The world is a globalized village now, thanks to the internet, and so free music download websites abound. Most are illegal as I stressed in my last post here but quite e a few are the real deal, as legal as any white collar lawyer.

I’ve checked them out and brought you the very best and brightest in this catalog of mine with the 8 best free music download websites to get free music downloads, all legally, of course.

These cool free music downloads sites offer free music downloads in a high-quality MP3 format so whether it’s your computer or phone you want to use them for it’s all good.  They’ll play on any device. And not to forget, as long as you can download and store them up in your device, them, they’ll always be yours, which is why I call these websites cool?

All the music found on these free music download websites are completely legal which means they are either public domain or works of art designated as free by the artiste and so you to download and enjoy the hard work of these talented musicians. This means that, unlike with illegal free music downloads sites, you can feel wonderful about listening to the good music and discovering some new and hidden talents you might have otherwise have passed up.

When we are done here, we’ll bring you more information free music download websites, best places to listen to free music online, websites to watch free music free videos, and, not to forget, the best free music apps for your phone.

9 Best Free Music Download Websites – Get Free Music And Find News Songs 

Below are some of the best free music download websites on the internet. All are legit and new songs can be found there.


1. Last.Fm

This site has several pages of completely legal free music downloads that fall under all genres. One can easily browse through these free downloads either by category, coming soon, or new releases. You can do things the old way by simply looking through the whole list. Whichever way you go, one click gets your chosen song downloaded.

Apart from free music downloads, you can equally stream thousands of songs and get honest recommendations of bands you will otherwise never come across.

Website: Last fm


9 Best Free Music Download websites – Get Free Music And Find News Songs


2. CCTrax

With nice categories such as ambient, electronica, techno, and jazz, CCTrax is one good site that offers free Creative Common music for downloading.

To access these videos, you don’t need to set up an account, streaming and downloading music from CCTrax is truly free. One can get to download a complete album at once.

All the songs on this site can be downloaded as MP3 but there is also an additional option where you can download the song in the more complex FLAC file format.

Website: CCTr


3.  Jamendo

On this website, all free music downloads are made available via Creative Commons licensing. This means that the producing artists themselves have chosen to give out their music for free in that everyone may get it to enjoy. This is the number one way beginners get publicity in the music industry, of course, so don’t feel guilty about anything.

To discover hot new music at Jamendo checkout the categories of most popular, most played, most downloads, latest releases … all of which comes under the free music downloads, and the editor-curated lists. Additionally, you can use the search feature to check for artists you know to see if their work is freely available for download.

Before leaving the site, make sure to listen to one of the Jamendo radio channels, this one other way to find great music. When you get ahold of a song or artist you love, you can then download that particular single track or the whole album.

Love to stream music instead of downloading? Jamendo gives you that option too. If you are on phone you might choose to get the site’s apps. Whether for Android, iOS, and Windows, this site has got an app for you.

Website: Jamendo Music 

9 Best Free Music Download websites – Get Free Music And Find News Songs

4.  Free Music Archive

The name speaks for itself. Free Music Archive is yet another place you can download free music. This is a site owned by the radio station freeform or, for short, WFMU. The wide range of music and songs found on this site is completely free and can be downloaded by anyone. The best part is that you can do this even without a user account. What you have on offer here is a mixture of public domain and Creative Commons licenses work.

There are tons of music here at Free Music Archive but the easiest way to locate the ones you’d might love to download is to browse through the well-cataloged genres of music or watch their blog for collections, popular artists, or new songs they’ll highlight. They’ve even got top charts for all time, this week, and this month and even the year.

Creating a free account at Free Music Archive will enable you to make your own collections of music and interact with other listeners.

Website: Free Music Archive


5.  NoiseTrade

Whole albums in their thousands, that is the kind of free music downloads you get from NoiseTrade, and its all totally legal to boot. The artists here want you to check out their work/creations and if you love it, you can either tip them or just help spread the word to your friends, this is if you are inclined to do either, of course.

To get access to this site, specifically, for each album you wish to download, your email address and zip code will be required. Once you enter both, you’ll be free to download the album as a ZIP file and right there in the file will be MP3 formats of the music.

Finding new albums to download on this site only requires a look at the top music downloads, also the new and notable sections, both of which are on the homepage.

Additionally, NoiseTrade has free ebook and audiobook downloads for talented indie authors who would like to share their work and earn your tip.

Website: NoiseTrade


6.  PureVolume

This site, PureVolume is yet another legal website to discover tons of music. This site gives the producing artists the option of offering their songs for free downloads.

On the site’s categories for free music downloads, tons of songs are classified as — top songs, featured songs, top downloads, top artists, newest and most popular albums.

You don’t even need to create an account on this site to download free songs and they come directly in the MP3 format.

Website: Pure Volume

9 Best Free Music Download websites – Get Free Music And Find News Songs


7.  Amazon

And here we at the threshold of the world largest department store and shopping mall rolled into one. Amazon. com has a lot of things on sale on their site. In fact, the only things I’ve not see on sale on Amazon are cars and trucks, and that’s probably because I’ve not looked hard enough. Free music downloads? Music abounds in their thousands and more thousands all for free downloads at Now, this is the in thing to be, the favorite websites I head to when I’m looking for new artists and great new music to download for free, all legally.

Browse through the site with ease to get at the section with all the free music downloads. Clicking on any of the available genres or just sort them out by popularity, reviews, release date, length of the song, or titles in alphabetical order, the name of the artists, or album.

Amazon gives you the opinion to play the songs before downloading them. However, the download process is a bit complicated because this site is simply more of a store than a mere website. When you’ve chosen the songs to download to your computer, hit the Free button to add it to your shopping cart. Once this is done, you can even check out the items as if you’re purchasing things in a real store by clicking on Place Your Order. From there you will get directed to a link to download the free music. Of note here is that you cannot do much on Amazon without an account.

Website: Amazon Free Music Downloads


8  Internet Archive’s Audio Library

The Internet Archive’s Audio Library offers millions of results for free downloads of songs, audio, podcasts, radio programs, and, best of all, their Live Music Archive.

To sort through the free music downloads use the categories …most viewed items, the title, date published, or artiste.

You will find all manner of artists with completely free music downloads on this site. Top dogs like Jack Johnson, Grateful Dead, John Mayer,  311, and Smashing Pumpkins are all here.

This site offers free music downloads in multiple file formats such as MP3 and OGG.

Website: Archive Audio

9 Best Free Music Download websites – Get Free Music And Find News Songs


9. SoundClick

This site, SoundClick, is more of a portal. But what a portal! It is the ultimate tool you need to find free music downloads directly from the websites of the artists. These are actually artists that prefer to have people download their music directly for free, hence have their own site. These musicians include signed and unsigned artists.

Tons of songs are free on SoundClick, and one can browse through the music genres and charts until you locate a free music download you’d like to have. From that point, you’ve got the opinion of either listening to it there or downloading.

You will also have the opinion to create custom radio stations, hit the forum and get to know other listeners, or read more about a favorite SoundClick artist(s),.

Of note here is that some artists make their work available in the first few days of its release or only after you’ve paid for the download. There are even those who allow streaming of the song only. So while you can, hurry and download whatever you possibly can.

Website: Sound Click





And with this, we bring the article to an end.  These are the 9 Best Free Music Download websites you can discover new and upcoming musicians, get their music for free and get any other music legally.

9 Best Free Music Download websites – Get Free Music And Find News Songs


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