For Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

Below is a list of the top 12 professional life hacks for optimal workplace productivity or employee productivity, which should be of concern to you as it is for your bosses.

1. Always Get to work on time.

Nothing beats a worker that gets to the workplace on time every day, just ask any business owner or boss. Not only does this highlights your traits such as discipline and time management, it also puts you over as being reliable.

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

2. Speak As Little As Possible

When you are often in silent mode in a place of work, you can actually observe a lot of things, get to learn new things and, best of all, avoid confrontations.

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According to Grace, a woman who held a job for over 20 years in the work pool of an American firm in New York, most of the quarrels that arise in a workplace start with what ‘Frank or Carol said’, never what they didn’t say

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

3. Be Smart In Your Work

Although hard work pays just fine,  being smart in that work, using your intelligence, pays much better. Intelligent work is what gets you the promotions to unlimited heights. If you don’t wanna spend the next 10 years at that desk on the work floor with 40 other workers, time to get smart.

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

4. Simplify Things For Others

The world is about making things simpler and easier for others. When you accomplish your job this way at your workplace, more and more people will want to work with you, even your bosses will. I’m sure you see the road to a promotion here.

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

5. Project Your Capabilities And Services 

This is all about what you can do, and so only you can accomplish it. No one else can do this better than you can.

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

6. Always Talk About Your Abilities With Intelligence and Respect

Never talk about your weakness in your place of work, this is a very bad idea. Not only will you be advertising those weaknesses to possible exploitation, but your colleagues will find it hard remembering your plus points.

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

7. Separate Your Work From Your Personal Life (employee productivity)

Always keep your personal life and problems as far away from your workplace as possible. Never discuss your personal life or problems with people at your workplace because it will be exploited. Once people discover your vulnerabilities, they will not fail to hit you hard right there.

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

8. Maintain A Good Working Relationship At All Costs

It’s your place of work, so your working relationship with others determines how well you do. Always try to maintain good working relations with your boss and co-workers.

Experienced workers would tell you to be careful here. Keep your relationships realistic and stay clear of arguments, which can lead to a ceaseless saga of leg pulling and paybacks. Retaliation does taste sour after that initial sweetness.

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

9. Stop Avoiding Responsibility

If everybody takes exactly the same approach and refuses to accept responsibility, no one will own the baby. Bear in mind that all the laws have already been laid down in your place of work and responsibilities assigned, so taking responsibility where you shouldn’t only highlight your leadership qualities. It sounds really great to employers and colleagues alike when you willingly volunteer to work, but the kickback here is that it will get you promoted at the end. People who take responsibility are given better jobs with more responsibility.

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

10. Always Deliver On Time

Avoid being late for any reason, not even perfection. Always try to deliver all things on time. An output of average standard, delivered on time, is better than a masterpiece delivered after the deadlines.

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

11. Always Have Another Choice in Every Situation Even If You Don’t

Never allow people at your workplace know that you have no other choice. By nature, once people realize that you are totally dependent on them, you are in for a very hard time. In the workplace, things can get a lot worse than this. Keep secrets like this to yourself and, in all things, always have options in mind in order to avoid exploitation in your workplace.

12. Be Careful About Your Mode Of Dressing 

This is one of the things people overlook most times. Always take the time to dress well. It doesn’t really matter how many suits you’ve got, what does matter is how good and respectable you look in them. Keep perfumes and makeup at a minimum when heading to your workplace. Bear in mind that some of the people you work with may not like the smell of your perfume, and your boss may be just one of them. This goes for your makeup too. You are going to your workplace, not on a dinner date!

Optimal Workplace Productivity – Employee Productivity

Have a nice work day!


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