In the event of food poisoning or the ingestion of other kinds of poisons, an emergency ensures in which modern medicine and healthcare workers are helpless due to the lack of any sort of effective universal remedy.

Fortunately, nature offers two powerful remedies. They are very common substances you see each day but never even knew about.

In this article, we will show you what these natural remedies for food poisoning and poisons are.



These are very natural and common substances that can make the difference at that moment when the life of a victim of food poisoning or other poisons hangs by a thread that could break in seconds while medical assistance is nowhere in sight.

Poisoning, depending on severity, can result either in irreversible damage to the body and one’s overall health or even result in death.



Any substance that causes illness, injury or death after it gets into the body is a poison. Poisons may get in the body in 3 forms solid, liquid and gaseous (including vapor) forms. Poisons may be eaten, inhaled, absorbed through the skin by touching or injected directly into the bloodstream.

Poisons are the exact opposite of health care. They are health destroyers or instant bringers of death.


Main Types Of Poisons

There are two main types of poisons.

  • 1. Synthetic (man-made) poisons e.g. artificial chemicals, toxins or drugs.
  • 2. Natural poisons – organic chemical, poisonous plants, and microorganisms e.g. bacteria.

A lot of substances, such as carbon monoxide and drugs, are only poisonous in high concentrations while others, such as antifreeze and cleaners, are harmful only if ingested. However, a lot of poisons are downright deadly even in tiny amounts. More worrying are poisonous microscopic organisms that grow invinciblY on common objects around us but can be very deadly once they get in foods.

Some poisons work very fast, killing their victims too quickly, sometimes within seconds of entering the body. Other poisons work slowly, thereby giving the victim a chance of survival by way of getting help if any.


Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is all too easy and so commonplace. Foods can be made very poisonous by a lot of things, from the growth of harmful bacteria to the deliberate addition of a poisonous substance. There are even situations where two completely harmless foods or supplements mix together in the guts to form lethal poisons — this particular situation occurs mainly with chemical loaded processed foods, supplements, and drinks, which is one reason why it is very wise to avoid them.



Common Victims Of Poisons and Food Poisoning

Little children are highly sensitive and susceptible to poisons as they have very low hygiene and weaker immune systems. With adults, poisoning is almost always accidental but there are situations where the poison is deliberately taken (such as in suicide attempts) or is given (murder).


Symptoms & signs of poisoning

It is important to note that the symptoms of certain poisons can imitate that of other ailments such as heart attack, seizure, strokes, alcohol intoxication, and insulin reaction. For example, poisoning by cyanide results instead in instant death from a heart attack — even medical examination of the victim’s body points to heart attack unless a dedicated test for cyanide is run.

The General Signs and symptoms of poisoning include the following:

  1. Abdominal or Stomach ache (most common symptom, particularly with orally ingested poisons)
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Nausea and Vomiting
  4. Redness or Burns around the mouth and lips (This is true if ingested orally but if injected or absorbed through the skin look for any spot on the skin with such signs)
  5. Hot or Chemical smelling Breath
  6. Difficulty breathing
  7. Unconsciousness or failing consciousness
  8. Altered mental status e.g. confusion, hallucination, tipsiness etc.
  9. Seizures of brain related fits which often result in foaming at the mouth

If anyone displays two or more of these symptoms, he or she is most likely poisoned. At this point it is best to administer a remedy quickly to save the person’s life because even an emergency 911 call won’t help much – some poisons work too fast and certainly won’t wait for the medics to arrive before killing off their victim. Sometimes, even when help does arrive on time, not much can be done except professional damage control. There are just too many poisons out there and medical science has no universal antidote much less a cure for each of them.

But must we suffer or die because of this? Must we watch helplessly while innocent people or even our loved ones suffer so greatly or die slowly and agonizingly from poisoning?


“Thou shall have life and live it” – Mother Nature.

Nature actually offers individual antidotes for certain poisons but there are two outstanding ones that act as Universal remedies for more than 95% of all known poisons. Unlike medicine which requires knowledge of the type, origin, and dosages of the poison being dealt with in relation to the victim’s age, Mother Nature does not care! These two natural remedies for poisoning destroys all poisons in the body, healing and reviving the victim very quirky irrespective of age, type of poison, origin or potency levels (power).



These two unique substances are Lime orange and common table Salt. Yes, you heard right.

Lime orange is not that common but salt can be found in every kitchen and on most dining tables in every home the world. Neither has any side effects when used and, if taken in time, work fast against even the most powerful of poisons and toxins



The liquid juice from lime oranges has a strong alkaline nature that counters all chemicals and substances with an acidic nature, destroying them completely. Poisons are mostly acidic in nature and so are particularly susceptible to lime juice.

Lime, a citrus fruit, is completely harmless to humans, it’s even beneficial to health considering its powerful antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties (this makes it particularly unwelcome to even the most poisonous bacteria).

Whether sliced up and eaten as an orange or squeezed out into a glass of water and drank, once in the body, lime juice seeks out any harmful poison or bacteria and wipes it out instantly. Being so highly medicinal, lime juice is very bitter and so it’s better to dissolve it in some water in other to make it readily consumable.



By itself, salt does not work, it needs to be in solution – in water! Get a clean glass of water and add as much salt as can be dissolved in it. Keep adding until the water can dissolve no more salt and there are a lot of leftover particles at the bottom of the glass. What you have then is a chemically electric solution called brine, which can attack and destroy so many substances and chemicals, natural or manmade, acidic or alkaline (this makes it more powerful than lime). Brine is bitter but harmless to the body and so gets in there to wipe out even the most lethal of poisons.

Note — Lime is particularly super against poisonous bacteria in the body while salt is best for chemicals and other such substances.


How to use Salt or Lime on Victims of Poisons and food poisoning

Outlined below are methods one can use to cure victims of poisons and food poisoning.

1. Swallowed poison — First, check and remove anything remaining in the victim’s mouth.

*Lime – slice 1 or 2 lime oranges and make sure the victim eats it up like an orange. Better to squeeze it out into a glass of water and drink., it has a bitter taste which makes it very unwelcome to the palate, moreover, water acts as a means of fast transportation to the active poison in the body. The victims will show signs of recovery in seconds.

*Salt – Give the victim a glassful of brine to drink. He or she should show signs of relief or recovery within seconds.

Note: If the person is unconscious at some level, the water must be forced down the throat.
Whichever remedy is chosen, continues consumption is advised until a state of complete normalcy and relief is induced.

2. Poison on the skin — Administer the same treatment above but go a step further by localizing the poison’s entry point on the skin. Look for burn, dark or reddish marks or patches on the skin. Once found, apply the remedy directly to the affected area.

*Lime – Apply sliced lime orange directly to the affected area of skin.

*Salt – Gently massage the area with a neat piece of cloth soaked in brine for some minutes.

3. Poison in the eyes.
*Lime – If you choose to use lime here make sure it is a very diluted solution of lime in water. Gently wash the eye out with this solution for about 10 minutes and you should be fine.

*Salt – this is best for the eyes. Use lukewarm brine to wash out the eyes until the poison is out. Relief should come fast.

4. Inhaled poison — This one is tricky as the lungs are affected. Get the victim out into fresh air quickly, then give him or her a lot of brine to drink. If symptoms persist, go to the hospital.

Sometimes CPR is necessary if the victim shows no signs of life, such as moving or breathing. The person must be conscious at some level for either of these natural remedies to be consumed and work. In severe cases where the victim is vomiting a lot, let him. Once done, feed him the salt water, again and again. It is his only hope of life.


Always chose salt water over lime when you do not know the dosage, origin or potency of the poison consumed. Salt water is a broader and more powerful remedy for poisoning. Even if the poison is of bacterial origin, the brine should still have a lot of effects because microorganisms do not flourish in heavily salty surroundings. Once you are sure or if you are sure that the origin of the poison is bacterial, hit the person’s system with pure lime.

In addition, once the victim is stabilized, depending on the severity of the harm done in the body before the introduction of the natural antidotes, it is advisable to go to a hospital for treatment.



Death, the complete destruction of health or serious bodily harm is the result of most poisoning incidents because the poison work too fast or medicine has no dedicated antidote for it. Nature offers two antidotes that can cure almost all kinds of poisoning, mild, minor or major.

It’s not just for you, share this information and you will be saving a life or more somewhere. Knowledge is power. Whenever you see someone dying of poisoning, the power to save that person is now in your hands. Please, use it.

Food Poisoning and Poisons – Common Substances That Can Save You In Time


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